1. M

    Chandragupta Maurya - Indian or Iranian?

    Hello Everyone, I came across this article by Dr. Ranajit Pal where he claims that the "Palibothra" Megasthenes describes is a territory in Southeastern Iran, instead of Pataliputra in India. Therefore, he claims that Chandragupta Maurya was not an Eastern Indian but instead a Southeastern...
  2. S

    I am an Iranian Azeri trying to figure out who my people were

    Hi guys, Im very interested in History and something that is a mystery to me is my own history and heritage. (The irony) Some people say that Azeris of Iran are ethnically Persian who later became Turkified in language but kept their Persian culture. I personally do not believe this. Some...
  3. D

    Iranian section in the British museum

    Hello every one:) Have you ever been to the British museum? Have you got any photos of the labels or explanation posters of the things in the Iranian section? I'm going to do a research on these explanations and I'm in need of them. please share anything you think will help. Thanks
  4. B

    Shooting in the Iranian Parliament

    Iran shootings: Parliament and Khomeini shrine attacked - BBC News 3 gunman enter the Parliament and shot a guard, at the same time a suicide bomber attacked the shrine of Ayatollah Khomeini. Just breaking now, be interested to find out more!
  5. I

    Iranian Pilots Killed in Action during Iran / Iraq War

    Format: No. Date (Cristhian Calender), Last Name, First Name, Rank (USAF), Place of Loss, Plane Type, Unit, Bearth Date (Cristian Calender) 1. 31 Shahrivar 1359 (22 Sep. 1980), SALEHI, Mohammad, Capt, Kut Air Base, Iraq, F-4, 3rd AFB, 5 Sep 1949, Tehran 2. 31 Shahrivar 1359 (22 Sep. 1980)...
  6. A

    Overthrow of Iranian regime our ultimate aim: Turki bin-Faisal Al Saud

    ???? ?????? ?? ????? ???????? ?????????: ???? ????? ??????.. ????? ????: ????? ????? ?????? - Ya, Saudis are stupid as that. If they want to (and more importantly could) change regime, keeping their mouth shut is an important part of the process. Iranian response: Why Iran...
  7. G

    America's relations with Turkey and Saudi before Iranian revolution

    Before Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, how was Americas relations with Turkey and Saudi considering that Shah administration after Mossagdehs tenure was completly pro America. How did USA's close relations with Iran impact its relations with Turkey and Saudi, the two key enemies of Shia Iran...
  8. C

    Would the Iranian Revolution have occured under Gerald Ford?

    Do you think the seeds of the Iranian Revolution were planted long before Ford, Carter, or Reagan? Was the Iranian Revolution beyond the control of any President?
  9. Hozhabr

    Do you agree with Iranian nuclear agreement?

    Do you agree with Iranian nuclear agreement? why?
  10. G

    Did Iranian Zorastrian royals and Egyptian Pharaohs have inbreeding defects

    Did Iranian Zorastrian royals and Egyptian Pharaohs have inbreeding defects due to prevalent practice of marrying blood relative in their systems? What were these cases and what conditions did they suffer?
  11. J

    Ancient Iranian writings

    It seems that a gargantuan amount of writing and literature was lost from iran during the burning of Persepolis by Alexander and the battle of Baghdad 1258. What middle and old persian writings of major significance still exist From Sassanian, Parthian and achemanid times? I especially want to...
  12. G

    What is the Iranian govt views on Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides

    What is Modern Iranian govt views on Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides that are alleged on Turkey? What kind of relations does Iran enjoy with Turkey, Armenia, Greece and the Assyrians of Iraq today?
  13. K

    US Senators Undermine Negotiations with Iran in a Letter Sent to the Iranian Leaders

    I'm surprised nobody here has said anything about this: Republicans*Warn Iran*-- and Obama -- That Deal Won't Last GOP Letter to Iran: Breathtaking Attempt to Sabotage U.S. Foreign Policy, Stampede U.S. Into War*|*Robert Creamer You can read the letter here...
  14. R

    Siyah kalem is not an iranian painter!

    In the Russian Wikipedia there is a certain wrong information which is to be dwelled on because it contains subjective point of view, non-acceptable for the art history and is important to comment on it. The online Russian encyclopedia published an article about the 15th century painter named as...
  15. G

    What is the Turkish admixture in the modern Iranian population

    What is the Turkish admixture in the modern Iranian population?
  16. K

    Why is There So Much Negativity Surrounding Iranian History and Culture?

    Ridiculing and distorting Iranian history and culture is a habit common in different mediums ranging from popular culture in many countries, online forums, the scholarly community, the pseudo-scholarly community, to some forces in Iran itself. The negativity is so striking that I cannot help but...
  17. V

    The Kambojas

    Hello folks,i opened this thread to discuss about an ancient tribe known as the Kambojas.I have seen many sources claiming Kambojas are an Iranic tribe,However,according to Panini,Kambojas were a Kshatriya tribe Kambojas of Panini | Arthashastra also attests the same Kambojas...
  18. T

    Were the Central Asian cities at the time of Mongol invasion more Iranian or Turkic

    I've always asked myself if the Central Asian cities like Merw, Urgench, Bukhara or Samarkand were ethnically more Turkic or Iranian at the time of Mongol invasion. The Khwarzmian dynasty, which was invaded by Ghengis Khan was definitely Turkic. Well, the rulers were Turkic but I think that the...
  19. Mouthwash

    Is it impossible to find classical Iranian history?

    I'm searching for good, readable classical Iranian history that's easily available and recent. You know, the Achaemenids? I've found next to nothing.
  20. tomar

    Iranian poet executed for "waging war on God"

    Hashem Shaabani has just been executed in Iran, reminding us all of what happens when the religious rule. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia is still carrying out executions for.... witchcraft (last was apparently a couple of years ago, but more sentences have been handed down since that). Anyone...