1. S

    What kind of value did men place on fertile women in the earlier dynasties of China?

    The numerous articles I've read about daily life in Ancient China confuse me a little. They make it clear it was a very patriarchal society. But go even further and paint a picture of a society where women are often disregarded and sometimes even killed at birth for not being male. This confuses...
  2. F

    What kind of monumental art fit this age?

    While there are so many examples from the past of combining art and "grand scale" what would fit us now and in near future? While I admit there are larger and higher buildings and constructions than ever, like some about up to one kilometer about the ground, they don´t seem to represent any...
  3. PoochieMoo

    What kind of troops were cavalry best against?

    In the medieval era, I know that a cavalry charge was extremely devastating, but what troops were cavalry the most effective against? Definitely not spearmen or pikemen :D
  4. DeadCorn

    What kind of ailments were Legionaries most susceptible to?

    Cholera from bad water? E Coli from poorly handled meats? Cross contamination? Food poisoning? Does anyone know what were some constant threats to the health of a legionary soldier besides battle? What about appendicitus? Did the surgeons have a procedure for this?
  5. K

    What kind of firearms did the Spanish use against the Aztecs?

    The firearms the Spanish used were arquebusiers right ?
  6. B

    What kind of helmet is this?

    I bought this helmet at a military show and I was told it's a ww2 civil defense helmet. I'm not sure if it is though because it seems to be shorter than the ones online. I'm thinking it might have been a ww1 helmet and repainted for ww2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. K43op5

    A kind of Zischagge helmet

    Hello everybody, Just wanted to check with people who have a 1500's / 1600's European helmet knowledge what this helmet could be. After thorough reasearch it appears to be a kind of Zischagge helmet but without the lobster tail. Ok about this but what i can't see on other examples is that it...
  8. K43op5

    A kind of celtic anthropomorphic gladius but what region and period???

    Hi, I have what seems to be a kind of gladius (60 cm long including hilt and 5 cm wide blade). It has an anthropomorphic hilt. When looking closely it seems to be very greenish (the brown being mostly mud). Hilt also seems to be greenish. Here are the pics so that you can see it. Any...
  9. Joe Freeman

    Did Chinese really use this kind of armor?

    I've seen a lot of pictures of Chinese movies set before Yuan dynasty where they use these kind of armors, or sometimes even more spectacular. They look a bit too big and clumsy. I thought maybe Chinese movie makers were using over the top armors, but it looks like they are actually based in...
  10. mnsr

    What kind of Christians were Waraka ibn Nawfal and Uthman ibn Huwarith ?

    What kind of Christians were Waraka ibn Nawfal and Uthman ibn Huwarith ? Waraka and Uthman were the Christians from the Quraysh tribe (a powerful merchant tribe that controlled Mecca, even Prophet Muhammad belonged to this tribe) during the 6th century AD before the rise of Islam by Prophet...
  11. AfghanistanBactriaAriana

    What kind of Indo Aryans were Gandharis

    Were they more indic shifted like Punjabi or Dards like Pashayi or Kalash?
  12. B

    Why do Chinese eat almost every kind of animal?

    Why do Chinese eat almost any kind of animal? - Album on Imgur
  13. H

    exactly what kind of missiles NATO and US used against former Yugoslavia

    i recall one news this year. after the missile attack upon chinese embassy of former Yugoslavia, the radiation indicators are still higher than safety standard till this year. due to this reason the land now was transferred to Serbia gov (notice the fact the embassy acts under the same rights...
  14. WhatAnArtist

    It's kind of weird comparing America and Europe in the late 18th/early 19th centuries

    What I mean is, they seem like two completely different worlds that don't belong to the same time period at all, they're so radically different. I recently read David McCullough's biography on John Adams, and it really struck me how weird it was that John Adams and all of the other original U.S...
  15. R

    What type of 20th century helmet is this?

    What type of helmet is this? I'm thinking maybe it's an Italian WW2 helmet. What do you guys think? Thank you, Winters
  16. JeanDukeofAlecon

    What kind of helmet is this sentence from the 'Alexiad' describing?

    - Anna Komnenos describing the actions of her father Alexios, circa 1150~ ad, though the passage is describing an event which happened around 1070 ad. While reading the Alexiad, I came across this peculiar description of a visored helmet. The first thing that comes to mind is a bascinet, but...
  17. L

    Native Americans before 1492: A kind of "Middle-Ages"?

    I was thinking ... Native Americans before 1492, was it a kind of "Middle Ages", like the European's. I mean ... they way of life and, above all, wars among the tribes? Especially, I was thinking of the so-called "Crow Creek Massacre" in 1325 along the Missouri River in the South Dakota area...
  18. S

    What Kind of People are Forumers?

    Hi I'm a new member of Historum. I've always been very curious as to what kind of people are active members of history forums? I am under the impression that most people on engineering forums (Matlab, etc) are people who need help with something they are stuck on. But are humanities and social...
  19. O

    What kind of tools are needed to create flintlock mechanisms? Bolt action?

    This is kind of speculative as I've been thinking "if I traveled back in time with a flintlock, how far back can I go before it's too difficult a mechanism for people to be able to create?" Same with bolt action (and the percussion caps to go with it). But I don't know what tools and...
  20. O

    What kind of armaments and organization did Ming dynasty have during the Imjin war?

    Hideyoshi's Japan is already very well covered in English books, but finding out about the Ming dynasty is a bit harder. How did the Ming military organize itself during the Imjin war? Did it different significantly from different provinces? What kind of weapons and armor did they have? What...