1. H

    All Korean kingdoms explained in less than 5 minutes
  2. Constantine V

    How successful were the crusader kingdoms?

    How successful was the Duchy of Antioch, kingdom of Jerusalem, the Principality of Edessa? What happened to them? Were they successful in installing Christian rule in the holy land?
  3. Z

    Indian history books biased toward islamic kingdoms.

    I remember nothing of marathas,or vijayanagara,it seems like according to indian CBSE books that in medievel and early modern period only muslims ruled india.
  4. S

    Greatest generals of the Three Kingdoms Period

    The Three Kingdoms Period is one of the most interesting sagas of Chinese history. Upon the dissolution of the Han Dynasty in the early third century AD, China found itself thrust into a bloody conflict between three warring states that claimed rule over the old empire - the Wei state in the...
  5. M

    Three Kingdoms (2010)

    Has anyone watched this Chinese series? I just discovered it and watched first 2 episodes of nearly 100. All are on Youtube with english subtitles. What do you say about series?
  6. Naima

    Three Kingdoms game

    Three Kingodoms total war was announced recently and will cover the historical period of the 3 kingdoms in China ... What you think of the weapons and armors historical accuracy? s4D42vMUSIM
  7. Haakbus

    Languages of the Korean Three Kingdoms

    Some of my main sources of evidence are:
  8. G

    Were the Anglo Saxon Kingdoms linked?

    Were the Anglo Saxon Kingdoms linked in any way? To mention a few; Wessex, Mercia, Midlands, Northumbria If they were ethnically the same and presumably spoke the same language, does that mean there was some sort of loose confederation? Thanks for any info.
  9. The Scholar

    The Best General from the Three Kingdoms of China

    Who do you think was the best general of the Three Kingdoms period of China (Not including Jin). The categories are skill, strategy, combat, military tactics, etc. (you can add your own category). In my opinion, Military Tactics: Zhang Liao (Wei) - Zhang Liao was a brave and skilled general...
  10. The Scholar

    Looking for Three Kingdoms of China fans

    Greeting fellow scholars, I am new to the Historum and am looking for people who know about of the Three Kingdoms period of China. I really enjoy taking place historical Three Kingdoms debates and always look for an opportunity to both learn and teach. Feel free to send a message. Thanks! :)...
  11. BaldwinIV

    Could any of the Western European Kingdoms beaten the Mongols?

    How would it look like if for example the French or the English would have met them in battle? (On European soil)
  12. M

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms 193 AD: Cao Cao's Forces receive muskets and cannons

    The Han Dynasty has collapsed, China is ruled by several warlords At the start of the year 193, a mysterious stranger approaches the Chinese Warlord known as Cao Cao The stranger gives him two weapons and instructional manuals to aid him in reunifying China: -(Two thousand) Brown Bess...
  13. notgivenaway

    Why do black nationalists not cite the African kingdoms for reparations?

    There can be no demand without supply. And the Europeans did NOT force the Africans to give them slaves. It was greedy African kings who agreed to do this, since they got their cut from it. So then, why do black nationalists ONLY blame the British, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. for...
  14. notgivenaway

    Should Africa revert to its pre-colonial kingdoms?

    If the Kingdom of Kongo could be reestablished, but with a modernised political structure, would this ensure central Africa would be more stable?
  15. H

    List of states/kingdoms existing in 16th century Philippines?

    Is there anywhere I can find a map or list of states/kingdoms that existed in the Philippines over the course of the 16th century? When reading about the Spanish colonization I keep coming across mentions of various local "kingdoms" like Maynila, Tondo, Namayan, and Maguindanao, but it'd be...
  16. G

    Did Jat kingdoms ever fight Sikhs directly

    They both lived side by side of each other and were powerful kingdoms after the decline of the Mughals. Did they ever have any major skirmish with each other. If yes who won and if no who would have in a possible scenario? Did they ever have any alliance or interaction at any point of time...
  17. A

    Hypothetical Matchups: Xiang Yu v Lui Bei

    In general, which warlords of Chinese History were better commanders? The warlords of the Late Qin dynasty (think Xiang Yu, Liu Bang, etc.) OR The warlords of the Late Han + 3 Kingdoms Period (think Kuan Yu, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Yuan Shao, Chang Fei, etc.)
  18. notgivenaway

    did the west african kingdoms like Dahomey or Asante know of the slaves' conditions?

    It's often said that the kings of Asante (in modern Ghana) and Dahomey (modern Benin) didn't know of how barbaric the conditions in the slave forts and ships were. And if they did, then they wouldn't have conquered other tribes and sold the PoWs as slaves. to me this is nonsense. PoWs are not...
  19. J

    Why was music so prominent in many islamic kingdoms

    I've heard that music is bad according to tradition, yet in my research, I see many islamic civilizations had music and taught it, especially in Africa. For example, the Mali Kingdom had musicians known as Griots and so many african people's touched by Islam kept their musical traditions and...
  20. M

    Kingdoms in the Holy Roman Empire?

    I have read some very strange things about Kingdoms in the Holy Roman Empire. For example the Wikipedia article "Frederick I of Prussia says: "Although he was the Margrave and Prince-elector of Brandenburg and the Duke of Prussia, Frederick desired the more prestigious title of king. However...