1. Underground

    Invasion of Poland by Germany and Soviet Russia in 1939

    In September 1939 Berlin and Moscow jointly attacked Poland, starting the World War 2. They split Polish land into two parts and established brutal control including mass executions, deportation, etc. In addition, the Red Army occupied Western Belarus and Western Ukraine. It is...
  2. FailWhale

    Third Coalition Invasion of China

    Instead of Napoleon being the enemy, France remains neutral while the coalition sees Emperor Jiaqing as a distant foe that must be toppled. Are they able to pull of an invasion, what would be the most viable avenue of attack.
  3. Futurist

    The invasion of France in 1940 fails and the SK overthrow Hitler afterwards

    If the German invasion of France would have failed in 1940 (as a result of France not sending its Seventh Army to the Low Countries and as a result of France defending the Ardennes more), and if the Schwarze Kapelle would have subsequently overthrown Hitler and the Nazis and failed to make peace...
  4. K

    If the invasion of Panama was wrong, why didn't the world protect Panama?

    According to wikipedia, the invasion of Panama provoked an international outrage, so why didn't the world stop America and defended Panama?
  5. Tokugawa Ieyasu

    The British planning for the Japanese invasion of Malaya

    Let's discuss and criticize about the British strategic plan for the defense of Malaya-Singapore before the Japanese invasion began on 8th December 1941. What is the most ideal strategic plan for the British army in your viewpoint ? Do you think Arthur Percival make a proper move for his...
  6. El Cid

    What prevented Arab invasion of the Italian Peninsula?

    In 717 the vast Umayyad Caliphate tried and failed to capture Constantinople, and was destroyed by the Byzantines. For that reason (East)Europe went to Christianity later. In 732 the Battle of Tours found place in which Charles Martel smashed the Muslim army. It is debatable whether the Muslim...
  7. H

    Could Goryeo (Korea) have gained land through the Mongol Invasion of Japan?

    Reading a bit on Mongol Invasion of Japan, (, I noticed something interesting. The background is that Goryeo became a semi-autnonomous state of the Mongol Empire, and the Goryeo King gained certain privileges, like a a seat at the...
  8. D

    Aryan Invasion of Europe

    As per the steep hypothesis , nomads from caucus invaded eastern Europe . Did they kill the natives or did they mix in with them ? What genetic lineage did they brought to the European population ? Why is their culture different from those who moved south and East ? What was the culture of...
  9. L

    Soviet Invasion of Poland 1939

    I will respond here to some arguments commonly used by Russians to diminish their responsibility for the invasion: Everything was going more or less according to the new Polish High Command's Plan. The new plan (developed until 11.09.) was to withdraw to the so called Romanian Bridgehead...
  10. H

    Indians repeatedly claim they were very liberal and secular before Islamic invasion

    is they any truth to that? i mean they claim that kamasurta statues of Khajuraho shows how indians were so liberal, but i find it interesting that they sculptures still are part of their temple. china in the east had ceramics art, paintings, muslims in the west had their palaces, paintings...
  11. B

    What was the Spanish plan for an invasion of England in 1588?

    Who were they going to put on the throne or were they going to rule it directly? What was the invasion plan once they landed? While close to half of the population may have preferred Catholicism and maybe more of the aristocracy, it seems likely that only strong Catholics would have sided with...
  12. Y

    The 1258 Mongol Grand Invasion of the Song

    I wanted to examine the dispositions of the 1258 war in more detail, since apparently there is limited analysis in western sources for this very interesting war. Everyone seems to allocate little attention to it since we know from hindsight that Mongke Khan died a year in and the war was called...
  13. FailWhale

    Roman/Selucid/Parthian invasion of China

    Time is around 200 BC. The Roman republic has struck an alliance with the Selucid and Parthian empire to invade the Han Dynasty under Liu Bang's rule. How far could they get?
  14. R

    Japan Actually plans the invasion of China.

    OTL China was invaded against the will of the government and HQ by rogue officers who started it in the worst possible way, from the Manchurian border. This allowed Chiang and the Communists time to mobilize, deploy, recruit and after being trounced repeatedly, withdraw for years. The invasion...
  15. Scaeva

    The First Evidence of Julius Caesar's Invasion of Britain Unearthed

    The full article can be read here.
  16. B

    Genealogy of kings given in Puranas refutes Aryan invasion theory

    "Puranas" in Sanskrit means "history", and the Puranas give the history of ancient India. The Puranas accurately describe the genealogy of kings after Chandragupta Maurya's time, since it is corroborated with other sources. The Puranas also give a genealogy of kings and their dynasties before...
  17. G

    Russian invasion in India

    1800's , the Russian Empire is at the highest power , perhaps after the conquest of Central Asia , and after a successful attack in Afghanistan , make a large opperation to conquer British India ( off course starts war with the whole British Empire ) . Did they have any chance to win ? Other...
  18. Jake10

    What were the main reasons behind the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?

    The Soviet Union invested heavily into this despite knowing the risks. Why?
  19. R

    Baltic invasion D-Day alternative?

    Hi all, just recently i learnt, possibly incorrectly, that Churchill had an alternative operation to D-Day involving an amphibious invasion in the Baltic. What, if this is correct, can any of you fine people tell me about this? Was it viable? What would this entail? What chance of success? I'm...
  20. llywelyn ap gruffydd

    King Edward I: Invasion of Wales

    The native inhabitants of medieval Wales were descended from the Celtic Britons, whom the Anglo-Saxons had driven out of the island’s fertile midlands (the term Welsh was the Anglo-Saxon word for foreigner). In the 8th century the Anglo-Saxons established the traditional Anglo-Welsh border by...