1. EmperorTigerstar

    Unification of Italy vs Unification of Germany

    Which unification is more interesting for you? As much as I am a Prussian fanatic, I'd actually have to choose Italy based on how quickly and suddenly it happened between 1859 and 1860.
  2. Renaissance Roman

    In which historical period was Italy at its best?

    As an Italian, I'm curious to know what do you think about this. I made a mistake. I wanted to put the beginning of Late Antiquity for Italy at 300 not 330.
  3. Spike117

    When Did the Roman Ethnicity Die Out in Italy?

    Though Western Rome fell in 476 technically, the Western Romans themselves didn't just evaporate a-la Mr. Stark style. However, today, Italians are... well... Italians. The Roman ethnicity, as far as I am aware, no longer exists. So... when did it die out or become so diluted it no longer was...
  4. Naima

    If Italy joined WII a yer later

    What would have changed?
  5. Futurist

    Why didn't Italy acquire the Trentino in 1866?

    In 1866, as a result of Austria's loss in the Austro-Prussian War, Italy (or Piedmont-Sardinia) was able to acquire Venice. However, Italy didn't acquire the Italian-majority Trentino until after the end of World War I. In turn, this raises a question--why didn't Italy also acquire the Trentino...
  6. Darth Raidius

    Can you make Italy great for once?

    Italy has become the laughingstock of World War II for their performance (or lack thereof), but did they truly have to be? Imagine that you are the head of the Italian Armed Forces, promoted as early as 1922 immediately after the fascist takeover. Mussolini grants you supreme authority to...
  7. Futurist

    Does Italy's monarchy survive to the present-day if Italy remains neutral in WWII?

    Without Italian participation in World War II, would Italy's monarchy have survived to the present-day? I know that this is a bit of a random question, but I am curious about this. Indeed, without Italian entry into WWII, Mussolini's regime survives and he probably lives long enough to die a...
  8. Kirialax

    Greek documents in southern Italy

    I did a dumb one and completely misplaced a pdf. There's a book from the second half of the nineteenth century, published in Italy but written in Latin, which contains lists and summaries of Greek documents in southern Italian archives. I downloaded it from but I can't find it there...
  9. T

    Constans II's campaigns in Italy against the Lombards

    I've come to be quite impressed with this little known emperor and I don't think he gets enough credit. I am particularly interested in his wars against the Lombards (being the last Roman emperor to step foot in Rome itself). How successful was he? Is there any evidence that he was hoping to use...
  10. Maoistic

    The Italian Republics are overrated

    The Italian republics of the so-called Renaissance (around the 14th to 16th century) seem to me to be the most overrated European states in history. I feel that outside of art (and in my opinion, non-Italian medieval and early modern art is highly underrated), they hardly contributed to anything...
  11. Polynikes

    Magna Graecia, Siracusa, And Hoplites: The Greeks of Southern Italy and their armies

    Hi all, I'm naturally very much interested by this topic, and I figured a thread was well deserved given the rich history of Magna Graecia both then and now. For this thread I'd like to specifically focus on Greek warfare in the South of Italy, their greatest heights/successes on the battlefield...
  12. JoanOfArc007

    Italy and the Abolishment of slavery in Ethiopia

    Italy invaded Ethiopia in October 1935 and issued two laws in October 1935 and in April 1936 emancipating slaves in the country (Encyclopaedia Aethiopica, p. 681). According to Italy’s accounts, during its brief occupation of Ethiopia, it freed 420,000 slaves. After Italy’s defeat in...
  13. Kirialax

    Supplying Justinian's troops in Italy

    What do we know about the supply of Justinian's forces in Italy? Were they supplied from outside the peninsula? Did they requisition what they needed from the local population? Were the annona and military logistical infrastructure still in place for Justinian's generals to use?
  14. Naima

    Renaissence Italy map

    Hi I just did a Renaissence Italy map commission , the focus was to show some local regioan subdivision , according to sources not all clear I have integrated per request of commissioner local regional subdivision in administration when possible...
  15. Naima

    Ladislao I of Naples , could conquer Italy?

    The king Ladislao I of Naples, started a conquest campaign that brought his troops up to Florence after Conquering the Papal states in 1410, But a sudden illness ended his expansion plans and the project to Unify the whole peninsula 400 years before the Italian unification under the Savoja...
  16. Naima

    Making an Historical map of Renaissence Italy

    Hi all , I am making an historical map of Renaissence Italy with local subregional domains, does anyone knows where I can gather further informations on the actual boundaries and names of the regions?
  17. C

    Conquest of Italy by Theodoric

    Source: my translation of an italian wikipedia page
  18. The General

    Who was more disappointing during WW2? France or Italy?

    I'm not sure if disappointing is the correct term to use, but these two countries vastly underperformed their role in World War 2. While France lost in 6 weeks during the battle of France as Nazi Germany simply flanked them by going through the low countries and were kicked out of war early...
  19. SSDD

    Why did not Italy claim savoy, Nice and Corsica?

    These areas as I know were Italian. Savoy and Nice were part of Piedmont and Corsica was part of Republic of Genoa. After unification of Italy in 1871, Italy always wanted to get back Trentino-Trieste from Austria-Hungary. Yet they never claimed to get back Savoy, Nice and Corsica. why?
  20. Naima

    Italy under Communist sphere

    What woul dhave happpened if the stongest communist party of the western world in Italy did gain so much power to overthrow the government and side Italy with Russia and Communism?