1. S

    Failed amphibious invasions.

    I'm not aware of any amphibious invasion that failed once forces were landed successfully. If forces were prevented from landing, it was due to naval action, not action on the ground. Did any defender ever drive the enemy "into the sea"?
  2. Naima

    Largest invasions of history?

    Is there an esteem of the number of people that were involved in the largest invasions of history? Like Barbarian invasions, muslim invasion, mongol invasions etc?
  3. D

    Magyar invasions

    Hello everybody.Where can we study a map of the Magyar invasions during the Middle Age ? Thank you very much.
  4. Haakbus

    Mongol invasions of Japan numbers

    I'm trying to find the details of the forces in during the Mongol invasions of Japan. The numbers in the Yuanshi are generally accepted to be exaggerated. According to some scholars I've seen, the first invasion was around 10,000 men on 700-800 ships in all instead of 16,600-26,000 men on 900...
  5. Azad67

    Forgotten Indian history: The brutal Maratha invasions of Bengal
  6. H

    Invasions of Java and other Napoleonic actions in the Asia-Pacific

    Couple questions for you guys. 1) I'm interested in learning a bit more in detail about the Java campaigns and other Napoleonic actions in the Asia-Pacific, so I was wondering if some folks here might have recommendations for books that discuss the Asia-Pacific theater of the Napoleonic Wars in...
  7. notgivenaway

    If there were no Norse invasions, would England still exist?

    It was a long-held vision of the House of Wessex, before Alfred the Great even to unite all of the Anglo-Saxons into one kingdom. Before Alfred's time, his grandfather King Ecgbert came closest as he was the bretwalda or high-king like Offa of Mercia was. But considering that it was a direct...
  8. S

    Would you consider the first Saxons and Frisian invaders to be "Viking?"

    Would you consider the Angles, Saxons Jutes and Frisians to be the first Viking invaders of England? Would it be reasonable to assume that the time between the 5th and 7th centuries marked the very first wave of "Viking" raids and settlements in Britannia? While the Scandinavian raiders of the...
  9. Theodoric

    Byzantine Invasions of the West during Justinian's reign

    This is a period which interests me greatly. Largely because it seems everyone's motivations were different. 1. Justinian wanted some kind of major victory for the Byzantine Romans in order to take their minds off of his scandals. 2. There were the political situations that gave the...
  10. B

    How come the Muslim invasions of India were so successful?

    Does or did Islam create a more fervent military society? Were the Hindu people of the subcontinent simply more isolated from Eurasian warfare? Did their codes of military honor impede their ability on the battlefield? Did the fertility of their environment make them grow "soft and fat"? Was...
  11. Ruleoflaw

    Barbarian invasions or migrations?

    Hi,i think that most of you know the effects and consequences of the arrival of barbarian peoples within the borders of the Western Roman empire and then a summary on what happened will be superfluous. The question is,as the title says, which is the more appropriate term between two to describe...
  12. W

    Collaboration during Viking invasions of Britain?

    Right so my knowledge on this area of history is limited to the very basics, so apologies in advance if either of these questions sound silly. First I'm wondering how much collaboration from the native British landlords/administrators did the Vikings allow in areas they took over? Did they go...
  13. G

    Why did Deccan Sultanates not ally together during Mughal invasions

    When Aurangzeb came down to the Deccan and before taking Marathas headon, he went on an attacking spree against the three sultanates. When the first invasion happened, why did the remaining ones not ally together against the Mughals. In my view these sultanates could have faced off with the...
  14. G

    Assyrian Invasions of Israel

    Previous to the fall of Samaria, Tiglath-Pileser king of Assyria made several excursions into Israel. The biblical records mention three: The first was against Menahem (2 Kings 15:19-20) but he was ‘bought off’ with money, and withdrew. The second is mentioned in 1 Chron. 5:26...
  15. H

    Roman invasions of Britain

    I am currently quite interested in this historical topic and was wondering if there are any (recorded/reliable) estimations on how many Brits from back in the days had died as a result of the Romans' murderous campaigns during the invasion and control of Britain? Thanks in advance =)
  16. unity

    Why did only Asian based countries defeat the Mongol invasions?

    The Chinese Tran dynasty of Vietnam, Champa, Java, the Delhi Sultanate, and the Mamulukes defeated Mongol invasions (The Japanese were saved by a wind). Mamelukes were based in Egypt but had control of larges parts of the Levant and fought the Mongols from there. The Tran dynasty was founded by...
  17. G

    Afghan economy after Ghori, Ghazni,Abdalli invasions

    After their looting of Indian temples and their treasures; what happened in their economies. From what I understand Afghanistan was never an economically strong country after the fall of Shahis of Kabul. Did this loot not enhance the economic standing of this area. What happened with such wealth...
  18. Futurist

    Military invasions which have stopped close to a country's capital?

    I know that the German invasion of France stopped near Paris in 1914 and that the German invasion of the Soviet Union stopped near Moscow in 1941, but which other cases, if any, have there been of military invasions of particular countries stopping near a country's capital city?
  19. G

    Why didnt Copts seek refuge in Nubia and Ethiopia a century after Arab invasions

    Initially Arabs were ofcourse welcomed but within the first century Copts felt Arabs were destroying their culture and religion. Their many revolts were mercilessly put down. Why didnt the Copts seek refuge in Ethiopia or Nubia which held out much stronger and could have readily accepted them...
  20. W

    Successful unannounced invasions in history?

    Which unexpected invasions in history have successfully overthrown a government? Excluding European countries invading the Americas, of course. Recent events, if possible.