1. Tut Ankh UAten, Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphics

    Tut Ankh UAten, Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphics

    Name of King, TutAnkhensiuAten Tut Ankh UAten Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphics Ancient Egypt History
  2. R

    King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK

    I was 12 years old when we moved to King's Lynn in 1972 and we stayed there right through my teens until I left home for University in 1978. I have long thought about spending a little time reviewing the railway history of the town. This first post covers King's Lynn Harbour Branch which left...
  3. M

    King John during third crusade

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the residence of king John when he returned to England in 1192 and during the crusade until Richard I Returned ? Many thanks
  4. Futurist

    English King Henry V Lives

    What if English King Henry V would have lived? Would he have been able to conquer all of France? Also, would he have done anything else of note had he lived much longer?
  5. notgivenaway

    historia nobis - First King of England This is a blog post I made.
  6. Constantine V

    Greatest ruler of antiquity

    There is a similar thread on the Medieval and Byzantine history forum, i decided that one should be added into this one aswell. Who in your opinion is the best ruler of antiquity, this is concerning not only military achievements, but also the well being of the ppl living in the kingdom/empire...
  7. Duke Valentino

    King John Plantagenet: A new perspective

    Hi, I'm currently writing a paper defending John, or at least providing more objectivity in relation to his reign. More specifically, his military campaigns, as these are extremely important and crucial in assessing his reign, which fixated all other aspects of his reign. Even historians who...
  8. B

    Henry VII: How a Usurper King Established a Dynasty
  9. Constantine V

    Greatest king of Greco-Bactria

    Bactria- the greatest extent of hellenism, the multicultural sexy baby of the east and the west. I got into greco-bactrian history after playing as them in Rome 2. They seemed cool and i did some reading on them. And found out that they were awesome! But lets get to the point, who do YOU...
  10. Constantine V

    Best Antigonid king

    Made a poll to see what the community thinks. My vote goes to Antigonus III Doson. Antigonus I and Demetrius I dont count as they never directly ruled Macedonia
  11. R

    Kingdom of King sudas ?

    the King Sudas is very famous king of Indo Aryans of Early Stage in Rigveda we find that he and other 10 Tribes fought against each other for many reasons and underdog Sudas defeated 10 other Tribes and made them Flee Aryavarta. can you tell me where the Kingdom of King Sudas was located ...
  12. Constantine V

    Antigonos III Doson BEST antigonid king?

    Antigonus III Doson ruled from 229BC-221BC. In these short 8 years he accomplished many things. He IMO is arguably THE greatest of the antigonid kings of Macedon. As the son of Demetrius II, he was regent to young Philip V(half-cousin). After 2 years he married the widow of Demetrius and became...
  13. K

    who is Gaqratuni King of Armenia? I don't see family list of Tiridates II the Great, king of Armenia...
  14. H

    King Dom Eduarte and why riding skill matters more in a mounted duel than arms/armor Link to the translation of a book on jousting and horsemanship which was written by a Portugese king in the early 15th century...
  15. Q

    king james : related to william the conquerer ?

    it seems like there would be no blood relation between james and william, since william was norman blood and james was probably celtic, yet the line of succession has been unbroken from william until present day ? thanks
  16. S

    King Philip of England

    Charles V made his son Philip king of two of his many realms prior to his marriage to Mary I of England. When he married her, he gained the additional title of King of England. However, I've never seen his name on a list of English rulers. Like William III, he was co-ruler, but unlike William...
  17. LatinoEuropa

    Last King of Portugal

    Last King of Portugal Manuel II Son of D.Carlos I first who was murdered on 1 February 1908 D./Manuel_II_of_Portugal has two links here about the last Kings of Portugal D.Manuel II who was assassinated...
  18. M

    Edward III England's Greatest King - A documentary I've made on Edward III

    Hello everyone, thought you might be interested t see a documentary I've made on the life of Edward III. I would love to hear your opinions so please leave feedback as it will help me improve in the future. Many thanks to you all in advance. iYBDWnLY-6Y
  19. cachibatches

    Agesilaus: Sparta's greatest king or the man who presided over her fall from grace?

    Greetings all, Just finished Xenophon's essay on King Agesilaus, and it is quite a contrast to Plutarch's, and even to some extent Xenophon's more realistic portrayal in the Hellenica. Both agree that the man was of exemplary courage, intelligence, and moral character. Both attest to the...
  20. K

    King Norodom of Cambodia's visit to Hong Kong 1872

    Does anyone know whether there are historical accounts available of King Norodom of Cambodia's visit to Hong Kong in 1872? I'm curious to see what went on during his visit and how it was covered at the time.