1. K

    Why did Hong Kong cinema portray the White Lotus negatively?

    In Once Upon a Time in China 2, the White Lotus sect was portrayed as xenophobic and anti-modernization fanatics (which may be true if they inspired the Boxers). This movie influenced other kung fu movies to create their own villainous sects in their plots like the Red Lotus and Fire Lotus...
  2. SlowRain

    The History of Macau & Hong Kong

    I'm curious about the history of Macau & Hong Kong, particularly the time when they were under the influence/control of Portugal & Britain--let's say starting in the 1550s for Macau and the 1840s for Hong Kong, and finishing off in the 1980s or so. I'm more interested in early-period lifestyles...
  3. K

    King Norodom of Cambodia's visit to Hong Kong 1872

    Does anyone know whether there are historical accounts available of King Norodom of Cambodia's visit to Hong Kong in 1872? I'm curious to see what went on during his visit and how it was covered at the time.
  4. Jake10

    Did Hong Kong become a culturally confused society?

    While Hong Kong became economically wealthy as a British colony, the effects to the culture of the society seem to have been altered from China's culture, but not necessarily to the point of becoming western. Today, we see student protests over having to pass tests in Mandarin, but their English...
  5. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Hong Kong - 1000lb bomb pulled out of the ground

    From MSN News. How a 1,000-pound WWII bomb was pulled out of the ground without exploding "Police and explosive ordnance disposal technicians removed a 1,000-pound bomb that failed to explode during World War II but that successfully brought traffic to a standstill Wednesday in a bustling...
  6. O

    Hong Kong to Lisbon, AD 17

    What if 2000 years ago a chain of islands formed from present day Hong Kong to San Francisco Bay, a navigatable strait formed from there to Chesapeake Bay, and another chain of islands from there to present day Lisbon?
  7. Earl_of_Rochester

    Hong Kong would prefer to be under British Imperial rule.

    20 years after the Brits left in 1997 some people in Hong Kong still want to remain under British rule. Anti-Beijing protesters rally outside British Consulate-General, urging UK to take back Hong Kong | South China Morning Post China's Xi sees 'challenges' in Hong Kong as Beijing dismisses...
  8. JM1906

    Hong Kong Status: autonomy or integration?

    Hong Kong Status: autonomy or integration? Taking in account the last years, the political situation in HK seems to me (mho) rather ambiguos, and all the people that had talk to me about, seem to have very different opinions to this question: Is HK in route to a stable autonomous situation...
  9. H

    19c. British rules on foreigners in Hong Kong?

    During the early period of British rule (say the first decade or two) were there any restrictions on who could start business in HK or what country's ships could enter? I'm asking because I remember reading that the Spanish had some restrictions on what traders could enter their American...
  10. P

    pre 1950 Hong Kong plate: what does the Chinese read?

    On this pre 1950 reverse of a Hong Kong registration plate, there is Chinese text. Who can help me translate this?
  11. W

    How did Taiping rebellion affect Hong Kong and Macau?

    I'd seen claims online that Hong Kong was one of the places Chinese refugees fled to during the turmoil of the Taiping rebellion, but I'd be grateful if some more knowledgeable historians here could confirm that. In general I'm interested in what was the effect of the Taiping rebellion on Hong...
  12. V

    Chindians in Hong Kong are Tanka/Indian not Chinese/Indian mix ?

    Chindians = mix of Chinese and Indian ancestry. Most marriages (70%) are between Indian men and Chinese women while no more than 30% are between Chinese men and Indian women. Early Indian/Pakistani immigrated to Hong Kong and married local women and half of the 25,000 muslims are descended...
  13. VHS

    Urban hermits in Japan and Hong Kong

    Urban hermits is a term used to describe youths or younger people who do not seek employment, academic pursues, or other worthy activities. They most likely indulge themselves in video games, the Internet, or other things that are deeded unproductive. These are mostly otherwise normal people...
  14. W

    Some books on 19th-20th century Hong Kong?

    Was looking for some decent history books or historical novels set around Hong Kong in either 19th or early 20th century and came across Tai-Pan by James Clavell. Reviews look good, but does anyone know how accurate the history is in the book? Don't mind if the characters are fictional as long...
  15. Linschoten

    How a tiger killed Hong Kong policemen in 1915

    Reports of sightings has been received from the New Territories in 1915; they were initially viewed with scepticism, but three policemen went to investigate after a villager was reported to have been killed by the tiger. Two of them, Ernest Goucher, a 21 year old Constable from Nottinghamshire...
  16. Z

    Are most Hong Kong originated from Shanghai?

    In 1945, Hong Kong population is 750000. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Hong_Kong#Census_data In 1950, in just 5 years, population suddenly become 2200000. According to this link, it is estimated that 1.4 million people from Shanghai fled to Hong Kong...
  17. C

    Background of Kong Qiu

    Kong Qiu´s father Kong He, a man of Zou, had children by several women. By his first wife, he is said to have had several daughters, but no son. By his second woman/concubine, he had a son named Mengpi, who was somehow crippled. Kong Qiu´s mother was one Yan Zhengzai. Sometimes she is called a...
  18. notgivenaway

    Status of Hong Kong

    Deng Xiaoping demanded that Hong Kong be returned per the late 19th century treaty. However, what if he asked for preferential trade treatment in addition to secret military exchanges, to boost his Socialism with Chinese characteristics macroeconomy? And in exchange, he'd allow the UK and China...
  19. Y

    Australian and similar equivalents of Canada's Force C in WWII in Hong Kong

    If there was a group of Canadian soldiers called Force C stationed in Hong Kong during World War II (from 1941) alongside British and Indian soldiers, what were the Australian, New Zealand, or South African equivalents in terms of being stationed in far-off British garrisons during WWII (and...
  20. A

    Hong Kong

    Britian took over hong kong from china after the opium war but how far was the British government willing to go in granting Chinese demands for participation in Hong Kong government? Also What impact did British rule have on the Chinese political culture of Hong Kong? If they had any at all or...