1. tomar

    US recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital

    Well someone had to open this thread Middle East media reacts to 'slap of the century' - BBC News Israelis are happy.. Palestinians and in general arabs and more broadly muslims are not Other countries have either criticized the move or remained silent. Apparently , other than Israel, no one...
  2. AlpinLuke

    Tancredi ... the Norman and Jerusalem.

    There are real historical disputes about who was the first knight to enter Jerusalem in 1099 CE, but Tancredi has got only a competitor: Gastone IV from Béarn. But ... who was this champion of Christianity? He was son of Oddone [marquise of the Monferrato, a land not far from here] and of Emma...
  3. FrostWyrm96

    Silk Roads and Jerusalem: The Biography

    I just recently bought them because I find them both interesting at my local bookstore and according to the reviews they were great. But I want to know if they were great as the reviews gave from you guys if you have read the two works. 1. The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan 2. Jerusalem: The...
  4. P

    Jerusalem smoke item enquiry

    Hi all, random question of the day: In the following two screenshots of Assassin's Creed, there is a smoke lamp, or something in the bottom right corner: Does anyone know what this is called? I was wanting one, or a modern...
  5. holoow

    Terror attack in Jerusalem

    Ynetnews News - Four IDF soldiers murdered in terror attack in Jerusalem's East Talpiot
  6. Y

    Crusader era graffiti - Jerusalem

  7. S

    On this day July 14: Final siege of Jerusalem commences:

    From July 13-15 the northern French contingent launch their final assault, breaking into the city in the direction of the Temple Mount. A Second assault by Provencal troops comes from the other side of the city led by Count Raymond of Toulouse. While the northern assault had the advantage of...
  8. Q


    Why was Jerusalem a flash point for confrontation between Christianity, Judaism, Roman animism, and Islam? Discuss the differences between Christianity, Judaism, Roman animism, and Islam. At least three of the following must be mentioned: the Jewish Temple, Emperor Titus, Jesus of Nazareth, the...
  9. JoanOfArc007

    The Byzantine Emperor was responsible for the fall of Jerusalem in 1187

  10. JoanOfArc007

    Jerusalem during the 3rd Crusade....what could have been?

    The 3rd Crusade saw numerous victories for the Crusaders and a sort of return of Christian pride in the middle east...yet poor weather and arguments among the Christian Lords have been cited as reasoning of why Richard I was unable to take Jerusalem during the 3rd crusade. While a Gentlemen's...
  11. Futurist

    Netanyahu Mulls Revoking Residency of Palestinians Beyond East Jerusalem Barrier

    Here you go: Netanyahu Mulls Revoking Residency of Palestinians Beyond E. Jerusalem Separation Barrier - Israel News - Israel News - Haaretz Israeli News Source
  12. Futurist

    Should Jerusalem be divided (approximately) based on ethnic lines?

    As for me, I voted Yes since I don't think that it is in Israel's interests to continue ruling over 200,000+ poor Arabs who don't even have Israeli citizenship. Anyway, any thoughts on this? For reference:
  13. A

    Amenhotep III's holy city and Jerusalem

    Is this account of the connection between Amenhotep III and Jerusalem plausible or full of holes? I believe the Hebrews are descended from the people who fled the holy city. This explanation of the connection is complex but interesting, and also makes sense. Like if the people of Amenhotep...
  14. Futurist

    A map showing the expansion of Jerusalem over time

    Here you go: The interesting part of this map is the the overwhelming majority of East Jerusalem wasn't even part of Jerusalem before 1967! Thus, interestingly enough, in a final Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty, the Jerusalem that Israel is going to keep is almost certainly going to be...
  15. V

    Did Jerusalem belong to Russia before the year 1250

    There is an interesting Russian history school text book. Recent edition. The book claims that before the 1250 BC the Holy Land belonged to Russian people (before it was populated by Jews and Arabs?). ?????? ????? ?? ?????? ???????????? ?????? | ??????? ?????? and It says that Russian...
  16. Z

    Abraham Lincoln goes to Jerusalem, how long get there?

    In the film Lincoln, towards the end of the film, Abe was talking about visiting "The Holy Land". Let's say Lincoln gets his chance to do just that, in 1866-1867, (not to throw this thread to the Alternate History forums) Lincoln sets off for what is now is Israel. How long would it take him to...
  17. F

    Jerusalem vs Constantinople. Bigger loss for Christendome?

    These two cities were permanently lost for christianity when foreign invaders captured/conquered them. Which city do you think was the biggest loss?
  18. Ashur

    Siege of Jerusalem 700 B.C

    As to Hezekiah, the Jew, he did not submit to my yoke, I laid siege to his strong cities, walled forts, and countless small villages, and conquered them by means of well-stamped earth-ramps and battering-rams brought near the walls with an attack by foot soldiers, using mines, breeches as well...
  19. K

    A Question About the Second Temple of Jerusalem

    There's a curious passage in the Book of Ezra concerning the restoration of the Second Temple of Jerusalem: So the elders of the Jews continued to build and prosper under the preaching of Haggai the prophet and Zechariah, a descendant of Iddo. They finished building the temple according to the...
  20. Futurist

    Do the Arabs of East Jerusalem Prefer Israeli or Palestinian Rule?

    I hope that this thread is okay to post here; after all, this topic also applies to pre-1991 events; plus, I think that I previously saw a thread about a gay marriage occurring in Russia in the General History section which wasn't locked despite the fact that it is obviously talking about a...