1. JapaneseSamurai

    Historical evidence of Jesus

    The life of Jesus is interesting, and has a few unanswered questions which have been debated for centuries. A poll has revealed that 40% of people in Britain do not believe that Jesus of Nazareth existed. People who think Jesus didn’t exist are seriously confused | Catholic Herald What do...
  2. A

    Is Jesus Christ a Roman citizen?

    I know I'll get criticize for this and taking heat. But since Jesus was born and raised in the Roman Empire. Politically speaking. Should he be considered....Roman? Look I'm not being blasphemous or heretical. Just a curious question. Also I don't know if there's another thread like this.
  3. LatinoEuropa

    Jesus born in africa and black era

    By Douglas Belchior The text I reply here was shared in 2012, by the friend Jonathan Marcelino, and is authored by Hernani Francisco da Silva, originally published by Afrokut. When I read, I immediately remembered a passage from the movie "Ali," about the life of Mohammad Ali, in discussion...
  4. C

    Was Jesus Christ a historical person?

    There seems to be many atheists out there who allege that Jesus never existed, but the mainstream view (at least according to wikipedia) was that he did indeed exist, and that the real debate was whether or not he was the Son of God. Tacitus, Josephus, etc, are non-biblical sources who prove...
  5. O

    The story of Jesus's resurrection

    I'm not asking whether or not Jesus was resurrected, or even existed. What I am asking what is the earliest written record we have of a story that Jesus was resurrected? The Oxford English Dictionary doesn't usually tell when a word was coined, only the first time we know of it was in print...
  6. O

    What if Jesus never ascended?

    This presupposes that Jesus did exist, was crucified and resurrected, and that what I am proposing is possible. It's my hypothetical:) What if Jesus never ascended, never aged, got sick, injured, or died, despite the best efforts of His enemies? Instead, He continued his active ministry all...
  7. J

    Jesus' brothers and sisters

    I'm listening to an audiobook history of Christianity. The author says there are clear references in biblical text to Jesus' brothers and sisters. Can anyone provide citations to these references? Thanks.
  8. R

    Jesus Army

    As a Christian, and as a Historian, I've always wondered what if Jesus had been the Messiah in the way the people wanted him to be, a military leader! What do you all think would possibly happen if Jesus had been more like the Old Testament leaders from the bible like Joshua and Gideon. Would...
  9. aldo12

    Jesus Christ as Ethiopian propaganda ?

    Was Jesus an invention of Ethiopian Christian Church that is 1900 years old ?
  10. R

    Jesus Christ as Roman Propaganda?

    Roman rule was challenged many times in Judea by Jewish uprisings. We also know there were many messiah figures that all promised to free the Jews from their oppressors. These figures were mostly quite belligerent and advocated full armed insurrection against the Romans. Christ, however, is...
  11. mnsr

    Is story of Jesus closer to the Dionysus or Horus

    Is story of Jesus closer to the Dionysus or Horus
  12. Kapyong

    Recent studies show Josephus' T.F. on Jesus is not authentic

    Gday all :) The Testamonium Flavianum (T.F.) about Jesus found in Josephus has long been argued back and forth. Dr Richard Carrier has an article here about the significance of recent studies :"No one can ever cite any expert opinion on whether Josephus mentioned Jesus, if that opinion was...
  13. F

    If the Rich Had Done What Jesus Said?

    Jesus said "Sell all that you have, give the money to the poor, and follow me". My broad-brush view of history is that it is as story of the vast majority being too poor, with a very small number having too much. If the rich had given their wealth to the poor, the poor would then have been...
  14. gustavolapizza

    question to christians: if accepting Jesus saves you

    what do you think it happens to christian people of denominations different from yours? they for sure accepted Jesus too.
  15. Kapyong

    List of Early Writers Who Could Have Mentioned Jesus

    Gday all, I have been looking into the evidence of the early writers around the time of Jesus who could have mentioned him, but did not. Here is my essay on the subject. (Sorry about the colours - I wrote this in a light-coloured editor and forgot it was dark background here. Because on this...
  16. Radrook

    Hitler accepted the Jew Jesus?

    I don't see Hitler ranting against Jesus for Jesus having been a Jew. Wasn't he being inconsistent in policy by permitting the Germans to celebrate a Jew's birth via Christmas?
  17. Kapyong

    Are Christian Scholars Objective About Jesus Christ ?

    Gday all :) The subject of bias in arguments about Jesus Christ has come up lately. It's been argued that non-Christian sceptics who criticise Christian beliefs about Jesus Christ are just as biased AGAINST those beliefs, as Christian believers are biased FOR them. I've even heard the claim...
  18. Kapyong

    The Lord's Prayer = NO Oral Tradition

    Greetings all :) The "Lord's Prayer" was allegedly taught directly from Jesus' mouth to the ears of his followers. The very epitome of a critical piece of oral tradition - what could be more important than the very words of Jesus Christ himself ?! Surely the oral tradition would have...
  19. H

    Giotto - Crucifixion of Jesus

    The Crucifixion of Jesus is a great example of Giotto’s unique interpretation to the events he portrays. The people around the picture are all focused in their own interests. You’d expect to witness a great bemoaning. Beloved Jesus is portrayed crucified, surrounded by his supporters and...
  20. Kapyong

    Does Paul refer to an earthly historical Jesus ?

    Gday Bart Dale and all :) Historical means names, dates, places, events etc. Paul gives nothing like that - nothing to indicate Jesus was ever on earth. It appears you are so convinced that Paul described Jesus as earthly, that you see any ambiguous reference as clear evidence of earthly...