1. P

    FREE Kindle book May 24-28 about battle for Peleliu, South Pacific, 1944

    My husband, Carl Lyren, was a WWII Marine combat veteran and professional writer who authored a definitive account of the horrific battle for Peleliu in the South Pacific. This year, Amazon Kindle published his book, Dogged Courage: The Struggle for Peleliu, 1944. It is a detailed description...
  2. markdienekes

    So many Amazon Kindle deals

    I've picked up so many books on ancient history recently for just 99p on Kindle. I much prefer books, but hard to pass up on them. Pen and Sword books mostly. Anyone else been kindle cheap buying?
  3. L

    What is History? on Kindle This classic book by Edward Hallett Carr is not yet available as a an e-book on Amazon. If enough people ask for it, the publisher may release it as an e-book.
  4. funakison

    War by Timetable on Kindle

    For anyone interested in the July crisis of 1914 war by timetable is a must read now available as a kindle book at Amazon for a staggering £1.99 War by Timetable: How the First World War Began eBook: A J P Taylor: Kindle...
  5. Vladd

    Self-published author joins Kindle's elite million-seller list

    The future is here? Self-published author joins Kindle's elite million-seller list - News, Books - The Independent
  6. halomanuk

    Traditional books or Amazon Kindle ?

    :evil: Please please tell me that you are all traditional,normal book readers !! I see these Kindle 'readers' on the train and it drives me mad to think they are debunking books. How can you possibly research certain areas you may need to pin-point in history without having books to refer back...
  7. K

    kindle suggestions.

    I'm getting a kindle soon and i was wondering if anyone had some good suggestions of books i should get.