1. VHS

    Relatively settled borders today?

    Earlier in history, borders of states were relatively fluid, and the borders could fluctuate significantly due to military victories and conquests. For example, the size of the Tang Dynasty at its height and its downfall fluctuated from around 10 million square kilometres to around 3 million...
  2. F

    Historians neglect international organisations, alliancens?

    Her I think in particular but not exclussively Century History, a period that saw a lot of alliancens, organisations, conferences. Not 1 but 2 Word organisations. The League of Nations and the Un. NATO, the organisations of African, Arabic, European countries etcetera. And from an...
  3. F

    Is it time to think international relations and security beyond NATO?

    I just read that Secretary General of NATO,Jens Stoltenberg has epressed that we need NATO more than ever. But as the saying goes there is time for everything. Could it be we should look if NATO is still "the one and only" for ts members, and could there in near future be anything like an even...
  4. F

    Is the international system anachronistic?

    Past empires could be fit for centuries, and the different "pieces" of the current "system" or "order" (it is not only chaotic) has at best been in place for most of a century, but still we may ask if some parts are outdated, since made before very big changes of the century. The UN...
  5. No Bias FTW

    Chinese official responses to International events: 1875-1920?

    Just because China was the 'Middle Kingdom' - and then later a 'Republic' - does not mean that the dominant government was unaware of current events. Besides certain thoughts of prominent individuals, I am interested in the official responses (congratulations, commiserations, humanitarian...
  6. Fantomas

    Nobel peace prize 2017: International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons wins award

    “For the last 72 years, survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have bravely shared their horrific experience to raise public awareness about the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and the urgent need to abolish them to ensure nobody ever has to endure...
  7. B

    Why did Marxism fail to become a major political force before Third International?

    I'm sorry for the misleading title. This question is meant only for the English-speaking world, since in much of Europe, Marxism did become quite influential as early as 1890s. The UK, despite being the ideal country for Marx, possessing a fully developed proletariat class, managed to not have...
  8. W

    History of International Schools

    I'm curious about this topic. Wikipedia claims that "The first international schools were founded in the latter half of the 19th century in countries such as Japan, Switzerland and Turkey. Early international schools were set up for families who traveled, like children of personnel of...
  9. Tsar

    23rd International Congress of Byzantine Studies

    Sanu | International Congress of Byzantine studies I don't know if anyone even mentioned it here, so here's some info at least.
  10. Underground

    Kremlin's shift from wars to international terrorism

    In his memoirs, KGB General Sakharovskiy wrote, "In the modern world, where nuclear weapon made it impossible to conduct wars, terrorism mush become our main weapon." At the time, Western Europe and Middle East remained geographic areas of interest for Russia (still the same today). The...
  11. AlpinLuke

    The most international people of history?

    Being Italian, it happens I consider figures regarding where the Italians are. Well, there is immediately a problem regarding the estimates. It's difficult to count with accuracy the direct descendants, so that I can rely on not so scientific numbers. Anyway Italians in the world are from...
  12. N

    Should there be international laws for drone use?

    I'm thinking of the military use of drones, both for surveilance and bombing, This will only become more and more common and an international framework would be useful. Should flying a drone into another country's airspace be considered an act of war? Who is responsible for what a drone that's...
  13. F

    Any earlier international agreement resemblant to Geneva Conventions?

    Was there any international agreement that predated the Geneva Conventions and had somewhat similar concept? If so, how was it observed?
  14. F

    Alternatives of Messi's international career

    I. Capped by Spain in 2004 and ever since How many goals would Messi score in 2010 FIFA World Cup? How many in the knockout stage? What about his tally in UEFA Euro 2008 and 2012? II. Capped for Argentina as OTL 1. If José Pékerman tenured after 2006 World Cup all the way through the 2010 World...
  15. F

    International organisations/cooperation 21th.century.

    The 20th century was in many ways a century when new international - and supernational. organisations popped up. It seems likely they may do later in this century too - or at least that some that now are not very strong may become so, while others may run into difficulties. Since much of...
  16. F

    International anti-Bolshevik coalitions in 1920s Napoleonic wars style

    If the Soviet regime was perceived as dangerous by major capitalist countries in the 1920s as Napoleon's regime was by reactionary monarchies in early 1800s, and was under siege from international coalitions like the Napoleonic regime was, would it collapse like the Napoleonic regime did?
  17. P

    The Dutch Revolt: An International Context

    It has been some time since the thread on the decline of the Dutch Empire has died out so I believe it is time for another Dutch topic on historum ;). I was hoping we could discuss the Nederlandse Opstand/Eighty Years war/Guerra de Flandes. It is a conflict that has often been overshadowed by...
  18. 2

    Career Guidance I want to work in international affairs/diplomacy, but I don't exactly know how

    My background: · Spanish citizen (Spanish nationality). · 35+ years old. · 6+ years working as a freelance translator (English, French and German) with several certifications (C2 in French, C2 in German, CPE in English, legal translator for the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc) · French...
  19. Von Ranke

    What is meant by the term International Community ?

    I just watched an interview on RT with Naom Chomsky in which he argued that the International Community consists simply of the United States and the counties who support their policies at any given time. As an example he cites the Ukraine situation and argues that those who support the American...
  20. F

    Is English language the "lingua franca" thanks to US or UK?

    US or UK were more responsible for the international status of the language? Hollywood vs British Empire? Which played more instrumental role in your opinon?