1. Italian Aircraft Carrier: Trieste

    Italian Aircraft Carrier: Trieste

    Italian Aircraft Carrier: Trieste
  2. Naima

    So many Italian Explorers and ?

    And no Italian state was interested in the new world? Other nations have often used Italian explorers to uncover the new World from Columbus to Cabot, but why Italian states, that were still very rich at the Renaissence time were not interested in the new world?
  3. El Cid

    What prevented Arab invasion of the Italian Peninsula?

    In 717 the vast Umayyad Caliphate tried and failed to capture Constantinople, and was destroyed by the Byzantines. For that reason (East)Europe went to Christianity later. In 732 the Battle of Tours found place in which Charles Martel smashed the Muslim army. It is debatable whether the Muslim...
  4. B

    Italian Boxing from 1200?

    I'm looking for some information. The book Pugilistica makes an interesting claim about boxing going on in Italy from about 1200, which is much earlier than most references to boxing, other than from ancient sources. I find the claim a bit questionable, but I think it merits looking into...
  5. Polynikes

    The Stratioti: predecessors to the Hussars? Their role in Italian army and elsewhere?

    Hi everyone, I thought that this would be a good thread topic. How effective were the Stratioti? And why were they so heavily recruited among Italian states and other militaries during the early modern period? What were their finest moments and what did they wear into battle often...
  6. Maoistic

    The Italian Republics are overrated

    The Italian republics of the so-called Renaissance (around the 14th to 16th century) seem to me to be the most overrated European states in history. I feel that outside of art (and in my opinion, non-Italian medieval and early modern art is highly underrated), they hardly contributed to anything...
  7. AlpinLuke

    Italian institutional crisis

    Premises: this thread is intended to be a discussion about what’s happening in Italy from an institutional perspective. Any political comment is, since the beginning, out of topic. Now, what’s happening … Last elections [March 4th] have seen a particular...
  8. Valens

    Euro-skepticism wins the Italian Election Another interesting result is the political revival of Berlusconi, who is still banned from holding public office until 2019.
  9. TrueHistory77

    Over a hundred Italian victories!!!

    Hi all, I found this on the web as a few members of this blog asked me: "Name any Italian victory?" Well, the Italians lost the war, like Germany, but it certainly doesn't mean they didn't win anything or have their successes on the battlefield. It would be ludicrous and simplistic to think...
  10. analysis17456

    Italian Renaissance -> Age of Enlightenment

    I was just skimming through the thread "Greatest Composers of all time?", and the miracle of the Age of Enlightenment got to me, what the hell happened? Well, of course, normally, it would be considered that the tipping point of the dynamic system has been reached and thus the acceleration...
  11. VHS

    If the Ostrogoths built a relatively lasting Italian kingdom

    Theodoric was a rare product among the Ostrogoths, and was well-known for his ability to govern; his immediate successor, Amalasuntha, was also quite capable; she was assassinated and it resulted in Justinian's invasion of Italy. If the Ostrogoths built an Italian kingdom that lasted 400...
  12. R

    Italian and Low Country painting

    In your opinion, what was the extent of Italian artistic influence on the painting of Flanders and the Netherlands? Conversely, what was the stylistic heritage which the Low Countries passed on to Italy? There was a so-called International Style, richly refined and aristocratic, in late...
  13. Voltaires Hat

    Good Histories written in French, Spanish, or Italian

    Weird request, and I wish it was easier to research stuff like this, but more and more I'm finding Google and the internet at large sub-par for directing me to books I actually want to read, something something about popular culture. Basically, I'd like to start reading more books that aren't...
  14. R

    Italian mystery man in 1600....

    Hello ! :D I'm looking for a mystery man and if you are interested, it would be a pleasure to explore the subject together ! Years ago, I've heard about a man that had a suspect dead in Italy. I don't know the name. I only remember that : -He lived around 1600. -Worked with the Vatican or had...
  15. D

    Italian s napoleon cavalry in Spain (1808-1813)

    Hello.I search the list of the italians régiments of cavalry (kingdom of north Italia and kingdom of Napoli) which have participated to the war of Spain (1808-1813).Yhank you.
  16. Polynikes

    Most elite Italian military/special forces unit of the Second World War?

    Was it the Decima Flottiglia MAS? Or The paratroopers or some other group? Who do you think it was and why? EDIT: Oh my god, my iPhone wrecked the title. If a mod could fix it perhaps toMost elite Italian Military/Special Forces UNIT of the SECOND World War it would be much appreciated, thanks!
  17. WhatAnArtist

    At what point was Napoleon Bonaparte set on seeking greater power over France?

    His early career was certainly fascinating and often filled with his own internal conflicts over where his loyalty lay (first with the issue of Corsica vs France, and then with the revolutionaries vs autocrats). What I'm curious about and wanted to start a discussion about is at what point in...
  18. T

    Considering Pyrrhus' Italian Campaign and Appius Claudius' "Churchillian" speech

    Considering Pyrrhus' Italian Campaign and Appius Claudius' "Churchillian" speech Hey guys, have a read of this article all about, I'd argue, one of the most interesting generals in antiquity and let me know whether you agree. Pyrrhus in Italy: Heraclea, Negotiations and the Roman Churchill...
  19. Magnate

    Italian war industry during wwii

    How efficient was it? Did they produce any decent tanks, airplanes, firearms etc?
  20. Polynikes

    Northern Italian and Milanese knights fighting for Kingdom of Sicily?

    Hi, from what I've been reading recently, during the reign of Frederick II many Milanese nobles were given titles and lands in Sicily, why exactly were so many feudal lords brought to Sicily and what was their motivation for coming? If anyone could provide any good books or articles related to...