1. VHS

    If Jews in 1945 were given Alien technologies and access to the 2018 dimension

    The inspiration is a webnovel named the Neo-Ming Empire, which is about a speculative re-established Ming Empire in the South East Asia from 1944 to present. The protagonist is a "abducted" present day nobody; he has a 3 kilometre long Alien space craft and 200 female robots under him. All of...
  2. Futurist

    Israel captures the southern West Bank in 1949

    What if Israel would have successfully captured the southern West Bank (the territory with East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Hebron) in 1949? Would this region have looked much more Jewish right now in this scenario? Would this have any effect on the subsequent Arab-Israeli wars? Also, would it...
  3. L

    Israel & Poland jointly condemn Anti-Polonism & Anti-Semitism

    Joint declaration of prime ministers of Poland (Morawiecki) and Israel (Netanyahu): S6tLOTPRUHQ
  4. K

    6/8/67, a date which should live in infamy

  5. jameen

    Is Israel or China better in military tactics

    Which of the 2 countries is better in winning wars by its military tactics if you will base your history as I will mention below: China - Wars it participated since the Han Dynasty Era until today Israel - Wars it participated since it was ruled by the Judges until today (you may read the...
  6. Futurist

    Should Israel return the Golan Heights to Syria in exchange for peace?

    The Golan Heights is a territory between Israel and Syria which Israel captured in the 1967 Six-Day War: This territory was Arab-majority before 1967, but most of its Arab population fled in 1967 and this territory is now about half-Jewish and...
  7. F

    Exchange of Fire Between Israel and Iran.

    Israel has attacked dozens of Iranian bases in Syria, killing 7 Iranians. Iran has responded by sending 20 rockets to Israeli-occupied Golan Heights (which is properly part of Syria). The conflict is now escalating with Israel now shelling Syria, including the capital Damascus. I think that...
  8. JaddHaidar

    Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990)

    43 years (and a day) ago, on 13th of April 1975, the decade and a half long Lebanese Civil War started. A bit of background information. Since the declaration of independence from France in 1943, Lebanon has always had a fragile (yet sustainable) peace due to a variety of reasons, whether it's...
  9. Naima

    Israel expel migrants

    Israel wants to deport the african migrants to western countries in concur with ONU... why doesn't China takes them ? Why only white countries are considered for the migration? why Europe is considered too white and...
  10. Futurist

    What are the optimal borders for Israel in 1949?

    I've been curious about this--what do you think the optimal borders for Israel in 1949 are? This question was inspired by this information in this Times of Israel article: "In December 1948...
  11. K

    The BDS campaign

    Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions According to this article, the BDS campaign 'seeks to end the occupation and dismantle Israel's illegal wall and settlements, demands full equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel, and calls for the rights of Palestinian refugees to be upheld.' Many...
  12. Futurist

    Will overpopulation in Israel result in much greater settlement in the West Bank?

    Throughout its history, Israel has experienced a rapidly growing population (in part due to natural growth and in part due to immigration). However, over the last twenty years, Israel's total fertility rate has increased due to massively rising fertility among its Jewish population. In...
  13. Naima

    Future europe like Israel?

    Do you think that all the mass migration from muslim world and Africa ... Europe will become similar to Israel/Palestine? With nation inside another and too differing cultures with opposing values on life, education, religion, ethics and politics forced to live together? Could such melting pot...
  14. A

    Anglo-Saxons descendants of Israel.

    Anglo-Saxons – lineal descendants of one of the people which followed Moses. Genetics discovered the Chechens and the Germans common Northern German mitochondrial DNA, that is maternal (see Yavus Akhmadovs statement in a round table of “RIA News” in Moscow). Patrilineal the Chechens and the...
  15. tomar

    US recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital

    Well someone had to open this thread Middle East media reacts to 'slap of the century' - BBC News Israelis are happy.. Palestinians and in general arabs and more broadly muslims are not Other countries have either criticized the move or remained silent. Apparently , other than Israel, no one...
  16. Futurist

    Did Israel miss a golden opportunity to capture the West Bank in 1949?

    Did Israel miss a golden opportunity to capture the West Bank in 1949? Basically, I am curious about this considering that this article suggests that it did: "In December 1948, during a lull in...
  17. VHS

    What if Israel was found in current Uganda?

    Uganda was considered a spot for the Jewish state, and some people claimed that it was almost realized. What if a Jewish state was found in current Uganda?
  18. L

    What if Israel became a country in 1937

    What if Israel became a country in 1937 The Peel Commission, formally known as the Palestine Royal Commission, was a British Royal Commission of Inquiry, headed by Lord Peel, appointed in 1936 to investigate the causes of unrest in Mandatory Palestine, which was administered by Britain...
  19. VHS

    If Israel was never established.

    Israel is a contemporary concoction; in serious Jewish history, there were "two chiefdoms": Samaria and Judah, and they never merged. They were not that big, either. Kingdom of Semien was way larger than Samaria and Judah, and even this is semi-legendary. What if Israel was never...
  20. JoanOfArc007

    Documentary on the Black Panthers of Israel

    This showed me an insight into Israel that I was previolisly unaware of. Israel had its own Black Panthers, oc17wBfFreE