1. 2

    Historica Investigation Suggestions

    I am entering my final year of high school and for my final history project, I have the whole next year to do it, I need to write an essay on an investigation which i do. It can be quite literally on anything from history. It can be a figure, a war, a theme, a time period, a day or pretty much...
  2. N

    First professional crime investigators in history?

    When and where did the first people who investigated crime as a professionals live? I'm not talking of patroling the streets looking for fires, riots or any crime happening in front of their faces. Neither am I talking about just torturing people until someone admits to something. At some point...
  3. Valens

    UK investigation says Putin 'probably' ordered the murder of Litvinenko

    Russia's Putin probably approved London murder of ex-KGB agent Litvinenko: UK inquiry | Reuters Given that the West and Russia are currently experiencing a major cooling down of their relations, such reports could serve to further erode them. Could this be true, or is it another politically...
  4. Paladin

    Russian Official Proposes International Investigation Into U.S. Moon Landings Apparently is more a revenge against US judges who investigating about FIFA :
  5. Nemowork

    MH-17 investigation continues

    I cant believe i'm starting another one of these. Anyone want to take a bet on how long before the usual pointless bickering and tangents get it closed? Anyway, things seem to be moving on the investigation. Local emergency services start collecting MH17 wreckage: Dutch air inspectors |...
  6. Spartacuss

    NYC Cops and Firefighters Arrested in Huge 9/11 Disability Fraud Investigation

    A two year fraud investigation into faked disability claims resulting in millions of dollars in undeserved benefits netted the arrests of dozens of New York City Police and Firefighters: Huge 9/11 Fraud Case Accuses Retired New York Cops, Firefighters - Yahoo Innocent until proven guilty, I...
  7. Thessalonian

    Paris opens Strauss-Kahn rape investigation

    "The Paris prosecutor's office said it has opened a preliminary investigation into accusations by a French writer that former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn tried to rape her." Paris opens Strauss-Kahn rape investigation - Europe, World - The Independent
  8. I

    IB History Historical Investigation Help needed

    So basically, I'm screwed for my historical investigation. The rough draft is due tomorrow, it's 3:30 AM, and I only have the plan of investigation done. I can't think straight. I need help coming up with an outline. My topic is "To what extent did the Vietnam War affect pop music in the 1960s...