1. W

    Hollywood consistently portrayed Italians as fair skinned despite racism at the time

    Considering the common stereotype that Italians are olive skinned and among the darkest of the white people? I can understand modern cinema showing them as fair and even pale since much of the Italian Americans nowadays either have Germanic or Celtic blood or are immigrants from the wealthier...
  2. R

    Why Italians were considered non Whites in America?

    Considering Italians are Europeans as well.
  3. TrueHistory77

    Were Italians unfairly portrayed in World War Two?

    Were Italians unfairly portrayed in WW2 and after the war? If so, why?
  4. TrueHistory77

    Did the Italians improve as World War II went on?

    I have been reading that after the disaster of Operation Compass in 1940/41, Italian combat performance improved quite significantly as the war progressed and that British and Commonwealth forces could no longer take it for granted that a confrontation with an Italian armoured unit was going to...
  5. TrueHistory77

    Anglo-American Bias against the Italians during WW2

    I've heard and read that many popular WW2 history books were quite biased against the Italian war effort, even to the point of being quite dismissive and racist. For example, Anglo-American historians would high-light Allied successes while down-playing Italian ones, dismissing them as having...
  6. TrueHistory77

    Why the Italians won the Greco-Italian War of 1940-41.

    From what I've understood, it was the Italians who won the Greco-Italian War of 1940-41 for the following reasons: a) the Greeks failed to defeat the Italians even though the Italians were pushed back b) the Greeks formally surrendered to General Ferrero on the 23rd April, 1941 b) it was the...
  7. notgivenaway

    Are modern italians the direct ethnic descendants of the Romans?

    Modern English are direct ethnic descendants of the Anglo-Saxons, genetically, linguistically, politically, and culturally. The same is true of Scottish and the Dal Riata/Picts, or the French and the Franks, or the Spanish and the Visigoths. Is the same true of the Italians and Romans? How...
  8. Druzhina

    Italians in the livery of Sigismondo Malatesta, 15th century

    'Hesperides' by Basinio de' Basini of Parma, Italy, Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS. Canon. Class. Lat. 81, 1457-1468AD A story illustrated with soldiers in 15th century costume. Combat at a castle. 'Hesperides' by Basinio de' Basini of Parma Navy and army besieging a castle. 'Hesperides' by...
  9. A

    Should Italians and Romanians be considered as Latinos?

    This is a thought i came across on the internet and even asked my fellow Hispanics. Can Italians, Romanians, and even French (including french creole, Cajun, and Canadian french) especially be regarded as Latinos? I mean Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dalmatian, and Romanian are romance languages...
  10. R

    Are Romans and Italians the same thing?

    Or were they seperate ethnicities. I'm really confused:confused:
  11. Druzhina

    14th century Italians in 'De bello civili' by Lucanus

    De bello civili by Lucanus describes the civil war between Caesar and Pompey. Niccolò da Bologna illustrated a copy in 1373. This shows the typical characteristics of the Bolognese school of manuscript illumination. f3r, De bello civili of Lucanus, copy by Niccolò da Bologna, 1373 f37r, 14th...
  12. P

    What caused Romans to morph in to Italians?

    Italians were good merchants and terrible soliders. Romans were great soldiers and terrible merchants. What caused Romans to morph in to Italians and stop being roman or even latin? Did Romans become so self loathing they changed in to different ethnicity?
  13. N

    Why Albanians act like imitation Italians?

    They have italian names ,everyone is fan of an italian team, the have the same glamour culture etc.
  14. E

    Did the Romans (Italians) colonize Germania?

    My question is because I am partially of German descent, and I am trying to discover more about the German ethnic heritage. I already know that the Germans are in fact the combination of a few different ethnic groups. I wanted to know if the Romans themselves were part of this combination...
  15. B

    Is it easier to just adopt the europeans?

    The 'Indo-european' theory seems to have convinced alot of people about the shared cultural and linguistic Origins of Indians and europeans, even to the extent that people like to assume a direct genetic relationship. Now going by the adage it is easier to join than to reason, should Indians...
  16. WeisSaul

    What if the Italians stayed neutral in WW2?

    Britain and France were really focused on keeping Italy out of the war, eventually making offers like a lease on Djibouti, making Tunisia a France-Italian condominium, teaching in Italian in Maltese Schools, and cessions to Libya in the south and east. So what if the Italians managed to make a...
  17. Cornelius

    The Roman citizenship & Italians

    I've noted in a few threads that there seems to be some confusion regarding the status of Italians (as opposed to Romans) in Italia. So I'd like to straight this issue out. Before the Social War of 91-88 BC, Italians did not own the Roman citizenship. There were perhaps some 300,000 Roman...
  18. Mohammed the Persian

    Why did the Italians want Libya?

    As you might know , in the 20th century, the Italians conquered Libya. But why ? I mean, there was no oil discovery back then (I assume), and besides offering a coastline and some ports, I see no extra points as to why they'd even be there ? Couple that with Libyan resistance...
  19. Thessalonian

    Etruscans were native Italians..... or not?

    Etruscan DNA Part 1 - YouTube Etruscan DNA Part 2 - YouTube These are some DNA tests to discuss. They are still not enough, are they?
  20. A

    italians in Libyia

    Can anyone help me find out more about the Italian colonization of Libyia under Mussolini? I am especially interested to know how the ordinary Italian people who went there came to do so and what life was like for them whilst they were there. When England took Libyia after the war the italians...