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    Articles on Samurai, Medieval Japan and the Edo Period of Japanese History

    Check out these articles: <mod edit: Links removed> Any help spreading the word about my site is much appreciated. Cheers, Jeff
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    Imjin War

    Hi historians! This is a thread about the Imjin War. Anyone who can shed some light on how the koreans fought off the Japanese army, please contribute to this thread. @momodora123 @Haakbus
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    16th Century Japan

    Hi. I'm writing a term paper for my world history class about 16th century Japan (Sengoku period and Muromachi period). The paper is supposed to be an argument, three to four pages long. I've already done a fair amount of general research, but now I need to focus in on one topic and write a...
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    Japanese History Buffs?

    Hey! Is anyone here really interested in Japanese History? I love it and I'd like to find people with whom I can discuss various topics! I'm interested in pretty much everything except the pacific war (it's been crammed down my throat in so many different history classes... ugh). Right now I'm...