1. VHS

    Saving the Sasanian Empire

    The Sasanian Empire was the last pre-Islamic Persian Empire, and it was multi-religious with a Zoroastrian majority. Its collapse was quite abrupt; its decline and fall took less than thirty years. What could be done to save the Sasanian Empire? If the Sasanian Empire retained its border as...
  2. Draki

    Iconoclasm in the Byzantine Empire

    Can anyone give a rundown of what happened, or recommend some good books on it? How much part does Islamic theology take in it?
  3. Kirialax

    The hajj in early Islam

    In early Islam (and of course, today), the hajj brought together Muslims from all corners of the Islamic world. After the break up of the single Islamic polity into multiple successor states, how did the hajj function on a political level? Were rulers concerned about potentially disloyal...
  4. JaddHaidar

    Aisha's age

    Nicknamed the "Mother of Believers", Aisha bint abu Bakr is the daughter of Abu Bakr, one of Muhammad's companions, and his third wife whom he allegedly married when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was only nine. Aisha's age during marriage, much like the woman herself, has...
  5. Tammuz

    Violence in earliest Islam

    First, the development of the protagonist. Probably born in Mecca in 570, Muhammad was raised after early orphanage by desert bedouins and then admitted by relatives in Mecca, where he worked as a camel driver. At the age of 25 he met the rich and much older Chadidja, became her lover and ran...
  6. JaddHaidar

    Ancient Arabian goddess al-Uzza

    From what we know of the pre-Islamic Arabian pantheon, al-Uzza was the youngest among the three chief goddesses of Mecca and later came to be identified with the Roman Venus and the Egyptian Isis. She's briefly mentioned in the Sura 53 of the Quran, and Ibn al-Kalbi who wrote the "Book of Idols"...
  7. Imperia

    The Ottoman Failure

    The Ottoman Empire for half a millennium was the main Islamic power. He controlled northern Africa and most of the Middle East, conquered the sacred territories and sacred cities of Islam. But the Turkish language has not become the main language of these territories, Arabic is still the main...
  8. RidiculousName

    Why is Islam an Abrahamic Faith?

    I know fairly little of Islam but as I understand it, it features old testament stories in its holy book, the Koran. How did Mohamed know of these stories? I thought the area was pagan before he began spreading Islam? Is there an explanation in the Koran for how he learned?
  9. J

    why Iranic People Adopted Islam in very short Amount of Time ?

    it seems that majority of Iran turned to Islam in just 20 to 200 years, Kurds, Pashtuns, Baloch, Alans, Tajiks, Pamiris etc also adopted Islam in very similar pattern. while Turks, Indians, Europeans, Chinese etc gave tough fight to protect their Ancestral Faith. what caused whole Iranic...
  10. Engelkrieger

    Islam is the primary reason why Europe fell into the Dark Ages

    Lots of people, unfortunetly many who are on the Right, seem to make an unwise comparison between refugees and the Germanic Migration period and someow place a moral blame on the Germanics for "destroying Europe". There are also a few memes about htis about how Germans are somehow at fault for...
  11. R

    Is Islam more successful because it is willing to use violence as a means to an end?

    Is Islam more successful at imposing its conservative orthodoxy against liberalism because it is willing to use violence as a means to impose it will against social Liberals in Islamic countries? Like the recent protests radical Islamists against the former governor of Jakarta? Compare this to...
  12. S

    How to teach kids what Islam is?

    Do you guys know of any books or websites that will explain Islam and make sense to kids? I'm not muslim and neither are these kids (boys and a girl, about 10 to 12). Something explaining who Mohammed was and what he did would be perfect, as stories seem to go down better than raw facts...
  13. Z

    Islam In China?

    I once had a professor who told us that Muslim traders had reached Western China by the time of Muhammad's death. Is this true? If so, how could that be possible for it to spread to China via trade rather than conquest in such a short amount of time? Or am I simply misinformed? As a follow-up...
  14. TheBlackRose

    Is Islam a Western or Eastern religion and why?

    What do you guys think and why?
  15. P

    No Renaissance without Islam?

    While I and Isleifson spoke on the Karl May thread about the controversy about the book "Aristote au Mont Saint-Michel" by Gouguenheim which sparked a controversy among fellow French historians that was in my opinion worser than the "Historikerstreit" in Germany and while it there was out of...
  16. C

    Failure of Islam in attracting Upper Castes of India.

    so today my Son asked me one simple question regarding History of India and i had no answer of his simple question. why Islam failed in Converting Upper Castes of India ? while Buddhism was mostly targeted toward Brahmins and Kshatriya castes and Jainaism was for Kshatriya and Vaishya castes we...
  17. Waterloofinalsolution

    I found a quote that confirms Napoleon admired Islam more than Christianity?

    Just found this quote from a discussion had with General Baron Gourgaud before his death. You can look up the sources of the discussion for more info. Napoleon said it and it was final quote regarding religion "Religions are all founded on miracles — on things we cannot understand, such...
  18. T

    Folk islam in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Islam, like every religion, during his history, spreading to new area, absorbed elements of local beliefs and customs. I'm looking for information about folk islam in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially West Africa and Horn of Africa. Which did local element of native African custom, beliefs pass...
  19. L

    What are some good books for to learn about the medieval middle east?

    I want books that are suitable for beginners to learn about the history and culture of the medieval Islamic world.
  20. VHS

    Are principles of Baha'ism compatible with Islam and Christianity?

    At least for the current moment, the principles of Baha'ism are extremely quixotic or idealistic; they also work against the current nationalist interests. Let's have a look: are these principles against Islam and Christianity or other major religions? Buddhism and Daoism aren't interested in...