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    Did the Hindu Jats and Sikhs ever interact during Mughal rule

    Both these groups were present in each others vicinity. Both were in an area ruffled with continuous attacks and invasions. Sikhs and Jats both did not start as warrior groups but ended up doing so to counter some historical situations. I am surprised that these two groups never actually allied...
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    How did different pantheons interact?

    I am terribly sorry if there is another topic about this, but I promise I did look. My question, in better detail, is how did the ancients believe their pantheons interacted with one another? Being that the Romans adopted many foreign deities, it seems like a safe assumption that they must have...
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    China --- Earth's black hole

    Black hole, is the form of the planet death ,with loss of vitality ,meaning of the death of things.And China, as the black hole in our planet ,is a form of community ,with ceaseless annexation , is like a cancer of the earth .it's threatening life on Earth and human society's future...