1. B

    When was the last time two rival kings for the same throne met on a battlefield?

    The latest I know of in English / British history are William III defeated James II at Boyne and much before that Henry VII defeated Richard III at Bosworth Field. Are there more recent such battle in Europe or elsewhere?
  2. R

    why brahmin kings adopted Mitra title instead of Gupta or Pala title of kshatriyas ?

    Vishwamitra, Sungas like Pushyamitra, vasumitra etc all were brahmins and adopted title of Mitra instead of Pala and Gupta of kshatriyas. do you think there is some kind of Reason behind this ?
  3. D

    ancient irish kings

    I just discovered that Richard de Clare who married Aiofe, daughter of Dermott mac murrough, King of Leinster, is one of my ancestors. When I started to try to trace Dermott's ancestors back, the most enormous list emerged. Many of the names appear to come from something called Annals of 4...
  4. R

    Early Chinese Kings were MURDERERS

    Early Chinese Kings were not ROYAL in any way, but were thugs and murderers. Kill and murder were all they understood, and all they did. Gold piled upon the head of a butcher does not make a KING. Why did their efforts not last? Because even their Gods were ashamed of them.
  5. K

    Tombs of Hittite kings

    When I was reading about the Hittite empire I couldn't find any information regarding tombs of Hittite kings. Do we know where they were? Were the dead kings buried in earth or burnt to ashes? What do we know about Hittite funerary traditions?
  6. Linschoten

    Charles II, the death of two kings

    After Charles II of Spain died in 1700, it was supposedly found that his body did not contain a single drop of blood, his heart was the size of a peppercorn, his lungs corroded, his intestines rotten and gangrenous, he had a single testicle, black as coal, and his head was full of water. Which...
  7. Jake10

    Were there cases of Viking female rulers, as in queens without kings?

    Did the Vikings accept female rulers?
  8. Valens

    Great Mothers in History

    Mothers of some of history's most significant personalities often played a critical role in the development of their character and often represented a power behind the curtain. Many of these women were ambitious, power hungry and completely devoted to their children and their cause. Some of the...
  9. Tom7

    Who Was the Greatest English/British Monarch

    Hello! This question has been asked a lot, but I'd like to definitively put the debate to rest by bringing it to you, the historical community, that question being; "Who Was the Greatest English/British Monarch" (1066-Present). Feel free to post why you voted for, well, whoever you voted for...
  10. K

    Kings crying and being rebuked

    Hello, First post here, and immediately an incredibly specific question. :) There is a famous anecdote in Jean Sire de Joinville's biography of Saint Louis, translated by Caroline Smith (Joinville and Villehardouin: Chronicles of the Crusades, 296) as follows: At Sidon news reached the king...
  11. Voltaires Hat

    A few questions about kings

    This one is a bit of a passing curiosity and I'm curious what perspectives I'll get from members here.. 1) Is there any way to generalize the function of a king across time-periods and regions? In other words: what traits did all kings throughout history share, if any? 2) At what point do you...
  12. B

    Genealogy of kings given in Puranas refutes Aryan invasion theory

    "Puranas" in Sanskrit means "history", and the Puranas give the history of ancient India. The Puranas accurately describe the genealogy of kings after Chandragupta Maurya's time, since it is corroborated with other sources. The Puranas also give a genealogy of kings and their dynasties before...
  13. B

    How often did Hindu kings plunder Hindu temples?

    It is a common belief in modern India that Muslim rulers were notorious iconoclasts. However, there were several incidents in Indian history where we see Hindu kings, particularly south Indian kings, plunder Hindu temples. For example, Kulothunga Chola I and II were Shaivas who persecuted...
  14. B

    Did Hindu kings ever massacre Muslim civilians?

    It's a well known fact that the Delhi Sultanates and Mughal Emperors routinely massacred Hindu civilians after a town had been conquered. It was their Standard Operating Procedure. For example, Akbar's slaughter of 30,000 Rajput men, women, and children in the Chittoor fort after seizing it...
  15. T

    Are Chulan Kings of Malaysia descendants of the Cholan Dynasty?

    In the past there were several members of Royal families in Malaysia who had the name Chulan which according to some scholars is a different form of Cholan of the Chola Dynasty. The 15th century Malaysian text Sejarah Melayu mentions the Chola invasion of Malaysia and Indonesia in the 11th...
  16. Azad67

    Hindu Shahi kings were not Janjua Rajputs of Punjab

    The 19th century British author Alexander Cunningham was the first one who conjectured that Hindu Shahis were Janjua Rajputs. After his his work, Janjuas made the claim that Hindu Shahi kings were from their tribe. Some authors utilized Alexander Cunningham's work without any proper...
  17. JoanOfArc007

    Kings of Yemen

    The intro is in English, but Im unable to access a translation for some portions of the video. If anyone can find a video of the following with a full english translation it would be appreciated, NCvDw_Lv7Sw
  18. Dentatus

    Kings KIA

    Who was the last reigning monarch killed in battle?
  19. Romanianboy2013

    Why Sweden abolished in 1974 the kings prerogative to grant nobility titles?

    I found it very weird, since Sweden is still a monarchy. We all know that UK and Spain grant titles for its extraordinary citizens that are very good in their fields of work like arts, sport, charity work, medicine, writers etc. Even my country which is a republic, grants medals for its...
  20. S

    What are some serial killers who were of royal or noble birth throughout history any

    I'm curious to know if there were any kings, queens, or nobles who were serial killers? Urban legends, rumors, and speculative reports are welcome because I will research it anyways. But don't withhold information, information on certain subjects are hard to find. Thanks in advance. :)