1. Kitchener

    Missing Battles of the Late Bronze Age

    Dear All, I am interested in discovering the military and political history of the Near East during the Late Bronze Age, stretching from the expulsion of the Hyksos from Egypt to the Egyptian defeat of the Sea Peoples during the Bronze Age Collapse. This period covers roughly the 500 years from...
  2. H

    Kadesh a Canaanite or Syrian city

    I am working on the following video and want it to be an accurate one. Was Kadesh a Canaanite city or Syrian city during Ramsesses II reign? The New Kingodm - YouTube
  3. AlpinLuke

    Kadesh: Hittite and Egyptian sources

    This thread is not exactly about the battle at Kadesh, but about how historians have to deal with two sources with evident involvement in the political consequences: internal propaganda and the perpetuation of the conception of the deity of the King [or of his power coming from a divine fount]...
  4. HistoryFreak1912

    The Battle of Kadesh. How did it start? Why?

    After months away, I've finally returned with a history question. This question details the Battle of Kadesh. How and why did this happen? Did Ramses want more land? Was he just pissed at the Hittites? I vaguely remember web article long ago saying that Ramses nearly got his butt kicked in...
  5. Thessalonian

    Battle of Kadesh - 1274 BC

    Battle of Kadesh (Part 1/3) - YouTube Battle of Kadesh (Part 2/3) - YouTube Battle of Kadesh (Part 3/3) - YouTube Which one won? :wacko: Egyptian records claim that the victory was all theirs. Hittite sources suggest that they actually won... You be the judge!
  6. unclefred

    Did Ramesses defeat the Hittites at Kadesh?

    Or are the inscriptions an early example of political spin in the media? :)
  7. L

    To what extent was the battle of kadesh a success for Ramesses II ?

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