1. S

    First King of England

    Historians debate this. Four are usually considered as candidates for the first King of England. Offa, Egbert, Alfred, and AEthelstan
  2. W

    Henry XI of Legnica (King of Poland?)

    Trip of Henry XI of Legnica to Lublin (Poland) in 1569 described by contemporary chronicler. Duke of Legnica tried to convince Sigismund II Augustus and szlachta to elect him as King of Poland (after Sigismund II Augustus death). In German Source In Polish Source...
  3. Azad67

    Hemu did not declare himself an independent king

    Hemu did not declare himself an independent king
  4. llywelyn ap gruffydd

    King Edward I: Invasion of Wales

    The native inhabitants of medieval Wales were descended from the Celtic Britons, whom the Anglo-Saxons had driven out of the island’s fertile midlands (the term Welsh was the Anglo-Saxon word for foreigner). In the 8th century the Anglo-Saxons established the traditional Anglo-Welsh border by...
  5. WhatAnArtist

    What would the average, peaceful day of a king or emperor be like?

    Assuming it's peacetime and there are no pressing diplomatic emergencies to resolve, what would a king or emperor do to fill up their day, during, say, the medieval era? What were the expectations that other people in the court had of him? Are there any contemporary sources that detail what the...
  6. notgivenaway

    King Harold wins at Hastings - multiple scenarios

    I've been thinking of multiple scenarios in this regard: 1 - Harold defeats the Normans and Duke William, and is declared a warrior king by the English, akin to Athelstan, Alfred or Edward the Elder. William's sons, Robert and William Rufus, attempt to launch another attack to seize England...
  7. Commodus

    Edward VIII - The Nazi King?

    Edward VIII is a deeply controversial figure in British history. Both for his shameful abdication, and the dark rumours which circulated about his Nazi sympathies. But what were the extent of these sympathies? Some historians have posited that had Hitler successfully invaded, Edward would...
  8. M

    Heirs of John Balliol, King of Scotland

    As you may remember, when King Alexander III of Scotland died in 1286, his only heir was his granddaughter Margaret the Maid of Norway. When Margaret died in 1290, about twelve to fifteen men claimed the throne of Scotland.
  9. P

    King George III-Baseball fan.

    King George III may have been vilified by the Founding Fathers of the nascent U.S.A. as a tyrant but one great irony of this was that King George was not only a baseball fan but had constructed an early form of baseball diamond in the grounds of Windsor Castle where he encouraged the male...
  10. JohnnyH

    Erik Bloodaxe and King Athelstan - pact?

    The exiled Norse Prince, Erik 'Bloodaxe' officially crashed into English history in 947, where he made himself king of Jorvik (York), much to the fury of Anglo-Saxon king Edred. He was exiled the year after when Edred returned to oust him, but the viking returned in 952 before being lured onto...
  11. AncientA

    The First Christian Nation and king?

    People follow the Religion of their Kings, it is said that the first Christian king And nation were the Armenians, under the reign of Tiridates III the Great (287-330 A.D.), but how true is that?, there is another claim that the Roman emperor Philip the Arab was secretly Christian, thus probably...
  12. VHS

    Achaemenid Persian military under someone like Qi Jiguang and a better king

    Qi Jiguang was indeed a brilliant military mind; he was both a marital artist, designer, organizer, tactician, trainer, leader. Imagine Achaemenid Persian military was under everything by someone like Qi Jiguang, would Alexander the Great became Alexander the No So Great? What was amusing...
  13. Y

    Is the king of spain truly a borbon?

    Hello, i wondered if the king of spain was truly a capetian more precisely a borbon because one of his male line ancestor was reputed homosexual (francis ,the duke of cadiz ) and that the children of his wife were in fact fathered by a captain of the guard? If so even the representant of the...
  14. notgivenaway

    Was the conquest of Kings Sweyn Forkbeard and Cnut really King Athelred's fault?

    The Danes of the 10th century/11th century were unlike those of the 9th century, of King Athelred's ancestors like Athelwulf, Aethelred and Alfred the Great. They were more organised, and were more able to curry favour of both English and Danes (more so the former) to support their efforts. the...
  15. T

    The capture of the king Alfonso I of Portugal

    1169 definitely was a dangerous year for the existence of Portugal Alfonso I went to besiege Badajoz but the arrival of Leonese reinforcements forced him to flee when he was doing that he suffered an accident and was imprisoned by leonese troops who took him to King Fernando II of Leon, who...
  16. King Zog

    Some interesting footage of King Zog

    (sorry, the links are a bit long, haha.) Albania celebrating Zog's birthday ...
  17. H

    King makers

    Are great conquests the brainchild of the conqueror alone or is there someone behind the scenes who in forgotten?.. One famous example :- Chanakya advised Chandragupta maurya, who conquered the nanda empire and established the mauryan empire Any other examples .... @ @ < \/
  18. Balian

    Because of rudeness i took away the question

    Because of rudeness i took away the question
  19. Nschoones

    Help needed on Willem 3 (dutch king) stamp?

    Hey guys, My mother bought this stamp on a flee market, I'm looking to find out if its from Willem 3 period. And who made it? Looks like it's made from bronze, it's quite heavy for its size. Front obviously says its Willem 3 (Dutch king 1849–1890). Back says J. Diem, Mannheim Can't seem to...
  20. RomanEmperor

    'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword'?

    What are your expectations for this movie? Do you think it will be good/successful/launch a series? I liked the Clive Owen King Arthur movie. Yes, I know it has some historical problems, but as a film I think it's pretty good. I was disappointed we never got to see a sequel. I like the idea of...