1. Naima

    If Italy joined WII a yer later

    What would have changed?
  2. PoochieMoo

    What is Switzerland Joined the Allies in WW2?

    The title is quite self explanatory. What if Switzerland joined the Allies in WW2? Would it really have made a huge difference? What about if they secretly invaded Germany's southern border without announcing their involvement in the war? Would that have even been possible, or would they have...
  3. Visigoth Panzer

    If Turkey Joined the Axis 1941

    If the unlikely happened and Turkey allied with Germany in 1941 would it have made a difference in the war? This would open a new front against Russia in the Caucasus and the middle east. Their military contribution would have been minor and would require significant aid from the Germans to be...
  4. Ajax_Minoan

    When I joined the Climate Change crowd.

    I have no problems with at times being skeptical of science. Where I work at a University, we have won awards from our state for our protection of water quality; but we are also told pouring a Pepsi, or even bottled water on the ground can have a negative effect on the water table. I am...
  5. Y

    Why did the Ottoman Empire joined Central powers in WWI?

    Why did the Ottoman Empire joined Central powers in WWI?
  6. Romanianboy2013

    In the Soviet-Afghan war why the soviet muslims never joined the afghans?

    From what I read about the war , there were a few soviet defectors to the rebels but they were mostly muslims from Caucasus and even ethnic russians. But what astonished me is that no central asian soviets joined the afghans although they were from soviet republics that were bordering Afghanistan.
  7. E

    What role would the French had if they joined the Iraq invasion?

    Let's say if Jacques Chirac wanted the war or even was killed in the 2002 Bastille day assassination attempt and a pro-Iraq war president took office, what would change or be an effect if the French armed forces joined in on the 2003 Iraq invasion?
  8. BowStreetSociety

    Recently joined

    Hello everyone! I've recently joined Historum and wanted to say 'hi'. I'm someone who's really interested in History, specifically Victorian London, so when I came across this site I was absolutely over-the-moon! So, a little about me: I'm T.G. Campbell and I've (very) recently published my...
  9. Mr Philosophy of Life

    Just joined

    Hi everyone! I am Mr Philosophy of Life. History has been my main interest ever since childhood. My historical interests include the history of philosophy, history of arts, native American history, steppe/Eurasian history, Balkan history, Middle Eastern/North African history, and Iberian...
  10. G

    what if india joined the cold war on the side ofbthe united states in the 50's

    What if Nehru passed away or lost power right after 1952 and a more right wing man from congress became pm maybe shastri and what if he adopted a more America friendly policy. Took their help in Tibet and got support against Pakistan. Would Indian economy have grown much faster with a capitalist...
  11. G

    Why has China not joined anti ISIS war

    Since Chinese nationals were killed by ISIS in few of its videos. Plus ISIS is angered by China banning Ramazan fasting and banning Hijab in Uighur areas. Now why is China not entering. Russia, UK, US and France all have come in. China is the only Security Council member not involved. Why? Is it...
  12. Changezi

    Which Afghan Ethnic groups joined Mughal Army?

    Which Afghan Ethnic groups joined Mughal Army? Do these Ethnic groups use " Chughtai " as a surname?
  13. G

    If a referendum was held in 1947 in these areas would they have joined India

    Would majority of the people in these areas have agreed to join in India Tamil areas of Sri Lanka Nepal Bhutan Tibet Maldives How would each of these places have voted if there was a referendum (Assume all possible options were available to them namely joining one of the two bigger states or...
  14. Darth Raidius

    Who else could have joined the Axis?

    What other nations could realistically have entered World War II on the side of the Axis powers, for whatever reason, and how decisive would this have been for the outcome of the war? Francoist Spain doesn't count, since they are the obvious first choice in such a scenario. I am curious whether...
  15. S

    If Spain joined in the war with Hitler

    What strategic difference would it have made? Would they like Italy have been somewhat of a liability for Hitler or could they have been in a crucial position to make it impossible for an allied victory? Second what willingness would they Spanish army of Franco have to fight? Would old...
  16. Y

    Why did Italy and Japan joined the Nazi Germany in WWII?

    Why did Italy and Japan joined the Nazi Germany? I did an attempt to find out, I found about so called Tripartite Pact. But I do not see a reason. Tripartite Pact - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  17. Futurist

    Should Ukraine have joined the Eurasian Union?

    My question here is simple--should Ukraine (with or without Yanukovych) have joined the Eurasian Union instead of pursuing its current pro-Western course? Thoughts on this? As for me, I am going to abstain from voting until I will listen to what other people here have to say on this topic.
  18. H

    If Mexico joined the central powers in WW1.

    I dont think it would have changed the course of history significantly, because the US could easily defeat Mexico if they tried invading, but Mexico joining the Central powers would cause US-Mexico relations to be negative.
  19. SSDD

    What if Japan had joined Germany's side in WW1?

    Japan had enough reasons to join Germany's side in WW1. Japan despite a hard battle with Russia did not gain much, then Japan joined Germany's side in WW1 to take revenge on US who prevented Japan from acquiring much territory, thus attacking Philippines. With European powers in struggle in...
  20. C

    Just joined

    Hello! - just wanted to introduce myself to the community as a new member! I've been an avid history reader for more than 40 years, with special interest in 19th century American history and WWII. I live in New Jersey. Looking forward to sharing and learning with/from everyone.