1. O

    Dorian Invasion or Dorian Ιnternal Μigration

    I have found many books for Dorians, because recently I made a little search for them. Few of them supports the idea that Dorians came from the north (Danube) and they were the last of the Greeks that came to the Greek mainland. Few other (the newest) say that this theory is an outdated theory...
  2. wigglywaffles

    The Persian army of the Great Greek Invasion

    does anyone know any good source where i could find information about the Persian army that had invaded Greece in 480BC? also why did the Persians use wicker shields i mean even they would have known that a shield made of wicker would be easily pierced by spears? did they not have enough wood in...
  3. The merchant of Venice

    What did the Us gain from the invasion of Iraq?

    What the United States gained as a country from the war in iraq? I'm only talking about economical/political/power gain, not from any humanitarian/idealistic perspective. Was the war actually useful for the Us?
  4. X

    Dumb Invasions (and Attempts)

    What invasions or invasion attempts throughout history would you describe as an 'epic fail', 'was obviously going to fail', or '...You seriously invaded/lost/won because of that?' Bonus if you have specific examples, like specific battles (if the invasion consisted of more than one) or reasons...
  5. Lawnmowerman

    British Soldiers in Napoleons invasion of Russia

    I was wondering last night if there is any historical record of British soldiers jioning the Grande Armee for Napoleons invasion of Russia. It seemed to draw adventurers from all over Europe, is there any record of a British battalion???? Or even an American contingent???? Jacques MacDonald -...
  6. Rezanus

    Ptolemaic Army during roman invasion

    okay,you know that some film and video games portrayed egyptian army during roman invasion like in Pharaotic egyptian eras but,did the egyptian using macedonian phlananx after the alexander conquest so,which is the most correct answer?
  7. S

    1066 Norman Invasion

    Hello everyone, I would just like to open up a question for you all and that is: What are the modern day impacts did the Norman invasion in 1066 leave. I greatly appreciate your time and effort and look forward to your answers.
  8. C

    Looking for book on Russia-American invasion

    I have looked around with not much luck. I am referring to the Russian civil war time period. Thanks C
  9. Cavanboy

    Of what importance did the Mongol invasion of India serve?

    I was just wondering what the ramifications of the mongol invasion of India were? if there was any at all?
  10. Guaporense

    Operation Overlord 119 AD: A Plan for a hypothetical Roman invasion of India

    How about it? The Roman Empire under Trajan/Hadrian decides to get some fun and plans for a full scale invasion of India which the objective of conquering the whole subcontinent. Logistics The main difficulty of the invasion would be handling the logistics of transporting and supplying forces...
  11. D

    On the invasion of Greece

    Hello to all, I would consider this period one of my fundamental weaknesses in military history. Could you give me insight on the following: 1. The wreaking of Mardonius' fleet in 492 BC 2. Datis' forg-hopping strategy in invading Greece in 490 BC and the failure of the Eretrians to withstand...
  12. D

    East German invasion plans

    Business | E. Germans Had Plans For Invasion -- Documents Indicate Soviet Bloc Seriously Considered Assault | Seattle Times Newspaper Scary.
  13. General Michael Collins

    Will the Real Niall Noigíallach Please Stand Up

    Will the Real Niall Noigíallach Please Stand Up Niall Noígíallach, better known by the English translation of Niall of the Nine Hostages, was one of the earliest Irish Kings, regarded by most modern scholars as the first genuinely historical one. His life and reign are infamous, despite...
  14. charles brough

    Classifying WWII as a civil war or a barbarian invasion

    If there are only two types of war (war of conquest or civil war), then which was WWII? Which was WWI? And haven't our wars in the Near East been ones of conquest; after all we did impose "The Global Economy" for our economic benefit---even while believing it was done "to spread democracy?"
  15. AlpinLuke

    470's: Soviet invasion

    Let's imagine that in the period of maximum political weight of communism in Western countries [overall Italy and France] Moscow decided to invade Western Europe. Let's imagine that Yugoslavia accepted to leave the Red Army opening the front that in Italy was the nightmare of our generals...
  16. Salah

    Migrations Period or Barbarian Invasion?

    Late Antiquity, along with the 'fall' of the Roman Empire in the west and the gradual development of many of its provinces into Germanic kingdoms, is one of the most controversial chapters of European history. Some choose to see this as an era of carnage and turmoil, others see it as a largely...
  17. P

    What if France and Britain didn't declare on Germany over the Invasion Of Poland?

    If France and Britain never allied with Poland, will germany still be fighting USSR?
  18. Nadir

    Invasion of moles in Ireland in 896

    Recently I read that in year 896 in Ireland was invasion of wierd moles that eat everything that got in their way. Does anyone knows anything about it?
  19. H

    What if Napoleons Invasion of Russia had succeeded?

    New to this forum. Love history and the theories discussed in this portion of the forum. The Speculative History that has fascinated me the most is in regards to Napeoleon's Invasion of Russia. For me, of all the events in world history, this is on the top of my list. Just the magnitude of...
  20. jeroenrottgering

    Invasion of the Netherlands and Belgium

    I have a few questions about the German invasion of the Netherlands and Belgium in the second world war. - How was it that the Germans still took five days in taking the Netherlands while the Dutch still fought with weapons from the first world war, had no tanks, had horrible equipment and were...