1. artistauthor

    ISIS "Beatles" to face death penalty in the US

    It now seems fairly likely that the two surviving members of the ISIS terror cell dubbed the "Beatles" will face the death penalty if convicted by a US federal court( esp since Theresa May's government has effectively waived the traditional request to not seek execution on the part of the US...
  2. Tammuz

    Goddess Isis as model for Virgin Mary

    Good witnesses for the origin of Marian devotion from polytheistic cults are early Christian church fathers like Epiphanius and Anastasius, who opposed the Marian devotion, exactly because it had a pagan background, but without success, since the need among the people for a replacement for the...
  3. Futurist

    Nazi Germany versus the ISIS Caliphate

    What if Alien Space Bats forced a fight between Nazi Germany and the ISIS Caliphate? Who would have won such a fight?
  4. JaddHaidar

    US troops to remain in Syria indefinitely, says Pentagon

    The pentagon apparently stated yesterday that the US plans to keep their 2000-something forces stationed in Syria "for decades". But that's not all, the terrible news is that the US still thinks they can pass off "counterterrorism" as a valid reason. And I thought after the defeat of ISIS they'd...
  5. JaddHaidar

    Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri Resigns

    Apparently the Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri resigned from his office as Lebanon's prime minister in "protest of Iranian influence in the region" and blames Iran and Hezbollah of "sowing strife in the Arab world", believing there was an "assassination attempt" against him. But what makes...
  6. F

    What if?....ISS is Designed For Final ISIS Push??

    So, just to make sure that we're on the same page up to this point, it was a few years ago (decades?) that the United States gave the International Space Station to Russia.....just like that....GAVE IT TO 'EM. Now, when we (we being the U.S.) need to send one of our own Astronaut's to space, WE...
  7. JaddHaidar

    Palmyra, major restorations ready to launch

    So, have you heard about the recent plans to rebuild the war-torn ancient city of Palmyra that was battered by ISIL? According to Counterpunch: "Major restorations ready to launch as global partners await security" from here...
  8. dagul

    The ISIS extent in the Pacific

    Islam is truly dangerous when in large group and possess the power to start rebellion or terrorism. Jihad is deeply ingrained in Muslim culture.
  9. Magnate

    ISIS Thread

    Let's discuss about isis. How's their current economy, military, strategy etc
  10. JoanOfArc007

    ISIS migrant who planned German bomb attack is pinned down by fellow Syrians

    Folks take a look at the incredible story. A team of Muslims put their life on the line when they arrested(civilian arrest) a would be Muslim terrorist, Local man Ahmed Sen, 42, who has four children and has been living in an adjacent apartment block for six years told MailOnline: 'I had seen...
  11. WhatAnArtist

    Why do people keep insisting ISIS doesn't properly represent Islam?

    The media and universities of my country (as well as other first world "Western" nations) keep insisting quite ardently that the horrible actions of ISIS don't properly represent Islam and the larger Muslim population, and that ISIS "distorts" and "lies" about what the Koran says and what most...
  12. WhatAnArtist

    Will the war with ISIS be the last major military conflict for first world nations?

    I know it sounds a bit far-fetched to say there won't be any more large-scale wars for first world nations, but if you really look at things in the big picture things have been getting more and more peaceful globally consistently since the end of the Cold War. Basically every major nation in the...
  13. AncientA

    ISIS destroyed Assyrian city Nineveh

    Nineveh Fvck isis , this is so disgusting
  14. H

    Sweden's "Multicultural Center" expert on Islamophobia joins ISIS

    Born as Michael SkrÄmo, after conversion to Islam renamed Abo Ibrahim Al Swedi, Swedish government's expert on fighting against Islamophobia recently decided to fight in a Jihad, and has escaped with his family to Syria, joining the Islamic State: Sweden's Multicultural Center Expert on...
  15. Guthrum

    ISIS demolishes oldest Christian monastery in Iraq

    What's the hold up? I mean really. ISIS demolishes oldest Christian monastery in Iraq | Toronto Star
  16. T

    Our Wars In 2 Minutes: WW1 to ISIS

    Is war beyond our understanding? For several months I've read many different opinions on this subject throughout the forum which has been extremely enlightening. With this question in mind and being a Film Editor I decided to create a video titled 'Our Wars In 2 Minutes' that covers the major...
  17. holoow

    Former Dutch soldier arrested for killing ISIS fighters

    Dutch man suspected of killing Isis fighter could face murder charge | World news | The Guardian
  18. VHS

    ISIS vs the Taiping Tianguo

    I think there are parallels between the two, for example, extremist or cult groups, extreme cruelties, destructions of heritage cites, etc. Yet the ISIS is much smaller than Taiping Tianguo, and it probably will goes into oblivion before it causes further damages. Using the Holocene...
  19. Excalibur

    IS slave market in Turkey

    German ARD aired a document on IS slave market in Turkey. ARD claims that IS selling children and women kidnapped from Syria in Turkish city of Gaziantep just under nose of Turkish security and law enforcement forces. IS members can freely walk there, hire new recruits and trade slaves in 21th...