1. A

    Defoe and issues facing Restoration society

    Hey guys, I am reading Daniel Defoe's A Journal of The Plague Year for one of my classes and we have to discuss how his work addresses issues facing British Restoration society. I know that Defoe himself was a Dissenter and that he was concerned with class issues, but I am a little confused...
  2. F

    Politicized polarizing incidents & issues: "independent" investigations & researches?

    Politicized polarizing incidents & issues: "independent" investigations & researches? Why should people believe that "reputable" witnesses, investigators, researchers, journalists, and specialists are immune to partiality, mendacity, outside influences and ulterior motives?
  3. G

    Why is India still facing poverty issues despite 70 years of freedom

    I would like to understand the historical perspective with this because we can no longer just blame foreigners, invasions, rainfall, population etc. Many other countries have overcome these issues in shorter time to rebound quickly. After WW2 most European economies were destroyed. Germany and...
  4. G

    Why capital shift to Damascus and Bahgdad and was there any issues

    When the nascent Arab empire shifted its capital to these two cities, did it not cause any resentment among the Arab elite who had extended the empire. Since this would transfer the centre of gravity of the new kingdom outside their heartlands? Since the lands around Damascus and Baghdad were...
  5. A

    I have big issues with the UN's human development map

    Developed country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia So I was looking at this map that the UN released recently to report on the most developed countries in the world and I think they have made serious mistakes in their data. The rankings of human development are very high, high, medium, and...
  6. B

    Issues of title and protocol

    The British being into titles and cold politeness, addressed Napoleon when he was a prisoner as General Boneparte. They also wrote letters during the the Revolutionary War addressed to "George Washington, esquire", which were not answered. Cornwallis was too ill to surrender in person at...
  7. Emperor Trajan

    Issues Russia had with Alaska

    Why did Russia sell Alaska to North America? I have heard the natives were trouble for the Russians. What other issues did Russia have with Alaska? Also why did Russia abandoned settlements and forts in Hawaii and California?
  8. H

    How did Rome suffer from manpower issues in its late days?

    I am currently watching Rome: Rise and fall of an empire, and throughtout the final episodes of the series that deal with rome in the 5th and 4th centuries AD i see that rome constantly faces manpower issues and a dwindling army force. How is this possible? I remember reading that one of the...
  9. G

    How would language issues be sorted out by a Kurdish nation

    How would dialectal differences, script differences, religious(different sects of Kurds) be resolved in a Kurdish nation?
  10. kauchenvinci-0

    Illegal immigrants : issues in Assam , India

    When a country receives an exodus of people from a foreign country , what has the host to do with these people ? These immigrants change the demographics of the areas which generally give rise to aberrations in the social , cultural ,ethnic and political order . So how should the govt. handle...
  11. thelistener

    Your stance on variety of issues

    So basically this a inquiry. And if you are wondering why I did this its because statistics are sexy. Ill start. (also if you lack brain power, you are suppose to copy those issues and answer your own way) (hell i but this in a wrong section, this was supposed to go to the lounge. so if...
  12. larkin

    Social issues in politics and the Iowa caucuses

    Social conservatism has..... Edit: Under the terms of our new rules, discussion of current political issues is not allowed. If you wish to discuss contemporaneous politics, please consider the following site.
  13. Thessalonian

    Hariri murder: UN tribunal issues arrest warrants

    Four arrest warrants have been issued by the UN-backed tribunal investigating the 2005 murder of Lebanon's former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Lebanon's state prosecutor said. Hariri's son, Saad, welcomed the indictments and described them as a "historic moment" for Lebanon. BBC...
  14. larkin

    Issues of corporate personhood.

    Issues of corporate personhood. It is the intention of modern governments to represent people, preferable voting people. In many large governments, specifically the US, the corporate citizen has been awarded the rights of an individual. Along with this, money has been reinterpreted as...
  15. Gile na Gile

    British judge issues arrest warrant for Tzipi Livni

    This is for her role as Foreign Minister in "Operation Cast Lead". Apparently, the warrant may have been requested by Daniel Machover, an Israeli-born lawyer working for the pressure group, Palestinian Human Rights. They have been busy gathering evidence of possible war-crimes committed by...
  16. O

    States rights issues and the civil war

    Can anyone explain why State rights issue was one of the causes of the Civil War? So far, I only know that, the South was against the federal rights because it wanted to protect slavery.
  17. X

    What were the most important issues to be decided at the Constitutional Convention

    What were the most important issues to be decided at the Constitutional Convention? What compromises got all sides to come together on those issues?