1. Q

    king james : related to william the conquerer ?

    it seems like there would be no blood relation between james and william, since william was norman blood and james was probably celtic, yet the line of succession has been unbroken from william until present day ? thanks
  2. P

    The Easter Rising & Its Aftermath - Padraig Pearse & James Connolly

    Kp9JHvvCL6Y Padraig Pearse, the romantic nationalist, and James Connolly, the revolutionary socialist. The second part in a series of videos I'm making about the Easter Rising. If you like it, please like and subscribe! Thanks.
  3. The Living Daylights

    James Madison's Presidency

    Partly inspired by the War of 1812 thread, where the discussed impacts of the War of 1812 seemed to be mostly unintentional or at least not related to the presidency at all. Historians supposedly lambaste Madison for his handling of the War of 1812, which was an administrative morass that...
  4. L

    What is the best biography of James VI / I ?

    I am trying to identify the best available biography of James VI / I. Stuart England is a bit outside my normal area of interest, so I am hoping that some of the folks on the forum can give me some recommendations. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. JaddHaidar

    How did James VI and I feel about his mother, Mary?

    I'm certain most people interested in Tudor England and 16th century Europe overall, like I've grown to become, are familiar with the events regarding Mary, Queen of Scots, the eventual succession of her son James which paved way to the union of England and Scotland and the shaping of Britain as...
  6. Romanianboy2013

    Did the Communist Block had movies or series in James Bond style?

    We all know the James Bond british movies or american spy movies with western heroes defending "The Free World" from evil communist spies. I wonder if the countries from communist block had spy movies with heroes that fought against the evil capitalists. I only know that East Germany made some...
  7. P

    movie star james stewart and Swiss bombing court-martial.

    Many W.W. 2 buffs know about Hollywood actor James Stewart's wartime service with the USAAF flyng bombers out of Tibbenham England near Norwich over Nazi Germany where Stewart was a highly popular officer with all ranks. However, much less well known is that -against his wishes-he was appointed...
  8. henry7

    James Stanley - 7th Earl of Derby

    Hi all. Unusual question I know - but need it for research. The 7th Earl of Derby (James Stanley) was executed on 15th October 1651 at Bolton market place. My question is - who was the executioner ? Many thanks in advance
  9. P

    James McCune Smith first ex-slave to graduate

    James McCune Smith the very first Afro-American ex- slave to gain three university degrees is being celebrated just now by his former Alma Mater-Scotland's University of Glasgow where he passed Bachelor/Masters and Doctorate degrees in the 1830's is being celebrated by Glasgow university...
  10. Cato II

    Shōgun and the rest of James Clavell's Asian Saga

    Have any of you read it? I purchased Shōgun on a whim and even before I was a quarter of the way through the book I bought the rest. I've been glued to Shogun and am now about 500 pages in or more and I can honestly say in all the books I've read none have grabbed and held me like this one...
  11. A

    James Monroe homework help!

    I need to write a summary of James Monroe's greatest challenges. Also I need to write a paragraph about the economic, social, and political climate of the nation during James Monroe's tenure. Thanks in advance
  12. Viperlord

    A Dark and Dangerous Man: James Gilpatrick Blunt in the Civil War

    The dispute over the territory and then state of Kansas, namely over whether it was to be a free state or a slave state, was one of the principal sparks that lit the fire of the American Civil War. Kansas, a new state and on the periphery of even the most peripheral theater of operations in...
  13. Kapyong

    Did the Writer of the Epistle of James Know a Historical Jesus ?

    Greetings all, Now James was allegedly the brother of Jesus, so we would expect his letter to be chock-full of personal details about Jesus, right ? Well, guess what? The letter of James only even mentions the name "Jesus" twice in the whole letter. It has NO personal details at all. Not one...
  14. civfanatic

    Controversial Observations on Indian Political History by James Mill (1817)

    I was reading the famous History of British India written by James Mill in 1817 (one of the earliest attempts at writing a comprehensive work of Indian history), and came across some very interesting - and no doubt controversial - passages that I would like to share: In his book, Mill...
  15. HowardD

    Is this James Madison story bunk?

    I've read multiple places that James Madison refused stimulants that might have kept him alive until July 4th (Independence Day and the date of the last three presidential deaths). But I can't find any contemporary evidence of this, or any sources cited by authors Ralph Ketcham and others...
  16. HowardD

    Stiumlants for James Madison in 1836?

    The second three American presidents to die (after Washington) all passed away on the 4th of July - Adams and Jefferson in 1826, Monroe in 1831. As James Madison was fading in late June 1836, his doctor Robley Dunglison offered him stimulants to keep him alive until the 4th to carry on the...
  17. P

    Born Fighting by James Webb (History of American "Scots-Irish")

    Has anyone read this book and if so did you find major problems with it? I am somewhat confused, as often happens when I read something that I find questionable. Webb stresses the Gaelic or Celtic nature of the Scots and Scots-Irish. Was this Gaelic culture truly dominant? I thought the...
  18. gladiatrice

    King James II

    There really isn't any other king in English history who is so widely hated as James II is, even modernly. He's garnered the label of not only an apolitical idiot, but also a bigoted, sadistic, overly-devout, cruel psychopath (leave it to Historum to label a man dead for over 300 years a...
  19. C

    My interview with legendary historical novelist, James Alexander Thom

    Over the past few months I have had the great pleasure of getting to know my idol as a writer of historical fiction. The link below is to my extensive interview with him about some of his earlier work, such as Follow the River and Panther in the Sky, as well as his latest, the excellent Fire in...
  20. D

    Historical James Bond Films (1962-1989)

    I want to keep this discussion historical because I think it would be interesting to talk about the films from a different perspective. This means I'd like this discussion to largely avoid the Brosnan and Craig films, since this site's cutoff date is the end of the Cold War. As far as ranking...