1. notgivenaway

    Ivar the Boneless was disabled?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvGWM3Lw5RA There may be no evidence, but then I don't see why this is implausible. Emperor Claudius was disabled, and hardly a rubbish or badly performing Caesar. Alfred the Great was said to have a nervous condition, and even in the early modern period some...
  2. cachibatches

    What would be the proper title for Ivar the Boneless' brothers?

    In his own times. Were they called Dukes back then? Thane? Earl?
  3. Jake10

    Would the Vikings have accepted a handicapped leader? (Ivar the Boneless)

    So, we don't really know why Ivar was called Boneless, but the accounts of him being carried on a shield indicate he might not have been able to walk. But, would this not contradict Viking culture? Would Viking warriors have followed a leader who was physically disabled? Ivar the Boneless -...
  4. JohnnyH

    Ivar "the Boneless" - curious name?

    This mighty viking warrior with a curious nickname (given to him by the vikings) was the chief commander of the huge and infamous "Great Army" of 865 that invaded England, along with his brothers Halfdan and Ubba, bent upon total domination of the land. They were said to be avenging their Ragnar...