1. HistoryColored

    What is the most interesting story from History you know?

    I’d love to hear about some specific stories of people or events that happened which you find interesting. I personally would like to hear about things from the 1800s onwards but if you know about anything from any period feel free to share it!
  2. S

    Important or interesting facts about the Swine flu Epidemic

    For this years history fair, i'm going to do a paper on the Swine flu epidemic and its effects. What are some important or interesting facts about it?
  3. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Interesting Examples of Medieval Statuary

    The art of statue carving is generally associated with antiquity and the renaissance, and perhaps justly so in large part, but this association can lead to a passing over of the rich traditions of statuary which existed in many different times and places in the medieval world. The goal of this...
  4. J

    Does Democracy Really Exist in the elections of the USA? An interesting video

    PJy8vTu66tE Who was/were historically the responsible for the creation of such really bad system? It is not a real democracy, but a puppet theater of big companies. Are there any serious people or pressure groups who fight against this unfair system? Share you opinion!
  5. H

    Most interesting theater in World War II

    Which theater of World War II do you think is the most interesting or enjoyable to study? Europe? Asia/Pacific? Africa? Or other?
  6. L

    Found interesting clay pendant on a beach (hotei?)

    Found this one in Japan near Enoshima island. Someone know something about it? It's looks pretty interesting.
  7. Futurist

    An interesting 1937 book about Nazi Germany

    Here is an interesting 1937 book about Nazi Germany that I found at the Internet Archive: It's called The House That Hitler Built. I have primarily read Part V of this book--specifically the speculation about what Nazi...
  8. D

    Interesting and amazing site

    I've been meaning to sign up for a while and I'm glad I finally got around to it. I enjoyed looking through the different discussions here even found a few things I never even knew from those discussions. I really love history and I'm hoping to learn some more.
  9. cachibatches

    Interesting. This European "Pyramid" seems legit

    Even if they did cheat to make it by terraforming a hill: This is (apparently) a legit version of what the crackpots claim the Bosnian and other hills are. And a thousand...
  10. Spike117

    Interesting Video on Roman Evolution

    9r9yg5BXAnE While it is a bit slow, I found this to be a pretty intriguing video. Thoughts?
  11. M

    Want to do something interesting with history HELP

    So there is festival in our college and everyone is organising there event and i also want to organize event related with history something new ,interesting we are done with quiz competition ,riddles,Debate,Group discussion blah blah can anyone suggest me what can i do with history interesting i...
  12. T

    Interesting documents from the CIA archives

    Synopsis of a speech of a Polish-Jewish communist leader recorded in 1947: Source link: Document from 1953 about growing hostility of Poles towards Jews for the fact that they became a ruling class of the country...
  13. Speculatin'

    KOREA WAR: interesting facts

    Here's something I Googled:
  14. H


    Does anyone have any interesting books relating to history? Why do you like it? What is it about? Any suggestions for books I should read? I'm really really interested in events/people in the 20th and 19th century, but any time era (as long as the book is good) would be a great suggestion! Thanks!
  15. S

    Interesting new American history podcast

    Some friends of mine just launched a brand new American history podcast -- Confluence of Events. I'm biased, but have to say it's quite good. They have six episodes up so far (Hindenburg, Whiskey Rebellion, Baby Face Nelson, etc). But their latest on presidents is my favorite. Highly recommend...
  16. S

    Looking for some interesting historical discussions

    Hi all, Nice to be here...been lurking for quite some time especially for research. I'm Stratego and I am looking for some interesting historical discussion. Hope to find it here...If not, please say so and I will carry on and not bother you anymore :laugh: Kind regards, Stratego
  17. King Zog

    Some interesting footage of King Zog

    (sorry, the links are a bit long, haha.) Albania celebrating Zog's birthday ...
  18. MughalMuse

    Interesting ways that the Sword and Fencing impacted historical figures and society

    9 Big Impacts of the Sword in History - Chronicles of Fitness
  19. holoow

    Interesting comparsion between Transatlantic and Muslim slave trade

    Welcome to African Echo - The voice of africa
  20. S

    Interesting Linguistic Map of Proto-Languages There are some interesting observations that can be pointed out from looking at this linguistic map. Proto-Tungusic seems be have been spoken in a region that is much further south than the region that it is spoken in today, which is in Central and Eastern...