1. R

    What if the West decided to prevent the rise of China by keeping it permanently poor?

    What if the West made a collective decision to keep China permanently poor and forestall in perpetuity the rise of a rival in the future by keeping it permanently poor by depriving it of Western capital? Basically ban Western companies from investing in China, which would make Deng's reforms...
  2. I

    Time-accuracy in keeping History

    From what time-period did the (mostly) accurate keeping of dates begin? So from what time can we be sure that if a certain date is given, that it wasn’t extrapolated after the event? For example: if a battle was fought on August 6th . From what time-period would there have been August 6th in the...
  3. Naima

    Why Keeping the Byzantine adjective?

    The Byzantine Empire never exhisted, it was the continuation of the Roman Empire in its eastern half, their inhabitants called themselves Romans. The Byzantine Empire was known to its inhabitants as the "Roman Empire", the "Empire of the Romans" (Latin: Imperium Romanum, Imperium Romanorum...
  4. Jax

    Is Keeping the Fictitious Names of the NT Writers Misleading?

    By far the vast majority of Biblical scholars have come to the agreement that the names assigned to the bulk of the New Testament literature are not who actually wrote them. Except for seven letters that have been attributed to a person named Paulos the rest of the material is either anonymous...
  5. Jake10

    Does keeping a journal lead to self-absorption?

    Writing a journal can be fun, and it can improve our writing skills, but can it become a way for us to unrealistically view ourselves?
  6. Mohammed the Persian

    Difference between 'living in the past' and keeping one's heritage ?

    So often have I heard this before. Some people here are urged to drop the traditional clothing we have here (the thobe) an attempt to modernize. But isn't that sorta disregarding one's heritage ? Or if a Turk (or Greek ;)) wears a fez, is (s)he living in the past or trying to keep his/her...
  7. davu

    FINALLY -- The Mayan Time Keeping

    The Order of Days by David Stuart - Book - eBook - Random House David Stuart: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle@@AMEPARAM@@ The Order of Days: The Maya World and the Truth About 2012...
  8. S

    United Nations - Legitimate peace keeping organization or justification for US foreign policy?

    United Nations - Legitimate peace keeping organization or justification for US foreign policy? I'd say it's both. Just think about it, the US leads it through our allies (UK, France, Germany, Japan, etc.) who are in the security council and we can outvote our enemies (Russia, PRC) in just about...
  9. P

    Document 4-3 Keeping order in a Puritan Community

    I need some helpfull feedback on the three questions I have answered. The book I am using is reading the American past, fourth edition, volume 1: to 1877. I just want to know if I am off the mark in my answers for the three questions I am about to post. Thank you. 1. What kinds of disorders...