1. Gucci Vespucci

    Could China or Japan ever colonize North America

    Japanese Alaska? Japanese Cascadia? What about Chinese California or Baja California? If Europeans left this alone, would Asian powers ever take advantage of it?
  2. EmperorTigerstar

    Bakufu Controlled Hokkaido 1799 - 1821?

    I'm trying to research on the Japanese acquisition of Hokkaido. I already knew that Japan had a daimyo/domain in the southern peninsula's tip, and that the rest was Ainu for most of the Tokugawa Shogunate's history, but I'm seeing some sources that claim there was a moment where Ezo (AKA the...
  3. Theodoric

    Natural disasters strike Japan: 6.7 Earthquake & largest Typhoon in 25 years

    1dblGe2dosc SFwS1BovTPw 9 confirmed deaths and 40 more still missing due to the earthquake. The typhoon has killed an additional 11 people.
  4. M

    Economic Growth of Meiji Japan

    We all know that during the Meiji Era, Japan experienced a period of rapid economic development, but how rapid? Here are some stats for Japan's economy. All the below data is in 1990 dollars and comes from Angus Maddison's Contours of the World Economy 1. GDP GDP in 1870-$25.393 billion GDP in...
  5. W

    France vs Japan in WWII without outside interferance

    Inspired by this thread. https://www.reddit.com/r/whowouldwin/comments/5xt8lt/world_war_2_but_with_only_france_and_poland_vs/ The basic scenarios are: -France and Japan have their prepared forces as the start of WWII in irl and same problems with politics, ecnomics, geography, social, etc...
  6. E

    Japan and its history of several marks of cars

    Historically speaking, why Japan has so many marks of cars? Because it enjoyed the money given from the US and from Brazil when still was a colony to thereby to make their cars from other countries?
  7. M

    When did Japan become a Great Power?

    When do you think Imperial Japan emerged as a Great Power?
  8. Tokugawa Ieyasu

    The tales of Glover Garden in Nagasaki, Japan

    Glover Garden is originated from the Glover House, or Ipponmatsu (means "single pine tree"). It is nowadays one of the most wonderful sightseeing attraction in Japan. It is situated at Nagasaki, which was suffused with Westernized romance and filled with the Western merchants in the final days...
  9. H

    Could Goryeo (Korea) have gained land through the Mongol Invasion of Japan?

    Reading a bit on Mongol Invasion of Japan, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongol_invasions_of_Japan), I noticed something interesting. The background is that Goryeo became a semi-autnonomous state of the Mongol Empire, and the Goryeo King gained certain privileges, like a a seat at the...
  10. jameen

    If Japan did not invade China in 1930s

    Do you think the Chinese Communists can win the Chinese civil war if Japan did not invade? It is said that Chinese Communists won because the KMT was weaken by the latter’s war with Japanese troops.
  11. O

    History of Japan

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh5LY4Mz15o I really liked this video, when I first saw it. I heard the person, who made it, didn't know anything about the history of Japan, before he started researching for this video. So, how accurate is it? Any VERY important information missing? I think it...
  12. L

    Found interesting clay pendant on a beach (hotei?)

    Found this one in Japan near Enoshima island. Someone know something about it? It's looks pretty interesting.
  13. jameen

    Is Japan or China better in war with foreign powers?

    If you'll read the history of both Japan and China when it fought with other countries, the question is: Which of the 2 showed more brilliant strategies when defeating a foreign power? either in aerial, naval or land warfare.
  14. V

    Rape of Hakka women, Taiwanese massacres by Japanese. Why Lee Tung Hui support Japan?

    How come Taiwan and it's politicians, leaders still supports Japan so much like former president of Republic of Taiwan Lee Tung Hui says Taiwan belongs to Japan? From what I've read they also suffered a lot under the Japanese rule too ( large number of Taiwanese women, Large number of Hakka...
  15. Haakbus

    Mongol invasions of Japan numbers

    I'm trying to find the details of the forces in during the Mongol invasions of Japan. The numbers in the Yuanshi are generally accepted to be exaggerated. According to some scholars I've seen, the first invasion was around 10,000 men on 700-800 ships in all instead of 16,600-26,000 men on 900...
  16. artistauthor

    What might have happened had Japan won the Battle of Midway?

    Thinking of the 1976 film "The Battle of Midway" I have wondered what might have happened had Japan rather the US been victorious during their June 1942 engagement. With the benefit of hindsight it was such a close run thing as the Duke of Wellington put it apropos of Waterloo- what might have...
  17. R

    Can Japan invade the US had they change their Asian strategy

    The POD of this topic will be the marco polo bridge incident. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marco_Polo_Bridge_Incident please also read up on the following person. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wang_Jingwei (lets abbreviate to JWW) he will be my main character for this topic. by the time of...
  18. H

    Academic Guidance American History vs. Military History

    I am still a ways off from needing to decide this, but I'd like to get your guy's opinions. American History: I am a proud American and love the history of my country very much, from the early signs of trouble between the Colonies and British Empire all the way up to the modern day. But there...
  19. O

    Japan declares war first

    Suppose on about Dec. 5, 1941, Japan issues an ultimatum, due to expire 8 AM Dec. 7, Hawaii time that the USA must resume selling supplies for the war with China, and get off of Japan's case in general, or a state of war will ensue? I'm sure that Japan would still lose, but might the lack of...
  20. R

    When Japan invades China in 1937, Hitler breaks off relations

    OTL Germany had helped China for years to build a Mauser factory, a RR network, train elite troops, etc, The massive Chinese army could be invaluable against the USSR with a small LW force (slightly larger than the Condor Legion). Chiang was undertaking a major campaign against the weak...