1. Commodus

    Possible publication of JFK documents

    (I hope this is the right forum to post this in, as it is a current event, but one which concerns events which occurred in the 1960's.) But apparently President Trump will not block the publication of numerous documents concerning the assassination of President Kennedy. Here is an article...
  2. frenchkote

    JFK Assassination

    First, I'm not sure if this belongs under this thread or under the American History thread. If not, pls let me know. My question is: what are the best books on JFK' s assassination pertaining to details of that day and the various conspiracy theories?
  3. Z

    JFK wasn't killed in 1963, lived his natural life.

    Maybe there is another thread of this topic, if not, here are my questions... 1. JFK never went to Dallas and served out his term until January 20, 1965. No matter the outcome of the 1964 race, how long do you think he might have lived? My feeling is that he had a lot of health problems for a...
  4. O

    JFK overrated?

    Saw social media post where Trump being predicted to be "another JFK" like that is a good thing. JFK was inspirational in some speeches but not sure about his actual policy and leadership. What do you think about JFK? What do you think about the post below? Read this in an old Washington...
  5. T

    The most politically significant event in modern US history

    I was thinking about events that have brought us where we are today in politics, and one event came to mind, the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Heres what I think it indirectly caused. The election of Richard Nixon due to the chaos caused by Bobby's assassination at the convention, and the...
  6. notgivenaway

    why is JFK deemed a great president?

    Bar the Bay of Pigs incident, why is he great? is it just the way he died? or he served in WWII? Well Bush Sr did, is he great by that reckoning alone?
  7. Menshevik

    Who killed JFK?

    I'm aware that many people are convinced of Oswald being the lone and sole gunman and killer of JFK. That's fine. I'm aware that the official verdict is that Oswald acted completely alone and independently. It isn't necessarily my intention to argue otherwise. I'm just interested in hearing...
  8. World History Fan

    Where were you when JFK Was Assassinated?

    Where were you when JFK Was Assassinated? How did you find out? I was not born yet. My Mother was not even a Year old yet (She was 7 months old) but My Grandmother said she was at home cleaning and the TV was on when a News Bulletin came on announcing that JFK had been shot in Dallas. My...
  9. purpleguy89

    Which Factors Could've Influenced JFK's Win in the 1960 Election?

    Salutations: There is much to be discussed on JFK's legacy. He had a short presidency, lasting from January of 1961 to November of 1963. His assasination, in particular, is widely discussed, perhaps more so than his actual policies as President. But this thread isn't about Kennedy's...
  10. Z

    JFK was never shot in Dallas and lived until he died.......

    .....how long would he have lived? Broad question, but I have read that he had a lot of medical problems because of the war and other stuff, and he probably would not have lived to be 70. But he would have been 70 in 1987. Being an Ex President, he would of had the best medical care, but still...
  11. G

    JFK's Last Hundred Days

    I'm part way through and enjoying this. Although I know there won't be a happy ending. I think I read an unenthusiastic review of it in a British paper but it seems good to me.
  12. C

    JFK Assassination Movie. By Oliver Stone, conspiracy theories & the media

    This video: The Making of JFK, the Movie: Oliver Stone on the Film and Assassination Conspiracy Theories (1992) - YouTube is the National Press Club just having a great time with Oliver Stone and his movie JFK, that is presented like a documentary. Despite it being fictional and having a...
  13. G

    JFK, your thoughts?

    So I have two questions for all of you. One, are any of you old enough to have lived during the JFK administration, and if so what did you think about him? Two, what do the rest of you think about him. I ask this question for two reasons, I don't know much about JFK and also I'd like to know if...
  14. Y

    JFK assassination cover-up and disinformation

    I was reading the other thread about who killed JFK and since this is an issue I read very little about before, so I started doing some research. I was bit confused by so much information and conspiracy theories and so many suspects suspected of being at the place. One thing however seems to...
  15. Francois le Francais

    Who killed JFK ?

    1-Oswald alone 2-Oswald+one or more shooters 3-Mafia+FBI+CIA+LBJ+TexanTycoons+KKK(far-right movements pro-segregationists) ; Oswald was the scapegoat I personally vote the 3. :D Hoover, Giancana, Trafficante, LBJ, Dulles were united to liquidate the Kennedys. When the bro Bob will be candidate...
  16. G

    JFK - UK coverage

    I'm surprised that there's going to be so little coverage of the anniversary on television. As far as I can see there's going to be a re-enactment of the events in Dallas on Radio 2 and a drama documentary on Channel 4. Rightly or wrongly I was expecting some more serious stuff regarding JFK's...
  17. C

    50th Anniversary of JFK's Assassination--It's Lasting Effect On Our Country,The World

    I wanted to share this YouTube musical/visual presentation reflecting on the lasting effects of JFK's assassination almost 50 years ago. I co-wrote the song "Childhood's End" and assisted in the video production. JFK KENNEDY 50th ANNIVERSARY OF ASSASSINIATION MEMORIAL TRIBUTE (Full Version) -...
  18. M

    My book, "Preserving Their Legacy" debunks the myths about the JFK assassination.

    My book, "Preserving Their Legacy" debunks the myths about the JFK assassination. I am a researcher who has written a book called "Preserving Their legacy". It deals with controversial subject matter and I prefer to introduce the topic by directing people to the historical evidence I have used...
  19. N

    JFK survives Dallas

    If j.f.k had lived , would his 2nd term of been a succes. I am curious if the democrats would of wo the election in 1968 and the line of presidential sucesion would of been vastly difrent place,with the landscape of the world vastly diffrent from our own.
  20. L

    Xerxes theory, and JFK assassination.

    I have two theories- 1: can someone write a 5-page book about what would happen if Xerxes took the revolt suppression at Egypt too seriously, destroyed egypt, demoralized the ancient egyptians, and ransacked the Pyramid, which in the theory would happen be a giant filter, and dehumidifier? 2...