1. T

    Kenya to Egypt

    Any help would be grateful, the story that I'm working on was set in 1893. So, my question is how would the MC get from Kenya to Egypt? I had an idea where the MC gets involved in an attack by The Tuareg on a train. You see, the MC is heading to Egypt. So, would it be possible of that he landed...
  2. H

    The Gedi Ruins of Kenya

    Hey guys. If you saw from my other post, I'm just referencing more information for part III of my YouTube series "Cities Built by Africans." Another city that peaked my interest many years ago is Gedi. "From the 13th or 14th to 17th centuries, Gedi was a thriving community along the jungle coast...
  3. dreuxeng

    Chagga Chiefs

    The Chagga peoples of Tanganyika were made up of a series of tribes, whose very existence was the cause of a problem, apparently. That there was intermittent tribal warfare. Would a federal or federated system have prevented these conflicts? in contrast to Buganda for example? Was it because...
  4. JoanOfArc007

    Kenya honours Muslim teacher who died saving Christians

    more, Kenya honours Muslim teacher who died saving Christians - AJE News
  5. Brisieis

    Kenya Bus Attack - Survivors Story

    A very sad story indeed. This man had to watch his wife and friends be brutally murdered and only survived from sheer 'luck'. BBC News - Kenya bus attack survivor: 'I played dead'
  6. F

    from kenya

    hey guys, I'm from Nairobi, Kenya and I hope to add to this wonderful forum
  7. WeisSaul

    Zionist Kenya

    In 1904 the British Proposed the Uganda Programme which would have created a Jewish settlement in the Mau plateau in what is Kenya today. (Uganda and Kenya were part of the same colony at the time so that is probably where the confusion comes from). Historically the Zionist Congress voted...
  8. WeisSaul

    The White Highlands of Kenya

    Its a subject I can't find too much material on, but it seems like an interesting point of study. Does anybody have anything on it that I can read?
  9. Mohammed the Persian

    Kenya sends troops into Somalia

    BBC News - Kenya sends troops into Somalia to hit al-Shabab Don't people learn not to invade lawless places ? :sad2:
  10. Thessalonian

    Kenya is on the brink of its own disaster

    Kenya is on the brink of its own disaster - Africa, World - The Independent