1. RidiculousName

    If Tanks Were Never Invented?

    Assuming that, for whatever reason, nobody happened to think of putting an armored body on treads. What would've happened in WW1, and how would the world be different?
  2. Naima

    Africans Invented steel

    SO I have read that the Haya tribe invented steel before any other civilization . Archaeologist Peter Schmidt discovered through a literalist combination of archaeology and oral tradition that the Haya had been forging steel for around 2000 years. Now what happened since that discovery , why the...
  3. M

    Who invented the Lyre?

    According too Greek Mythology, the Lyre was invented by Hermes from the shell of a tortoise and given too Apollo. This conflicts with the alternative, that it was invented by the Phoenicians. The Punic word for Lyre is KNUR, from φοῖνιξ. Was it invented by...
  4. M

    Ron Hubbard never invented Scientology

    Rather than invent a Scamming Religion, Hubbard does something else (Or is assassinated by a Time-Traveler) How would things be different if Scientology never existed? What effects would this have on Leah Remini's life (King of Queens) and all the other actors that were inducted into this...
  5. R

    Quiz: food specialties invented in ancient or pre-modern times

    Many foods and recipes familiar to us today, which we might consider to have modern origins, indeed have ancient or pre-modern roots. Here is a quiz: Where and when were the following food/drink specialties first created? 1. Cheesecake 2. Meatballs 3. Fruit sherbet 4. Hot coffee 5. Green...
  6. gustavolapizza

    Who invented the ball?

    What are the most ancient civilizations where the ball and ball games were mentioned? I know the question is odd but I was watching a clip of the gladiator the other day and I wondered how odd it was that no ball games as far as I know where never played In the colosseum and they went as far as...
  7. aldo12

    The Catholic Church invented the university

    The Catholic Church invented the university -Bologna Padua Paris and many others..Cambridge University was established in 1209 by Christian leaders. Oxford University was established by various religious orders. Saint Andrews, Scotland’s oldest university, was founded principally for the...
  8. Lawnmowerman

    Would Alan Turning have invented the computer without WWII???

    Well, he was a mentally unstable gay man living in 1940's Britain not the sort of thing that leads to university grants and offers of sponsorship. It was Britain's "All hands on Deck." attitude to the war that gave men like Turing their time to shine. However his genius was beginning to be...
  9. J

    Eastern Ural border of Europe was invented by A. Humboldt in the mid-19th century?

    Hello! Were the eastern borders of Europe (the Ural border) invented suggested and fixed by Alexander von Humboldt in the mid-19th century? He was also the first geographer who described by geographical scientific precision the Ural mountain area. Can you search books about that geographical...
  10. Kentarchos

    Who invented gunpowder?

    I know that mainsteam history supports that gunpowder was invented by the Chinese. But I have encountered some strange references that ascribe the invention of gunpowder to the Arabs or to the ancient Greeks etc. So this question comes to mind. Who invented gunpowder? Is it possible that...
  11. Darth Raidius

    If gunpowder was never invented

    What would the evolution of warfare and weapons look like if the concept of firearms was never developed? This is a very big question that offers much room for imagination, so let's divide it into a few sections to make it easier: 1. What would modern weapons and armor look like? Perhaps...
  12. V

    Who invented the column?

    We all know that the Greeks perfected the column and they are famous for that. But who invented the pillars? The Greeks, the Egyptians (Djoser) or the Minoans (wood)?
  13. E

    Invented in the East

    Hello Historumites, this thread isn't intended as a contest between the West and the East - it is intended to find witty or funny inventions that hail from the East, primarily to understand what the Eastern world was (or still is) troubled with. :rolleyes: I'd like to name one of the older...
  14. J

    History of Science: Does it matter who invented what?

    There are a lot of discussions on this forum where people boast and fight(myself included) over who invented what. The Sumerians invented writing, the Indians invented the zero-decimal system, binary numbers, plastic surgery, linguistics, formal inductive logic, steel making; the Greeks invented...
  15. P

    Would you say the Chinese invented Printing??

    On one hand; one could argue that the west had such different printing needs and methodologies (perhaps due to different alphabets), that it's a stretch to attribute it to the Chinese. OTOH, the west plainly wasn't the first to print; furthermore, the tech required, even the concept, might...
  16. tomar

    Things the Romans could have invented but did not and why

    This is a thread about what the Romans (up to the 4th century AD) could conceivably have invented (not talking about the computer or the laser here) and used on a large scale ... but did not.... And why they did not The first thing that comes to mind for most is steam power but it has been...
  17. Z

    Who invented the Air Force enlisted rankings?

    Of the four military services, I find the Navy and Air Force enlisted rankings the strangest. This concerns the Air Force. Who designed the enlisted Air Force ranks? The Army and Marine Corps used Chevrons up...
  18. Z

    Who invented the Air Force enlisted rankings?

    Of the four military services, I find the Navy and Air Force enlisted rankings the strangest. This concerns the Air Force. Who designed the enlisted Air Force ranks? The Army and Marine Corps used Chevrons up...
  19. Salah

    Who invented baseball?

    The 19th Century American soldier Abner Doubleday is famous for only two reasons. The first, is his lackluster performance at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. The second, for the supposed invention of American baseball while he was a cadet at the US Military Academy. It is now generally...
  20. Earl_of_Rochester

    Who invented freedom?

    The Americans, English, French or someone else?