1. D

    Hello All... new Irish guy onboard.

    Hello all, I'm glad to be a new member on this forum and thanks for having me! I'm Danny, from Ireland. My main areas of interest are European history from 18th century - present concentrating mainly on military history. I am also a militaria collector focusing on the Iron Cross from its...
  2. B

    Why did the Irish go to Boston?

    They encountered a lot of hostility from the Puritans. I guess it was the closest port. However, why not go to cities which already had a high Catholic population, like New Orleans or Baltimore? At least there wasn't the same degree of hostility in New York or Philadelphia.
  3. D

    ancient irish kings

    I just discovered that Richard de Clare who married Aiofe, daughter of Dermott mac murrough, King of Leinster, is one of my ancestors. When I started to try to trace Dermott's ancestors back, the most enormous list emerged. Many of the names appear to come from something called Annals of 4...
  4. S

    Irish anti-americanism I was surprised by this. I'm referring to the time before the 2016 US elections when Obama was in office. I know the President of Ireland holds a ceremonial office but...
  5. S

    Irish famine 1845-1852

    Could the Great Irish Famine have been prevented?
  6. R

    Irish and Welsh mythology: truth or fiction?

    Both Ireland and Wales have very rich traditions of myths and legends. Some of these stories are extremely ancient...going back to the misty, earliest Gaelic period...and seem to give enticing hints of real people and events from prehistoric or proto-historic times. Is it possible to extract...
  7. B

    Church of Ireland Irish in Colonial America

    I have ancestors named Seay from Virginia. As far as I can tell, they are descended from Mathew Seay from County Down, Ulster who came to Virginia about 1690. The Seay family in County Down was originally Catholic, but about half of them converted to Church of Ireland. Presumably they were...
  8. A

    Just how Scots Irish is the South Culturally?

    The Scots Irish called many things in their homeland of Northern Ireland, Ulster Scots, Unionists, Protestants etc, migrated from the North of Ireland to the mountainous part of Pennsylvania in the colonial period in a couple of great waves, and from their moved down the great wagon road through...
  9. H

    Early 20th Century Orphan Life in Dublin?

    Hey, so I'm looking to do some research for a collection of short stories I'm working on. One of the main characters is the son of a prostitute in Dublin's Monto area, born in 1899, with his mother dying of TB when he was around six. I'm trying to put together an idea of the lifestyle he...
  10. Cato II

    The Irish War for Independence

    This has always been an interesting subject to me but also a subject that seems nearly impossible to fully understand. So for my first history related post I must ask, can someone, anyone, explain to me how Ireland's war for Independence went from wanting to be free from England in the 1920s to...
  11. Commodus

    How well armed were the Irish Gallowglass?

    They were, as I understand it, an elite mercenary force who were born into noble families, and so would be better armed than the average foot-soldier. But when I look at images of them, I notice that many times in artistic depictions they seem to be poorly armed and barefoot: Was this how...
  12. odai Gold

    Irish at Battle of Franklin

    A thing that I would like to discuss In Braveheart, at battle of Franklin, Irish who were charging at the scottish, betray Edward and side with the scottish. I did watch a tape claim that Irish fought the scottish At wikipedia, Nothing have mention...
  13. O

    The language(s) of Irish immigrants to the U.S.

    The 19th century, of course, was the peak period for Irish immigration to the United States. It was also a period in which the use of the Irish language declined precipitously--I've read that in 1800 a majority of the population spoke Irish, but by 1900 English so dominated that, according to...
  14. W

    Choctaw relief for the Irish famine

    Does anyone know of any contemporary writings about the famine relief that the Choctaw sent to Ireland ca. 1847? I'm kind of curious to know what people at the time thought of it, particularly as this wasn't long after the Choctaw went through their own terrible ordeal with the Trail of Tears...
  15. W

    Did Scots or Welsh troops ever have an issue repressing the Irish?

    During the period of British colonial rule in Ireland I know that troops from across Britain served in the colonial forces, as well as native Irish. I know there was some tension between Irish civilians and Irish serving in British forces, especially when the latter were used to repress Irish...
  16. bedb

    The Irish church

    I have often wondered what would have happened if the Vikings had left the Irish monasteries alone and if Rome had not taken control of Christianity. In the early days of Christianity every major city had its own pope...something the Orthodox Christians still practice. The Irish church was...
  17. King Arthur

    The Irish in Wales?

    I knew that the traditional story is that Vortigern married off his daughter Scothnoe to an Irish ruler, to appease them. But before this, it seems he, Coel Hen, Cunedda Wledig and Ceneu were embroiled in a conflict that led to the creation of Gwynedd. I cannot find any more sources or...
  18. C

    Irish, Germans, Polish, black Americans and others who fought for Mexico

    During the Mexican American War many Europeans mostly Irish fought for Mexico against the United States. This has long been a tabu subject for most Americans. They were called the Saint Patrick's Brigade. There is a movie about this called One Man's Hero.
  19. P

    Irish vs Spanish Land Reform

    Any thoughts on why the Irish from 1903-1909 were able to force the big landlords to sell to their tenants and pacify the countryside whereas the Spanish efforts from 1931-1936 couldn't avert civil war? If this is a bad comparison please tell me why. I haven't really thought this through.
  20. Von Ranke

    Dissident Irish Republican threat to UK raised.

    As if our stretched intelligence services do not have enough on their plate the threat level to Great Britain has just been raised from moderate to substantial. It means an attack anywhere in the UK mainland is a "strong possibility". Given this is the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising of...