1. MilitaryRankings

    Hitler's reaction of Japan not helping with invasion of USSR?

    Does anyone know or is there any recorded sources of Hitler's reaction when he realized Japan was not going to help with the invasion of Soviet Union? I know Germany wanted Japan to help tie down Zhukov's Siberian forces if possible and I know Japan was terrified of the Soviets after Khalkhin...
  2. leakbrewergator

    Japanese Invasion of China, 1646

    In response to a request from a Chinese trader requesting aid in the form of firearms/men, Tokugawa Iemitsu apparently flirted with the idea of sending an expeditionary force to China. A shogunal deputy named Itakura Shigemune wrote in a letter that the Shogun was to send 20,000 men to land...
  3. G

    What Were the Consequences of Napoleon's 1798 Invasion of Egypt?

    Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798, ostensibly to cut off British trade routes to India. What were the knock-on effects of his aggression? What would have happened if he never invaded?
  4. Romanianboy2013

    American invasion of Grenada 1983

    As I understand USA invaded Grenada because a communist government took power there helped by Cuba, and also because 600 US students were traped there. The opinions about the invasion are debatable to this day. The Communist Block (my country was also part) condemned the invasion, although...
  5. S

    How much Xerxes I was responsible for the failure of Persian invasion of Greece ?

    Dear historians of, what do you think of Xerxes I, his role in invasion of Greece and his responsibility for its failure ?
  6. England Expects

    Operation Sea Lion War game: Hitler's invasion of Britain played out

    Found this interesting summary of an exercise held at the Staff College, Sandhurst in 1974. Launched and run by various knowledgeable ex-servicemen (senior army, air and naval officers) from Britain and Germany, the war game worked out to the best of its ability how a German invasion of Britain...
  7. K

    No glorious revolution / invasion

    The Stuarts defeat William at his landing killing him with a well-placed assassin. What would England be like under a continued Stuart Dynasty?
  8. EmperorTigerstar

    The Hunnic Invasion No One Talks About

    I find it interesting that more people don't know about or talk about the first major Hunnic invasion into the Roman world. In 395 they invaded Sassanid Armenia and then raided Edessa and other parts of Roman Syria and weren't pushed out until around 398. Are there major Roman records left of...
  9. HistoryFreak1912

    Admiral Yi and the Japanese Invasion of Korea

    Been watching Extra Credits' history videos about Admiral Yi, the Korean military leader whose skills are likely well known among military historians. I have to ask: how did he become such a brilliant military tactician? How did he manage to curb the Japanese invasion? Granted, I wanted to make...
  10. Lawnmowerman

    Bloodless Invasion

    Although rare there have been several invasions throughout history where the invaders were welcomed rather than fought. Sometimes the invaded country decided not to fight as there position was hopeless and fighting would've just caused further casualties. Perhaps the most famous examples come...
  11. M

    Napoleon's invasion of Russia

    Do you believe that Napoleon could have defeated Russia and conquered/subjugated it like other various European states in the case that he made use of a different strategy, or do you believe it was nigh impossible either way?
  12. G

    What if China decided to launch a full scale invasion of India

    What if China in the 62 war after taking Arunachal and also front near Aksai Chin decided to launch a two sided offensive of India? What would have been the likely outcome (exclude foreign powers and UN from the equation just India and China)? Did China have the wherewithal of launching a full...
  13. SSDD

    Soviet Invasion of Germany instead of Operation Barbarossa

    Here Hitler does not launch Operation Barbarossa( Unternehmen Barbarossa ) in 1941. Germany remains preoccupied with North Africa Campaign, Naval Warfare and Air Warfare against Britain and Commonwealth Nations. Both Germany and Soviet Union agrees to have friendly relations regarding East...
  14. Futurist

    An ISIS invasion of Jordan in 2016 or 2017?

    Out of curiosity--how exactly would an ISIS invasion of Jordan fare in either 2016 or 2017? Any thoughts on this? (Also, as a side note, I think that it is unlikely for ISIS to invade Jordan this year due to the fact that there are only 3.5 months of this year left.)
  15. B

    Why were there 3 incompetent commanders in the 1812 invasion of Canada?

    How did they get appointed and promoted? Did Madison mess up in putting the wrong generals in charge and using questionable plans? Was the period of peace before the war responsible for political appointments of generals? Was the rest of the officer corp as bad? Were problems with officers one...
  16. 1759

    If Saddam would have defeated the 2003 coalition invasion of Iraq

    Big what if here I know, but if the Iraqi army had been better equipped, trained, led, etc. etc. and Saddam didn't alienate the Shia (assuming there was a general equality between the 2 branches (Shia/Sunni - also big what if), and ultimately beat the coalition in the first months of the 2003...
  17. R

    Police forces during foreign invasion

    Thinking of your own country, in the event of a foreign invasion do you think civilian police forces should and would become involved in countering the invasion? Is that within their remit of upholding the law and keeping the peace or should they remain neutral and only act preserve life? Does...
  18. H

    Without Arab invasion, what main ethnicity would most of the MENA region be?

    The Arab ethnicity is defined by language and culture, basically-not by country of origin, similar to being Celtic. In the Bibles time, pretty much people in Arabia were Arab, but not Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Northern Africa, because they werent conquered and forced to speak the...
  19. F

    Bush his christian retorics 9/11 to invasion Iraq

    Im researching on how much christian retorics Bush used in his speeches and in how far this was because of ignorance of the historical and cultural background of Afghanistan and Iraq from 9/11 till the invasion of Iraq in 2003
  20. EmperorTigerstar

    Which Failed Invasion of England Had the Best Potential?

    There were many planned or unsuccessful invasions of England / Great Britain that maybe could have won if things weren't so unlucky for them. Which do you think had the best chance to succeed?