1. E

    Books on the Kingdom of Yugoslavia?

    Hi all, I apologise if this is the wrong section for it, but can anyone recommend me any books that cover the state of the South Slavs in the inter-war period? Not looking for anything in particular, but if possible I'd like to learn more about the economy and daily life during that time. It's...
  2. gordopolis

    The Place of the Lion (New Kingdom Egypt)

    Hi, I'm researching the Egyptian military road - the so-called 'Way of Horus' - leading from the Nile delta into Palestine. There were several forts dotting the way: The mighty Tjaru The Place of the Lion Migdol and maybe four others Does anyone know the location of 'The Place of the Lion'...
  3. Le Hoang

    Middle Kingdom of Egypt and Shang: state or union tribes?

    Some people said that First Dynasty of Egyptians is first nation of human and they created first soldier,too.Like Egyptians,some researchers believed that SHang is first nation in Far East but is it right? Firstly,we must give some different between a nation(like Sparta) and a tribe(as Indian...
  4. E

    The Last Kingdom

    I've enjoyed watching the Last Kingdom. My 10 year old, who's homeschooled, is getting to the part in history about King Alfred. But dang, The Last Kingdom is so very not kid friendly. I'm wondering if there's a section or sections (maybe not even a whole episode--could even be 10-15...
  5. R

    Kingdom of King sudas ?

    the King Sudas is very famous king of Indo Aryans of Early Stage in Rigveda we find that he and other 10 Tribes fought against each other for many reasons and underdog Sudas defeated 10 other Tribes and made them Flee Aryavarta. can you tell me where the Kingdom of King Sudas was located ...
  6. T

    Visigothic character of the Kingdom of Asturias?

    How much did Asturias maintain it's Visigothic identity? I know Pelagius was allegedly of Gothic descent, but is it true? How long did the idea of being culturally and ethnically Visigoth continue in both Christian and Muslim Spain?
  7. T

    When did Mercia replace Northumbria as the strongest Anglo-Saxon kingdom?

    Was it the reign of Penda? Perhaps the reign of Athelbald in the early 8th C.? Also, what factors played in this replacement? Did Mercia just defeat the Northumbrians or did other kingdoms/reasons play a part?
  8. jameen

    If Ming attacks Joseon Kingdom

    We know that it was the Ming Dynasty's army who helped Korea's Joseon Dynasty to drive out Hideyoshi's forces out of Korean peninsula. But what if the alternate happened? Will the Ming Dynasty invade the whole Korean Peninsula under Joseon Dynasty Era? How will the battle looks like and will...
  9. M

    Heirs to the kingdom of Scotland

    Here are the two most well known lines of succession to the throne of Scotland. Number one. As everyone knows, in 1688 King James II of England and VII of Scotland was overthrown and William III and Mary II became the new monarchs of England, Scotland, and Ireland in 1689. As I remember, the...
  10. D

    The kingdom of Westfalian and Spain (1808)

    Hello everybody.Please,do we know with precision the military contribution of the kingdom of Westfalian, which was in the hands of Jérôme Bonparte,one of the brothers of Napoleon,in the Peninsula wars (1807-1813).Thank you.
  11. M

    Heirs to the Kingdom of Navarre

    So who should be the monarch of Navarre, a kingdom that usually corresponded roughly to the lands of the Basque people, assuming that Navarre hypothetically becomes a kingdom again and that the monarch of Navarre should be a different person than the monarchs or pretenders (claimants) to the...
  12. K

    Architecture of Benin Kingdom

    I was wondering if there are any books that go into the detail of housing construction in the Benin Kingdom. I want to get an idea of: - The blueprint of the houses - The materials used - How the horizontal reliefs were done - And possibly how prevalent the use of shingled roofs were This is...
  13. Mercian

    Kingdom of Essex (Dialect???)

    Hi there! Quick question. My ancestral home is Essex but despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to find out what the dialect that was spoken in the Kingdom of Essex (East Seaxa rice) was. Does any one know? Because I’ve checked on Wikipedia and it only lists West Saxon, Mercian...
  14. The General

    Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance racist?

    I've been hyped for this game for a few years now, as a medieval historian. It's basically a first-person game that centers around Bohemia, (modern Czech Republic). Recently, it has been garnering controversy for being racist due to several reasons. firstly, people are saying this because there...
  15. T

    Sources for the Kingdom of Georgia?

    I've spent several hours now searching online for sources and books about medieval Georgia, however I've run into the problem that almost none of the sources I can find are available as eBooks or PDF, almost all of which are in print and a good portion of those in print are exclusively in...
  16. Dreamhunter

    How big was the Pala kingdom, really?

    I'm asking this question becos all this while I was under the impression that Pala mostly ruled over the region of Bengal only. But then, I hv only recently found out that Pala dynasty under Devapala & Dharmapala actually extended to today's Pakistan.
  17. VHS

    If the Ostrogoths built a relatively lasting Italian kingdom

    Theodoric was a rare product among the Ostrogoths, and was well-known for his ability to govern; his immediate successor, Amalasuntha, was also quite capable; she was assassinated and it resulted in Justinian's invasion of Italy. If the Ostrogoths built an Italian kingdom that lasted 400...
  18. Offspring

    What did the motto of the Kingdom of Italy mean?

    I came across this article today: I also checked the Italian wiki: It's better than the English one. The poll options are taken from those two articles. An explanation (taken from those wikis) of some of the options: -...
  19. V

    The Kingdom of Spain.

    Well, the Spanish Government handled the whole Catalonian thing badly. Rather than attacking people with clubs and rubber bullets, the should have gone after ONE person. Carles Puigdemont should have been arrested and publicly executed as a Traitor, with his head posted to a pike in the center...
  20. Ranefer

    What did an Old Kingdom Palace look like?

    Are there any reconstructions? There is not much known about the non religious architecture of that era but i would like to know and learn about it :)