1. Futurist

    Why did the Southeastern US's population grow much faster than the interior South's?

    Based on this map, you can see that the population of the Southeastern U.S.--specifically Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida--grew much faster than the population of the interior Southern U.S. (specifically U.S. states such as Alabama, Mississippi...
  2. stevapalooza

    Any good sources on Chinese interior design history?

    Most books about Chinese architecture usually focus on exteriors and construction. Are there any good books/sites/etc. about Chinese interiors through history? What the insides of homes, temples, palaces etc. looked like and how they evolved over time? Finding good English-language sources on...
  3. Son Of RA

    Refuting the myth:Why Africa left behind no "civilizations"

    Aye... I didn't even want to make this thread really, but I feel I had to clear things up, because the topic of "did Africa have any civilizations" is a popular talking point on here. And to be honest I am kinda getting tired of it. Anyhow I'm not going to be talking about Ancient Egypt or...
  4. A

    French interior minister claims some civilisations 'superior’

    Further: French interior minister claims some civilisations 'superior’ - Telegraph
  5. Isoroku295

    Roman Defense of the Interior

    Looking at multiple maps of the locations of the Legions, and using the common knowledge that legions often stayed single units, rarely dividing into smaller garrisons, I suddenly thought. How do they defend other regions? Examples being southern Gaul, Greece, most of Anatolia, and such. The...