1. Dose

    What historically-considered war atrocities do you think were justified?

    I'm unsure myself but I'm very open to hearing different views on this topic.
  2. Waterloofinalsolution

    Is the amount of hate for Oliver Stone's Alexander (2004) movie justified?

    Oliver Stone consulted with many different historians to try and convey Alexander's history the most authentic way possible. Colin Ferrel underwent months of physical and mental training to prepare for the role. The amount of pre production in itself was long, drawn out, and extremely...
  3. VHS

    Are the bashings of Taizong Emperor of Tang Dynasty justified?

    While Taizong Emperor of the Tang Dynasty was considered one of the greatest emperor in Chinese history, there are quite a few bashings against him lately. For example: He was known for debaucheries in his later years, such as addiction to drugs and wanton relationships. He was only...
  4. The Living Daylights

    1975 Australian Constitutional Crisis

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1975_Australian_constitutional_crisis Who was right in this? Do you think that Kerr was justified in dismissing Whitlam? Do you believe that Whitlam would've inevitably attempted to get the Queen to cancel Kerr's commission as the Governor-General? What other...
  5. WhatAnArtist

    Was the 18 Brumaire coup justified and the right course of action?

    Despite my almost fanboy-level love for Napoléon, I always find myself in a moral dilemma when reading about him or discussing him. Most of that moral dilemma stems from the fact that he essentially overthrew a democratic government and installed himself as the sole ruler of France (I know that...
  6. Menshevik

    When is it justified to destroy historical monuments?

    It seems like we're all quick to condemn ISIS and the Taliban for desecrating ancient monuments and relics of the past, and rightfully so, imo. But what about something like the Tannenburg Memorial? Was the dismantling of that monument wrong? What about when the liberated Iraqis tore down...
  7. J

    Was the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia justified

    Now that we look back at it after all this time.
  8. Lawnmowerman

    Was the Royal Navy justified in opening fire on German sailors at Scapa Flow?

    In 1919, 7 months after the armistice the German Navy imprisoned at Scapa Flow scuttled its ships rather than handing them over to the British. This was in direct violation of the armistice, which stated that the German Fleet was not to be destroyed. When the Germans scuttled their ships...
  9. Lawnmowerman

    Should the Germans have executed Edith Cavil in 1915??

    Edith Cavil was a British nurse, working in Belgium at the outbreak of WWI. After Brussels fell to the Germans she remained in her hospital treating both German and allied wounded. In 1915 she was arrested on charges of spying and helping allied soldiers trapped behind enemy lines escape...
  10. A

    Is Eugenics morally justified and a necessity in this age?

    The title is self explanatory. In my opinion, Eugenics or positive selection is not only moral, but a necessity in era of modern medicine.Most of desirable human trails like intelligence have a high degree of heretability. Won't it be better for governments to encourage people with desirable...
  11. HistoryFreak1912

    Were the European's Treatment of the Various African Nations Justified In Any Way?

    Yes, I'm going twice for this. Do I have any remorse? No, not really. So this thread is to ask if the Europeans ever had any justification for the colonization of the various African nations. Were there Europeans who went against it and tried to appeal for the Africans? Why did they feel the...
  12. HistoryFreak1912

    Was Australia's Treatment of the Aboriginals Justified in Any Way?

    Shamelessly, without any regret whatsoever, ripping off of the 'Was America's treatment of the Native Americans Justified In Any Way' thread for this one. What are your thoughts? What happened to the Aboriginals? How were they treated by the settlers? Were there conflicts between the...
  13. heirtothewind

    Was America's treatment of Native Americans justified in any way?

    I am submitting my notes on the treatment of Native Americans to start a discussion on whether you think our evolving policy in their treatment [encouraging assimilation or relocation to reservations] wads justified. The first of America’s ’’Indian Wars’’ was...
  14. C

    Is the tactical use of napalm in warfare justified?

    Is the tactical use of napalm in warfare justified? Do you think it is permissible to use during combat operations for whatever tactical role it can fulfill? Or is it such a horrible weapon that it should never be used? Let's say if the collateral damage (civilian deaths) would be the same as...
  15. D

    Was the 1940 British attack on the French fleet justified?

    In 1940, after the fall of France, the British fleet at Gibraltar penned the major portion of the French Mediterranean fleet (four battleships, a seaplane tender, 13 destroyers, four submarines, and assorted support ships) in the Algerian harbor of Mers-El-Kebir with mines and blockade...
  16. RoyalHill1987

    Is terrorism justified?

    I was watching a documentary about the Earth Liberation Front, a Green organisation in the USA which used "eco-terrorism" or "environmentally friendly" terror tactics to blow up logging companies, block roads and prevent logging trucks from driving up into the hills to harvest timber. They...
  17. Menshevik

    Were the Crusades justified?

    It seems to me, that the Arabs took Christian lands during their conquest of the Levant. So, couldn't the Crusades be seen as morally defensible? The Europeans were only attempting to regain their holy places and to regain land that had been taken from them. I fail to see how conquest can't be...
  18. NicholasTheGreat

    What are the most morally justified wars in your eyes?

    It could mean involvement in the eyes of a certain side. It could mean that the justification of the war were actually justified. I know your opinion is very bias but I figured it's a Q that will get a lot of people thinking. Enjoy!
  19. robto

    Was the American military intervention in Indochina ever Justified?

    Was American military intervention in Vietnam and the rest of Indochina during the 1960s and 1970s ever justified? Even from a retrospective analysis, what role had the French Indochinese war and the Vietminh movement, in the context of the wider "cold war" between USA and the Soviet Union? In...
  20. Naomasa298

    Was Japan justified in fearing the US?

    Let me begin by saying that this is NOT a "US forced Japan to make war" thread. My view on that has been stated several times, and I do not believe that the US either forced or intrigued Japan into going to war in WW2. But I'm going to play a little bit of devil's advocate here and ask if Japan...