1. Marcellus

    3,200-Year-Old Stone Inscription Tells of Trojan Prince, Sea People

    I did the same topic 2x unintentionally, some moderator delete this one, please
  2. AfghanistanBactriaAriana

    Zunbil Bactrian Inscription

    The Bactrian Tang-i Safedak Inscription: Discovery of the Inscription: In October 1996, a farmer in the Yakawlang district of Bamiyan had come across a subterranean on his land. Having broken through the roof of the chamber, the farmer had discovered a series of coins, an ancient book, an...
  3. lukaszrzepinski

    Philistine inscription from Israel appears to be... Protoslavic

    Such sensational research result was presented by Giancarlo T. Tomezzoli, Reinhardt S. Stein: The Philistine Inscription 4.5 from Ashkelon (Israel) Analysis of Philistine writing which was not possible to explain in Semitic languages was never tested against Slavic. According to them the...
  4. A

    Arcane inscription on a church in Genoa (Italy)

    Hi everybody Walking around Genova in Italy I found this numerals (?) on the back of a church above the abse ( Basilica di Santa Maria delle vigne - translated as Holy Mary of the vineyards ) . Initially I thought about some Armenian or Ethiopian numbers which indicate the year of the...
  5. Waite

    Shugborough Inscription Decoding– Carthaginian Origin

    The reason the Shugborough Inscription has never been deciphered is because no one decoded the word EGO with main D-OUOSVAVV-M inscription or considered the VV a W or more precisely double U. You must first analyze the word ARCADIA. ARCA is the Greek word for chest or coffer (akin to coffin)...
  6. B

    Inscription on Elizabeth memorial in Westminster Abbey

    Hi guys. I just came across an inscription of Elizabeth I. The one Robert Cecil wrote for her memorial. To be honest, I'm not very good at history. I recently got into it a bit. This one I found because I read a novel The King's Deception by Steve Berry. One more thing is that English is not my...
  7. C

    Negau B - The Earliest Germanic Inscription?

    The Negau inscriptions:
  8. H

    Seal and inscription

    Hi, Im not sure if that's the correct section but I havent found anything more closely related to my problem. My father and I collect antiques, paintings, sculptures, graphics and so on. Recently we have acquired a painting, nothing special really, mid 50's of XIX century, however when we...
  9. dreamregent

    Can anyone tell me anything about this inscription?

    This is on a metal pitcher I own. It's age and provenance are unknown but it looks Middle Eastern or a related area. The photos are the same. I just highlighted the inscription as best I could in the second photo.
  10. pustinyak

    The Inscription Of Shapur I At Naqsh-E Rustam and the name Asporik/Asparukh in it.

    The name of the founder of Bulgarian state - Asparukh can be seen in the inscription of Shapur I under the form Asporik. The concerned Asporik, son of Asporik is listed among the important persons for whom must be made offerings and who lived under the reign of Papak the grandfather of Shapur I...
  11. H

    Parthian coins use Greek letters inscription?

    Why? Why don't use Persian inscription? Parthians have their own writing system, why do they use foreign alphabets? Anyone have an idea? This is really strange.
  12. cachibatches

    Did Sesostris/Senwosret invade Anatolia? What is the Mit Rahineh inscription exactly?

    Reading through Herodotus and hit the controversial parts about Egypt and the invasion or Anatolia, Thrace, Bulgria and possibly Greece. Apparently Manetho and Diadorus Siculus also wrote about the Sesotris legend, though in modern times he is believed to be a conflation and exaggeration of...
  13. Nadir

    Inscription puzzle

    Why Jiahu signs or Vinča signs we dont consider oldest inscription? Why was it cuneiforms of Sumerians?
  14. H

    strange inscription

    Hi people, could anyone help me with this inscription? It's on a family headstone under a Robert Barwise who attended Corpus Christi college, Cambridge and died near Abbytown in Cumberland in 1828. ROBERT their Son who returned home from CC College, Cambridge,on the 23 and died on the 30 day...
  15. H

    Weird inscription on a Cumbrian tomb (UK)

    Barwise Gravestones Erected to the memory of JOHN BARWISE of PELUTHO ROBERT their Son who returned home from CC College, Cambridge, on the 23 and died on the 30 day of May 1828, aged 21 Years. (This has been inserted in another person's hand) Stop, reader, stop, and drop affliction's tear...
  16. Alex III

    Inscription Thread

    Here we post inscriptions, challenge people to guess where they are from/what they are, maybe translate a bit of them? Once we figure them out discuss a little? Adding in a few hints can't hurt either. I'll start. This one is in Doric Greek, and it's from... Crete. It's also one of the most...