1. jameen

    Who treats women better? The Japanese or Mainlander Chinese

    Throughout history since ancient times, which of the two was proven that it treated women better in terms of: 1) Treating their wives 2) Treating their girlfriends 3) Treating female workers 4) Treating old women 5) Treating female prisoner of wars It is the Japanese or the Chinese...
  2. R

    How did the Japanese legally treat the children of Japanese soldiers and native women

    How did the Japanese government legally treat the children of Japanese soldiers who married native women who were taken back to Japan after and during the war? Were they given the same legal status as full Japanese? Or not given citizenship like the Koreans?
  3. RidiculousName

    Japanese Stirrup Design

    All of the other stirrups I've seen use something like a triangle for the rider to put his foot through. The Samurai Stirrup seems to be shaped sort of like a short ski-board without straps. Why was this design used? What benefits did it bring for samurai?
  4. jameen

    History of Chinese and Japanese mannerism

    What is the history behind why Japanese people are polite, hospitable, tidy and courteous whereas the Chinese in the Mainland are the opposite of Japanese mannerism to the point that the Chinese brought these traits while sojourning abroad and put their country into a bad light because of this...
  5. T

    The British planning for the Japanese invasion of Malaya

    Let's discuss and criticize about the British strategic plan for the defense of Malaya-Singapore before the Japanese invasion began on 8th December 1941. What is the most ideal strategic plan for the British army in your viewpoint ? Do you think Arthur Percival make a proper move for his...
  6. N

    Shogi popularity in Japanese occupied korea

    I don't think shogi is popular in Korea in modern times. Also, they have janggi. But did shogi gain popularity in Korea during Japanese rule?
  7. D

    The "Kompetei" the japanese Gestapo

    Hello everybody.What do we know about the "Kompetei",the japanese Gestapo,which carried the emblem of the black dragoon on the green brassard ?
  8. N

    Imperial Japanese ski troops in WWII

    I just found out Japan had ski troops trained in case of a war against the Soviet Union in the1940's. Does anyone know more about this? On the Axis Forum there was a quick reference to Norwegians training them in skiing. I've never heard about this before. Any information about this is most welcome.
  9. Linschoten

    Japanese Behaviour in 1943

    THis is a sort of 'know your enemy film' made by the OSS (predecessor of the CIA) in 1943; it struck me as being surprisingly objective and sympathetic. i84WqCil0XA
  10. V

    Rape of Hakka women, Taiwanese massacres by Japanese. Why Lee Tung Hui support Japan?

    How come Taiwan and it's politicians, leaders still supports Japan so much like former president of Republic of Taiwan Lee Tung Hui says Taiwan belongs to Japan? From what I've read they also suffered a lot under the Japanese rule too ( large number of Taiwanese women, Large number of Hakka...
  11. Y

    Japanese Battle of Nagashino

    Good day everyone! I just uploaded a video dealing with the 1575 Battle of Nagashino where gunpowder played a critical role (link at bottom) in changing the until then feudal style of warfare in Japan. Was wondering if anyone would be interested in viewing and providing me with some...
  12. R

    Is the JSDF soft in comparison to the Imperial Japanese military

    Despite have modern weapons, is the JSDF softer and less mentally tough than the Imperial Japanese military that was willing to die rather than surrender? Is the present JSDF inferior in terms of martial spirit and elan compared to the old Japanese military in Peleleui, Iwo Jima, and Tarawa, if...
  13. R

    Japanese vs German soldier and Army

    Which of these was the better soldier, who was more dangerous as in cunning like a fox? Also how did the Wehrmacht of 1940 compare to the IJA of 1941 to 1942? If the Germans were defending Malaya and Singapore led by say, Rommel, Kesselring, or von Manstein, would they do better than Percival...
  14. R

    Japanese light AA weaponery

    Is there a reason why the Japanese never developed a heavier caliber light AA weaponery than its 25mm AA in WW2? Why did they not try to reverse engineer the German 37mm flak in order to try to develop a more effective AA weapon?
  15. N

    Late 19th century Joseon diplomats able to speak Japanese?

    The Hermit Kingdom was closed until Meiji gunboat diplomacy. Article 3 of the 1876 Japan-Joseon Amity Stipulation states that all correspondence from Japan will be in Japanese, with an attached Chinese translation. All Joseon correspondence will be in Chinese. What type of diplomats did the...
  16. R

    What was the maximum that the Japanese were prepared to give before Pearl Harbour?

    What were the maximum in terms of concessions that the Japanese were prepared to give? Were they willing to go back to the front line before the Marco Polo bridge incident? Or were they only willing to accept some sort of a cease fire in China and maybe some sort of power sharing deal with the KMT?
  17. W

    Could the Imperial Japanese Navy do an Operation Sea Lion and land troops on England?

    There is a cliche that Imperial Japan hands down was superior to the Kriegsmarine in technological, manpower (including number of ships) and war tactics and doctrine with the only thing the Germans being superior in was their U Boat (and even than Japanese subs were not too drastically inferior...
  18. N

    Japanese Multiple sub-Nyquist sampling encoding adoption rate

    If my question is more appropriate for another part of historum then please let me know BUT MUSE went out of use I think in 2000s making this history. Just more recent Japanese history. A freidn wants to know what % of the Japanese population owned tuner/TV capable of receiving MUSE Hi-Vision...
  19. Maoistic

    Why didn't pre-Edo Japanese ships land in Alaska or Canada?

    Debating about the causes of Western modernity and colonialism brought me to this question. Why didn't Japanese ships prior to the Edo period land in Alaska or Canada when they are very close to each other, closer even than Spain and the Caribbean where Columbus first landed? One can also ask...
  20. K

    Japanese interprets American Rev

    During the Edo Period the Japanese produced a little pictures displaying their interpretation of the American revolution. if image fails link here - http://livedoor.4.blogimg.jp/nwknews/imgs/f/d/fdc7a2d9.jpg It shows: George Washington defeating the British soldier below (Cornwallis or...