1. I

    Looking for an informative Iraq war documentary

    I know there are a lot of documentaries about the Iraq war (the second one, not the gulf war) but they all seem to be about following individual soldiers or platoons in Iraq and their personal experiences there. I'm looking for something that doesn't focus on that or on the politics around the...
  2. Myachiguy11

    The war in Iraq and Afghanistan

    In Vietnam, commanders measured success by number of enemy casualties. I was wondering how the U.S government measured success in the middle east? I doubt it was by number of enemy killed, but it also wouldn't of been by ground taken
  3. JaddHaidar

    What's with the middle east?

    11 years ago today, Saddam Hussein was hanged in Baghdad at the age of 69 after being found guilty of crimes against humanity. His capture and subsequent execution was to many relieving the middle east of a thorn in its side and an obstacle to its peace, stability and prosperity. Yet over a...
  4. C

    Iraq gets invaded during the Gulf War

    Alright, so because this war was going so smoothly and the Coalition had complete domination, what if in Operation Desert Storm, the Coalition forces decided to launch a counteroffensive on the very head of the enemy, Baghdad, and just like in WWII where the Allies had a counterinvasion against...
  5. I

    Iranian Pilots Killed in Action during Iran / Iraq War

    Format: No. Date (Cristhian Calender), Last Name, First Name, Rank (USAF), Place of Loss, Plane Type, Unit, Bearth Date (Cristian Calender) 1. 31 Shahrivar 1359 (22 Sep. 1980), SALEHI, Mohammad, Capt, Kut Air Base, Iraq, F-4, 3rd AFB, 5 Sep 1949, Tehran 2. 31 Shahrivar 1359 (22 Sep. 1980)...
  6. F

    More friendly wars in Iraq

    Could the US have won the iraq wars in a way that wouldn't make the locals hate the US ?Maybe not bomb the infrastructure or spend more money on rebuilding it like in Afghanistan or are these too different beause the unity in Iraq was much higher?
  7. notgivenaway

    If Blair hadn't invaded Iraq

    Most british now say he's evil, but what if he didn't join Bush's war?: 1 - He wins the 2005 election by another landslide. 2 - He still steps down, but then Brown has to act harder to get him to do so. 3 - There still is a Great Recession, but Labour may actually win the 2010 election, leading...
  8. C

    What if the USA had annexed and made States out of Mexico, Cuba, Japan, and Iraq?

    Just imagine-what if the US was much more ambitious in its history, and it decided to annex the entirety of Mexico as new States to the US instead of just the parts of it that are now the US today (like California, New Mexico, etc.), the entire island of Cuba after the Spanish-American War...
  9. Futurist

    Will Iraq's PMU (Shiite militias) go fight in Syria after all of Iraq is liberated?

    Will Iraq's PMU (Shiite militias) go fight in Syria after all of Iraq is liberated from ISIS? Basically, I've read and heard that this is a very real possibility; indeed, former Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki himself said something along these lines in a v ery recent Al-Monitor interview. Anyway...
  10. G

    Why did Iraq Arabize so quickly

    I mean Syria, Palestine, Turkey all resisted outright conversion for a long time. But Iraq somehow despite have an organized civilization for over a millenium still feel so quickly to an Arab speaking country. I understand Islam could have been forced on them but why would they give up a...
  11. starman

    Iraq 1991 Completely hopeless?

    As various writers have noted, the 1991 gulf war was among the most lop sided in military history. Iraq lost up to 4,000 tanks while the US lost around half a dozen--all to mines. The Marines picked off hundreds of Iraqi T-62s etc while the latter failed to get a single hit on any Marine...
  12. E

    What role would the French had if they joined the Iraq invasion?

    Let's say if Jacques Chirac wanted the war or even was killed in the 2002 Bastille day assassination attempt and a pro-Iraq war president took office, what would change or be an effect if the French armed forces joined in on the 2003 Iraq invasion?
  13. Z

    Pre-Sumerian Cultures in Modern-day Iraq

    There seems to be a genuine consensus that the Hassuna, Samarran and Halaf cultures all appeared in approx late 7th millennium/early 6th millennium BC before all being superseded by the Ubaid period of Southern Mesopotamia. However, I am struggling to find approx dates for these early cultures...
  14. G

    Why the Sunni majority of Syria and Shia majority of Iraq and Bahrain so weak

    Despite having a large majority these groups have struggled to establish their won rule in the country with the rival more minority ethnic group mostly being stronger and able to better control the majority group. Sunnis in Syria are still unable to do anything against Shia Assad. Same for Shias...
  15. The merchant of Venice

    What if the americans converted iraq?

    When the americans occupied iraq/afghanistan, nobody even had the slightest thoughts about the idea of trying to convert the people there to christianity, and to set up some missionary organization, and it was just expected that a democracy would have worked in the middle east once the country...
  16. G

    Has Israel provided any form of support to the Kurds in Iraq and Syria

    Has Israel which is often percieved as being friendly with Kurds provided any form of military, financial etc. type of support to the Kurdish resistance anywhere in the conflict zones in Iraq and Syria. I believe due to relations with Turkey it wont support PKK but does it offer support to...
  17. Guthrum

    ISIS demolishes oldest Christian monastery in Iraq

    What's the hold up? I mean really. ISIS demolishes oldest Christian monastery in Iraq | Toronto Star
  18. Balian


  19. Aham Brahmasmi

    why Qasim moved back to Iraq after Conquring Multan ?

    my Pakistani friend told me that he wanted to conquer whole north India (Pakistan to Bengal) but he had to return for unknown reason.
  20. Futurist

    How easy was emigration from Iraq under Saddam Hussein?

    How easy was emigration from Iraq under Saddam Hussein? Was it relatively easy to do? Or was it extremely hard to do (just like it is right now in, say, Eritrea)? Any thoughts on this?