1. A

    If the Mongols continued to invade Europe and conquered most of the mainland...

    If the Mongols continued to invade Europe and conquered most of mainland Europe, then what areas of Europe would become Khanates, which would remain independent, and what would be the borders between these Khanates? My guess: Golden Horde remains. A new Khanate (let's called it the Green...
  2. R

    Mongols invade Comnenian Asia Minor

    What if the Mongols invaded the Byzantines about a century after Myrocephalon, in this scenario the Comnenus are still in power after taking control of Asia Minor after their defeat in Myrocephalon, so the eastern Byzantine border resembled the during before the time of Basil II. Can the...
  3. jameen

    If Japan did not invade China in 1930s

    Do you think the Chinese Communists can win the Chinese civil war if Japan did not invade? It is said that Chinese Communists won because the KMT was weaken by the latter’s war with Japanese troops.
  4. R

    Frederick of Prussia does not invade Silesia, instead he forms a coalition.

    Frederick does not invade Austrian Silesia (dooming Europe to the 7 year war). Instead he promotes a coalition between A-H, Prussia, Bavaria, Denmark and Sweden, so the strong German armies and the Nordic fleet can seize rapidly invaluable and extremely weak Spanish territories. He explains...
  5. H

    Can the world invade America?

    If the entire world united, all 194 countries vs. 1, no exception, can it be done, regardless of the time and resources, it’ll take? And any weapon can be used. And when I say invasion, I mean a total invasion; not a single inch of US soil must be left. It should be that after the invasion is...
  6. R

    Can Japan invade the US had they change their Asian strategy

    The POD of this topic will be the marco polo bridge incident. please also read up on the following person. (lets abbreviate to JWW) he will be my main character for this topic. by the time of...
  7. N

    Toyotomi's plan to invade India

    How serious was he about this? In truth, he probably wanted to take over the whole world, so there is a difference in the statement 'Toyotomi planned to invade China' and 'Toyotomi planned to invade India'. From one sentence in a Japanese reference, it seems he mentioned something about it to...
  8. Jake10

    Why did the US invade Panama?

    Manuel Noriega had been involved in drug trafficking from the 1960s, yet the CIA still worked with him and the Reagan administration considered him an ally. So, what led to the clashes between Noriega's forces and Americans? Why did Bush order the invasion?
  9. S

    What if Ottomans invade and occupy Italy?

    What if Italy had been encompassed into the Ottoman Empire and what's more, Rome, like Constantinople is sacked when it falls. The Vatican is converted into a mosque like the Hagia Sophia. What an Ottoman Italy's relationship with the rest of Europe be? Would the sack of Rome serve as a wakeup...
  10. Theodoric

    Dinosaurs invade the Roman Empire

    The year is 300 AD, the Roman Empire has emerged from the crisis of the third century with large military forces. On the other side of the Rhine and the Danube, the Germanic tribesman are being displaced by a new threat of riders from the Eastern Steppes: The Huns. But these riders come not on...
  11. W

    Disunity among Muslims every time they attempted to invade Europe

    One of the common cliches you see whenever interaction between Islam and Catholic Europe is how the Muslim invasions paved the way for unity among the Christian nations which in turn eventually led to the rise of nation states and the concept of "Western civilization" that would lead Europe to...
  12. O

    Ottomans invade Italy

    What if the Ottomans tried to invade mainland Italy at one point in history, will the Italians win or the Ottomans?:)
  13. Karl XII

    Why didn't the Allies invade Denmark or northern Germany in 1944?

    I know France was obviously closer, but the Allies had already invaded Sicily and Southern Italy and that was much farther from Britain than Denmark would be. Denmark is extremely flat and much smaller in terms of land area to take over than France. Invading from the north would have allowed the...
  14. Joe Freeman

    Why Stalin didn't invade Western Europe after German surrender?

    Why? It's been shown that the Red Army had numerical superiority. They could have kept going, had they wanted to, and set the iron curtain in the English channel. Sure, the Allies had atomic bombs, but those bombs could not make much more damage than what the Soviets had already sustained in...
  15. Balian

    Did any nation successfully invade and occupy Japan before 1945 ?

    Did any nation successfully invade and occupy Japan before 1945 ? I mean i know that the US did not actually invade Japan in 1945. But they did if i am not mistaken occupy it until 1952
  16. H

    Why didn't the US invade Cuba?

    Fidel Castro remained a major thorn in the side of the US during his tenure as president of Cuba, so much so that the CIA devoted considerable time and resources devising ingenious methods of killing or discrediting him. From exploding cigars to staged terrorist attacks, Castro survived them...
  17. AsdfAsdf

    Why didn't Japan invade British and Dutch Pacific territories earlier?

    (I'm new here, so I'm not exactly sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm posting it here because it's general history) I've always wondered, why did Japan wait until attacking Pearl Harbor to invade Dutch and British Colonies in the pacific? They could always have done it...
  18. W

    Imperial Germany's Plans to Invade the United States

    Hey everyone, I've recently started a new youtube series. The premise is that I use my My Little Pony original character to review human history (yes I am serious. I know it is a weird premise, but I wanted to do something unique). Basically, the idea is that since he is not human, he has no...
  19. P

    NApoleon Doesn't Invade Russia

    Imagine Napoleon decides to hold off the invasion of Russia. Shortly after the battle of Salamanca and consequently the liberation of Madrid leave Napoleon with the prospect of losing France entirely. At this stage, does Napoleon decide to take charge himself and counter-attack the Allied...
  20. Futurist

    The Soviet Union does *not* invade Georgia in 1921

    What if Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin decides not to invade Georgia in 1921 (or later, for that matter)? After all, it appears that the Soviet invasion of Georgia was not universally agreed on in Moscow during this time: Thus, Georgia...