1. larkin

    1940. Germans successful invasion of England.

    I am very sure that this speculative question has been asked before but it usually aimed at a swift and successful defeat of the USSR or at least driving them to the Urals. My question is, suppose the Germans honored the 1939 Non-aggression Pact between Germany and Russia and didn't attack...
  2. Magnate

    Does any country in the world have a plan for alien invasion?

    This sounds very sci fi. But is there any protocols out there IF such thing would happend? Or did we have one in the past and abandoned the idea of the possibility of an alien invasion?
  3. P

    Viking invasion of England 1013-would would Northumbria surrender?

    Trying to find information about Uhtred of Northumbria who was the first earl to surrender to Sweyn Forkbeard when the conquered England in 1013 starting out in Gainsborough. But WHY would Uhtred cooperate with the vikings? Did Sweyn have any "agreements" with Uhtred before he launched the...
  4. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Byzantine empire under Manuel vs mongol invasion

    Though the reduced byzantine empire of the period was relatively untouched, many former parts of the komnenian empire were occupied during the mongol invasions. Had the mongols arrived in 1160 ad (ignoring the political situation that let them occupy Persia and Mesopotamia in the first place...
  5. Redbad

    ICC: Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine Is A 'Crime,' Not A Civil War

    Forbes Welcome International Criminal Court: Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine Is A 'Crime,' Not A Civil War
  6. L

    What changed after the Norman Invasion of England?

    Lots of my teachers have said that the Norman Conquest changed the course of England's future entirely, and that it was a very important event. Can anyone give me reasons why, because my teachers have never really explained it.
  7. C

    Albanians and the Ottoman invasion of Italy

    How possibile was an invasion of Italy in this conditions?
  8. King Zog

    What was Albania's capital before the Ottoman Invasion?

    I know King Zog switched to Tirana because of strategic reasons, but before the Ottoman invasion in medieval times, what was the capital? Was there even a capital or was it just a thousand chieftains?
  9. rakovsky

    Aryan invasion theory - Pro and contra

    In this thread, I wish to ask what the main arguments are for and against the theory that Aryans with r1a dna who spoke an indoeuropean language like sanskrit were a central key part of Harappan culture in 2600 bc. I encourage you to list several main reason for your side of the argument. I can...
  10. K

    The Bulgarian barier against arabic invasion in 8th Century
  11. G

    Why did Turkish population not reduce despite after Timur invasion

    HE was known to be a butcher of people conducting large genocides in Iran, Central Asia, India etc. Yet Turkish population was not reduced drastically after his humiliating defeat on Bayzid. Why was this the case?
  12. Thaladan

    Operation Barbarossa - A Preemptive Attack or an Unexpected Invasion?

    Let me begin by stating that I have only recently began studying WW2 beyond a cursory level, so please do excuse me if my ignorance in these matters is apparent. :) I've always read the traditional story about Operation Barbarossa, that it was a treacherous and unexpected invasion by the German...
  13. K

    Another invasion of Japan

    Could the Ming, the Josen, or the Qing invade Samurai Japan?
  14. E

    What role would the French had if they joined the Iraq invasion?

    Let's say if Jacques Chirac wanted the war or even was killed in the 2002 Bastille day assassination attempt and a pro-Iraq war president took office, what would change or be an effect if the French armed forces joined in on the 2003 Iraq invasion?
  15. G

    How would history have changed if Persian invasion of Greece succeeded?

    What if Persians managed to invade and take all of Greece under the Achaemenid empire? I believe Persian culture, language and even the Zorastrian faith would have become a world influencer especially in Europe. A new bunch of Persianized Greeks would be found. I believe such a power would have...
  16. Hanslune

    French battle cry in the invasion of Algeria, 1830's

    Does anyone know what French troops would have used as battle cry in the 1830's when invading Algeria? Thanks
  17. G

    Could Timur have conquered China if his planned invasion took place

    Assume he lived longer and was healthy. And his invasion expedition took place as planned would he have recreated the Mongol magic and taken China. What would have been the outcome? Also would China have Islamized much more under Timurid dynasty? Or would the kingdom Sinicise, Buddhisize in Han...
  18. G

    Could Timur have conquered China if his planned invasion took place

    delete. Request the moderators to delete this thread as I accidentally posted it in the wrong forum.
  19. LatinoEuropa

    711/2011 - 1300 years of Moura invasion in Portugal!

    711/2011 - 1300 years of Moura invasion in Portugal! Exactly 1300 years ago the "Moors" who came from Africa, Mauritania and Morocco, invaded the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal and Spain and expelled the "Romans" who had also invaded referred Peninsula in the year 300 BC So were more a thousand...