1. Kirialax

    Normans vs spiders - who would win?

    Spiders, obviously. Hence why it's not in speculative history. From Geoffrey Malaterra, The Deeds of Count Roger 2.36 (trans. Wolf, p. 114) "Setting out from there, in the year of the Incarnation of the Lord 1064 with five hundred knights, the brothers crossed the sea at Faro and passed through...
  2. Earl_of_Rochester

    How did the first insects arrive on land?

    This bit from IFLS got me thinking: Ancient Spider-Like Predator Resurrected | IFLScience We all know the theory of our own ancestors emerging from the sea in a similar form of amphibious mudskippers and salamanders, but how did the insects do it? Presumably they crawled onto land aeons...
  3. Jake10

    Would you alter your diet to include more insects?

    If we consider the benefits to the environment, consuming insects instead of cows and pigs makes sense, but would you be willing to do it? To save the planet, chow down on a caterpillar - environment - 14 May 2013 - New Scientist