1. Futurist

    Was it in France's best interests to quickly lose in 1940?

    I've been thinking about this a lot over the last couple of years: Was it in France's best interests to quickly lose in 1940? For the record, I would say Yes. I mean, sure, France did get occupied by Nazi Germany for four years, but it then ended up being liberated by the Western Allies and...
  2. M

    Thank you

    Hello friends, my name is matthew holmes, I live in Norwich, U.K. Norwich is very rich in history and full of loads of historic sites my father and his wife have written 5 books on norwich, (norwich heritage projects) inc. Stained glass, Shoe industry, Pubs and Brewies past and present, yards of...
  3. P


    Hi all, I have joined this forum today, and look forward to reading the discussions and taking part in them. I am from the UK, and in my day job I work in Information Technology, so History is a personal interest for me. My particular historical interests are (though this is by no means an...
  4. C

    BCE interests

    Hi, I came across this forum while doing some research, and I saw an unrelated topic that I just had to respond to. I'm an ancient historical reenactor currently doing an Iron Age Celtic impression, but I'm also very interested in Bronze Age Aegean/Eastern Mediterranean/Near Eastern cultures.
  5. C

    NSA Targets World Leaders for US Geopolitical Interests

    Today, 23 February 2016 at 00:00 GMT [updated 12:20 GMT], WikiLeaks publishes highly classified documents showing that the US National Security Agency bugged a private climate change strategy meeting; between UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin; singled...
  6. VHS

    Indifferent about the Judeo-Christian Bible

    While the Judeo-Christian Bible is still quite a popular text, I still would like to explain why I'm currently indifferent about it. The discarding of the Judeo-Christian Bible happened way after I lost interests in the actual texts, and eventually, I found their physical presence in my home...
  7. F

    Women and having interests

    I don't know what to title this. Isn't it surprising that in most of these online interest forums there are hardly females? Like here there is history interest. I always see females online (using their phones) then I discovered they are usually on social media. Sharing their photos and other...
  8. Futurist

    "Odd" historical fascinations and interests of yours

    Exactly which, if any, "odd" historical fascinations and interests do you have? As for me, I myself am certainly interested in the concept of living space/Lebensraum. Basically, in spite of the negative connotations of this term (due to what the Nazis did), I myself look at this concept in a...
  9. Futurist

    From a national interests perspctive, should France have continued the fight in 1940?

    From a French national interests perspective, should France have continued the fight against Nazi Germany in 1940, after the Fall of France? As for me, I voted No due to the fact that having France continue the fight against Nazi Germany in 1940 (and afterwards) would have very likely resulted...
  10. M

    New here with pretty broad interests

    Hi, Well, I am new here, but I have a long interest in history and eat up both popular and academic sources. While my background is in the sciences and computing, history is a strong second love that is always there. I do have pretty broad interests that are hard to pin down and find myself...
  11. P

    Historical interests - Historical gaps

    In the past couple of days I have posted a number of times on the end of the western Roman Empire and what became of it. I have felt many times how odd it is that my areas of historical interest are the Roman Empire of the Dominate and the successor kingdoms (284 AD to around 800 AD)....and then...
  12. P

    Was it in Britains best interests to enter WWI

    So I have a term paper in my WWI history class that must be 15 pages and requires 20 sources. Because I did not want to do Verdun/Somme or the gas attacks like manyof the other students have chosen, I decided to tackle Britains entrance in the war and whether it was in their best interest. My...
  13. The merchant of Venice

    What type of history interests you the most?

    Of these categories, what type/topic of history interests you the most?
  14. B

    Did some of the founding fathers have economic interests in independence?

    Were Boston merchants like Samuel Adams and Johns Hancock concerned about British restrictions on manufacturing and trade outdside the British Empire? Was Washington influenced by investments in land west of the line of legal settlement held by him and his family? Interesting that the British...
  15. jeroenrottgering

    What interests you most: Land, Air or Sea battle?

    What do you pick and why? - Land - Air - Sea
  16. srb7677

    Which century most interests you?

    Out of the last ten full centuries (ie since the year 1000 AD) which century mosts interests you?
  17. srb7677

    Which war most interests you?

    Which war from the last 300 years do you find most interesting?