1. D

    the job of Jack the ripper (England)

    Hello.On french TV a specialist of criminal science has said that Jack the ripper could be a teacher of medecine specialized in chirurgy.Is it serious ?
  2. JM1906

    Career Guidance Tourism related job (tourist guide)

    Hello guys! I maybe on the route to get a part time job as a tourist guide. I kind of hate this type of tourism, but If one can teach local history, plus winning some crowns, maybe worth it. Any people with this kind of experience?
  3. F

    What's Worse-Being Unemployed or Working in a False Science Job

    The true unemployment rate is about 50%. If you don't have a job, you are considered a loser. Yet, if your a murdering. lying Politician you're called a "pillar of the community". Is it worse to be unemployed and be a loser,? or to have a job that pays hundreds of thousands a year, but is...
  4. AlpinLuke

    Mount Rushmore: Italian job.

    I don't know if in US they know Luigi Del Bianco, but if the Presidents on Mount Rushmore are so great it's also thanks to the work of the chief carver who leaded some pivotal phases of the works. That chief carver was an Italian migrant [Gallery / Luigi On Mt. Rushmore | Luigi Del Bianco]. An...
  5. S

    The dangerous job of being Byzantine emperor

    From having his nose cut off, blinded, tongue sliced off or being castrated if he ever fell out of favor, its a wonder why anyone wanted the job: Poltical castration and mutilations in the Byzantine Empire: Justinian II had his nose cut off after being overthrown. The emperor who deposed...
  6. S

    Female police officer joins Army Infantry, claims it will be “similar” to her job

    Due to the possible controversial nature of the subject, if this topic doesn't belong here then by all means move it to the appropriate place. However since this is concerning the military and its historic significance I thought I would post it here. Is this woman Naive perhaps? She has no...
  7. D

    Career Guidance Want a history job? Try this industry...

    If you can get a content-based job in the travel industry -- whether as a writer, proofreader, graphic designer, or whatever -- it may open up opportunities for you to delve into history. How do I know? Because I've done it firsthand. In my last two jobs -- both for hotel start-ups -- I was...
  8. dreamregent

    Should religious objections excuse employees from customary/prescribed job f(x)'s?

    Should religious objections excuse employees from customary or prescribed job functions? Muslim flight attendant suspended As far as I'm aware, it is at least customary for flight attendants to serve alcohol. I don't know if the employee manual states specifically that "alcohol" is served by...
  9. Earl_of_Rochester

    Career Guidance Job advertisement?

    Can jobs be advertised on Historum or would that break the commercial conduct thingy? I know we can't advertise websites, but do jobs come under the same rule? I ask because I've recently seen a US National job advertised. "A major US Production Company is in the early stages of developing a...
  10. W

    Career Guidance Can I have a job in academia with online degree?

    Hello I was planning in applying for online undergraduate program in history in LSE. I already have a degree in engineering (with low gpa)but my true passion was always in humanities fields. I already know it is difficult to get a job in academia but I know two languages and I am wiiling to go...
  11. RonPrice

    Career Guidance Letter writing: 2 job applications a week for 50 years---job hunting 1957-2007

    THE MESSAGE HERE IS: BE PERSISTENT LETTER WRITING: 2 JOB APPLICATIONS A WEEK FOR 50 YEARS---JOB HUNTING 1957-2007 Part 1: The 3600 word statement which follows describes my transition from employment and the job-hunting process which took place from 1957 to 2007 to retirement and the...
  12. Sephiroth

    Is Chinas Modern Day leadership doing a good job?

    This is basically only from the perspective of the Chinese who live in China. I am conflicted what to think of the CCP leadership. I think the "culture revolution", where they destroyed (or tried, dunno) Chinese Culture, was a bad thing, but Mao Zedong getting somehow Nuclear Power was a good...
  13. Menshevik

    Does the US military do a good job of combatting insurgencies?

    There seems to be two schools of thought around here on how you fight an insurgency. One side says that we need to "win the hearts and minds" of people. That we need the native population to be on our side. And that the best way to achieve that, is to treat them kindly, earn their admiration...
  14. bartieboy

    The conscription proof job.

    Dear historumites, when watching a movie or reading a book we occasionally hear of people who are exempt from conscription on account of their jobs, family roll or various other reasons. But which are these? It is my understanding that farmers are unlikely to be drafted because of the necessary...
  15. Jake10

    Job Security and How it Affects People

    If you're working, looking for a job, or still in school, you must think about job security. How secure is your job, or how secure do you believe it will be? How does this affect people?
  16. bunnyman987

    A job in history.

    If you could have any job before 1600 what would it be. You may not choise a powerful job ( Be responsible ). I would be a Carthaginian ship builder in the year 425BC. Or maybe a Merchant same time and place. Can't wait to see your responses.
  17. D

    Career Guidance The College Graduate and a Job

    I just recently graduated with a major in history. Now I need to find a job and I will take whatever I can get. What is everyone's success at finding a job and having a bachelor's degree in history?
  18. Gaius Octavius

    Was Jesus a persuasive nut job?

    I think to myself, unfortunately significant portions of any given population suffer from mild to sever mental illness. Megalomaniacal delusions of omnipotence are not uncommon to patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, sever narcissistic personality disorder. In the early first century in many...
  19. Zeno

    Should Van Gogh get a real job?

    Van Gogh famously lived off his brother's allowance. During his life he hardly sold anything, didn't contribute to the economy. In our modern time he'd be on welfare. He was an able man, but chose not to work and dedicate his life to art that wouldn't sell. He was a leach and a failure. On the...
  20. Jake10

    Would you pay to do a job you like?

    Let's just say money is not a factor. You're not filthy rich, but you have enough money to retire. There is a job you want but nobody will give it to you. Someone tells you you can have this job if you pay them a small amount. Would you pay to work there?