1. jameen

    Preventing the rise of Genghis Khan

    What should the Song Dynasty do in order to prevent the rise of Genghis Khan?
  2. A

    how converts from upper caste got Khan as title ?

    In pashtuns onpy KPK and fata pashtuns use this, khan is very rare in Afghanistan as onpy Mughals used it as title and surname. I i ow some rajput clans used this title as well because they joined Mughal armies 8n large numbers and Emperor gave theme this title. But why even non martial Brahmin...
  3. C

    Genghis khan ?

    Was genghis khan good or bad ?. Was he a psychopath ?. I think he's a national hero in Mongolia and i saw a book on amazon which argues he did good things but he did kill alot of people. He did take a bunch of nomads and almost conquered the world with them too though. I'd be interested to...
  4. K

    military of Genghis khan I found this PDF written by the US military on the strategies of Genghis Khan for "fight the Airland Battle." It is written Circa 1986.
  5. E

    Tenger Khan- Borrowing titles from other Civilizations and Inventing RoyalTitles

    Do you know of cases in history where one Emperor/Ruler invented a new title for himself or adopted a Title from another Culture? Examples would be Tenger Khan adopted by Taizong of Tang and Mahmud of Ghazni taking the Title Sultan (visual shouting removed by moderator.) "I'm sorry, but you...
  6. berke khan

    berke khan

    Hello my name is Yassin I'm egyptian and french . This forum is soo cool
  7. Haardrada

    Tomb of Ghenghis Khan Discovered?

    Is this article genuine? Mongolia: Archaeologists Unearth Tomb Of Genghis Khan ? UndergroundScience
  8. Azad67

    Daler Khan Afghan : the scourge of Marathas

    Diler Khan Daudzai
  9. El Cid

    How do Han-Chinese people regard Chengiz Khan?

    I just watched an episode of the animated series of “American Dad” where two Chinese characters, Bah Bah and Mah Mah, said that the Chinese people actually regard Chengiz Khan as a founder of a great dynasty and not as a barbarian savage. – I was surprised somehow. So how do Han-Chinese people...
  10. S

    1292 The Year Mongols discovered America:

    Background: In 1292 Kublai Khan sent out his minister Meng-qi to Java. Kublai's envoy wasn't well recieved there and the king viewing him more as an extortionist for demanding tribute branded his face with a hot iron. An outraged Kublai Khan invaded Java in retaliation. The Mongol...
  11. G

    why and how did the marathas lose the battle of burdwan against ali vardi khan

    They were the strongest power around that time in the subcontinent. They had also beaten Bengali nawabs in orissa as well parts of Bengal in bishnupur. Why is it that they lost the decisive war at burdwan against nawabs of Bengal. Had they won this war they might have captured large chunks if...
  12. Frank81

    Sadiq Khan new mayor of London

    Sadiq Khan sworn in as new London mayor - BBC News A Londoner from Tooting, son of Pakistani immigrants. Another big, really BIG mark of immigrant integration in United Kingdom.
  13. Azad67

    Khushal Khan Khattak

    Major Raverty on Khushal Khan Khattak, giving brief outlines of his life. Khushal Khan Khattak
  14. Azad67

    Alam Khan Lodi (the one who invited Babur to India)

    Alam Khan Lodi (This is the biographical note about Alam Khan also known as Alaudin Shah, the traitor uncle of Sultan Ibrahim Lodi. He changed the course of history of India, and of Afghans, by inviting and involving Mughals in the civil war of Indo-Afghans, in league with Daulat Khan Lodi...
  15. PaKeeza

    Bacha Khan University attack, Pakistan

    Tehreek Taliban have struck Bacha Khan University, Charsaddha, Pakistan not too far from the Afghan border. University students, faculty staff and police casualties. Sick of these animals. Source > Source> Source >...
  16. Saitp

    Was Turks More Than Mongols in Genghis Khan's Army?

    Hello from Turkey! I asked this because there is a rumor in Turkey: "Turks was more than Mongols in Genghis Khan's army". For me it is possible. Because if we look now Mongols are minority. Turks are more. But I don't say "Genghis Khan is Turk" ! But as you know Turks and Mongols are two...
  17. VHS

    What were the relative cultural levels during the time of Genghis Khan?

    Games only reflect partial reality; while I got interested in history partially because of games (or in spite of games), I found real history much more intriguing than any games. Still, the representation of cultural level in the old Koei game called Genghis Khan IV and the Expansion Pack...
  18. Witson

    Is it true that Genghis Khan was born on modern Russian territory?

    Is it true that Genghis Khan was born on modern Russian territory(Republic of Buryatia and Zabaikalskiy Region)? Or just his mother was born there?
  19. Azad67

    Ancestral home of Sher Shah Suri (Dera Ismail Khan)

    Ancestral home of Sher Shah Suri (Dera Ismail Khan)
  20. G

    Did Khan of Kalat want to accede to India and why did India not accept

    Did Khan of Kalat want to accede to India. Why did India not accept considering precedent of East and West Pakistan?