1. Menorahs and the Ark of the Covenant

    Menorahs and the Ark of the Covenant

    Menorahs and the Ark of the Covenant, Jewish Catacomb, Rome, 3rd Century This Ancient wall painting was found in the catacombs underneath the city of Rome. This was because Judaism in Rome was practiced in secret. In the painting we see two Menorahs flanking the Ark of the Covenant. This Ark of...
  2. Kirialax

    Mapping Jewish Communities in the Byzantine Empire

    We do not tend to talk a lot about Byzantine Jews, in part because the evidence is scanty and hard to interpret. Fortunately, we can now visualize some of their networks through the Mapping the Jewish Communities in the Byzantine Empire project.
  3. Futurist

    Was the idea of settling Jewish refugees in Algeria before WWII ever considered?

    Was the idea of settling European Jewish refugees in Algeria before the start of World War II ever seriously considered? Basically, I know that there was a serious problem in regards to Jewish refugees before the start of World War II due to the fact that Nazi Germany wanted its Jews out while...
  4. LatinoEuropa

    Which countries saved Jewish people?

    What were the countries of Europe that saved the Jewish heritage from the Nazi extremism, I know that my country helped save Jews. I found this beautiful story » Meet the nurse who abducted and saved 2,500 Jewish children from the hands of the Nazis. Irena served in the Polish resistance...
  5. A

    Jewish origin of Some Pashtun Tribes.

    Hi folks, There are some Pashtun trubes as well with Jewish Origin. i hope thisdocumentary created by Jewish Israeli wil allow you too look at Afghanistan with different light. s25JLGE9vvI
  6. T

    Ethiopia as Jewish State

    Let assume that Axum didn't accept Christianity as state religion and remain pagan. In V century, rulers of Himjarite Kingdom in present-day Jemen and Saudi Arabia converted to Judaism. Axum kept close trade and cultural connection with that area, from the very beginnings of its history. After...
  7. M

    Interested in Galicia and Jewish Heritage

    Hello! I am joining the forum with a view to researching what was once Galicia. At the moment I am looking for evidence of a family called Czolek, pronounced Cholek who lived in Lvov. I wonder has anyone heard of this name. Margaret
  8. Magas of Cyrene

    Jewish shield patterns - III-I century BC

    What sort of iconography would the Jews in the Ptolemaic/Seleucid employ use? From what I've read about them, they were loyal subjects and valued as soldiers and even though they were heavily hellenized, they still mainted a strong connection to their religion. They've also had their own...
  9. Menshevik

    Jewish literacy rates throughout the ages

    Did Jewish communities have a higher degree of literacy than their neighbors? I'm not referring to any specific time period. For example, if the majority of people in the ancient world were illiterate, is there any reason to think the Jews of the time were less so(more literate)?
  10. Lawnmowerman

    Could Disraeli still become British PM if he retained his Jewish faith???

    Not an area I know a lot about, but could Disraeli become British PM whilst still retaining his Jewish faith. His father renounced his faith and bought his children up Anglican after a fight with his Rabbi. Are there any restrictions on what faith the British PM can be?? I believe there...
  11. G

    Was there any Jewish group which was not victimised or persecuted throughout history

    Lets exclude the first exodus during the Roman times which necessitated large scale migration but anything else besides that(both before or after is fine but not the Roman persecution)?
  12. D

    Believe Old Testament But Not Jewish?

    Must one be Jewish to believe the Old Testament?
  13. mansamusa

    Were Yemeni Arabs mostly Jewish and Christian before the Islamic Era?

    I ask the question based on the Axumite invasion of Yemen in the 6th century. The invasion was done on behalf of the Christian community being persecuted by a Yemeni ruling elite who had recently converted to Judaism. So who were the Christians being persecuted by this Yemeni elite? Were they...
  14. G

    What if Yemen remained a Jewish nation till today

    How would global and middle eastern politics change due to this? I believe the Jews of Europe and other parts who faced anti-semitism from Hitler might well have gotten back to Yemen peacefully under threat and no holacaust would happen. Yemen especially Aden would be rich Jewish trading port...
  15. S

    Muslim Holocaust and Jewish Holocaust

    The Jews were the scapegoat and were blamed for the all the problems that Germany was having before and during WWII. Anti-Jewish sentiment did not only exist in Nazi Germany and it existed throughout European History. Due to this, the Jews suffered the holocaust which was an unforgivable act and...
  16. VHS

    Development of the so-called Jewish elite in the USA? Yes or No or Mixed?

    Some people like to cite the presence of American Jews in areas of influence, such as mass media, education, technological developments, science, academics and education, politics, and more. Many would cite the disproportional percentage of American Jews in these areas. I would like to ask if...
  17. JoanOfArc007

    Jewish Kingdom of Yemen

    We have at times heard that Jewish folks were discriminated against during the middle ages. While this is true, just as other groups faced discrimination during the middle ages...its important to keep in mind that Jews were very much a strong people during the middle ages. One Jewish Kingdom...
  18. G

    What if Yemen remained an Arabic speaking Jewish nation

    How would history have changed? I think it would have maintained its ancient prosperity. Also the large number of soldiers, men of civilization,farmers etc. that the settled Arab populace of Yemen supplied would not have been available to Northern Arabian Bedouins who established the Islamic...
  19. B

    Did the Jewish race really exist?

    We know what history tells us about the Jewish race, but have you ever wondered what does genetics tells us about the Jewish race? Brother Ngozi one of the members of the Team Osiris chapter of the Amen Ra Squad debates against a group of African Americans called the "Hebrew Israelites". In this...
  20. 1991sudarshan

    Jewish Lobby in the Roman empire

    While I was searching the internet, I came across this Quote from the website "TIL that there was a Jewish Lobby in 1st century BC Rome, they exported Gold from the Roman provinces to...