1. Obsessive Feeder

    Korean Illustrative Manuals on Arms and Armaments

    Hello friends, there has been something bugging me for the past couple of years in my passionate exploration of Korean Arms and Armour. I have learnt through my journey that there is very little knowledge of Korean Arms and Armour and a lack of surviving treaties to the production of Korean arms...
  2. N

    Shogi popularity in Japanese occupied korea

    I don't think shogi is popular in Korea in modern times. Also, they have janggi. But did shogi gain popularity in Korea during Japanese rule?
  3. H

    Could Goryeo (Korea) have gained land through the Mongol Invasion of Japan?

    Reading a bit on Mongol Invasion of Japan, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongol_invasions_of_Japan), I noticed something interesting. The background is that Goryeo became a semi-autnonomous state of the Mongol Empire, and the Goryeo King gained certain privileges, like a a seat at the...
  4. RomanEmperor

    Captain Dale Dye Talks Vietnam, Korea, Lebanon, and more!

    Check it out! Let me know your thoughts. The Ajay Bruno Show - Dale Dye Interview 05/08 by Ajay Bruno | Military Podcasts
  5. Haakbus

    A 15th century Korean handgonne volley fire technique

    I came a cross this in The Gunpowder Age: China, Military Innovation, and the Rise of the West in World History by Tonio Andrade (https://books.google.com/books?id=1jRJCgAAQBAJ) on pages 164 and 181. I found the Annals passage too (http://sillok.history.go.kr/id/kda_12911015_001). It's a volley...
  6. C

    The Great War between Korea and China in the 7th Century

    in the 7th century, Korea had Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla dynasties, of which Goguryeo was the strongest in the north In China, Sui Dynasty ended the chaos of China for 370 years by force. That's 580 years. Sui is a country established by the Xianbei people. Because of its strong military...
  7. C

    About tribute relationship between Korea's Joseon dynasty and China

    The tribute relationship with China is a unique way of establishing diplomatic relations in East Asia Without tribute, China did not allow diplomacy and trade. This international relationship in East Asia is a way for all nations to coexist peace the Products returned by China were many times...
  8. Bonne22

    North Korea and USA

    I have very afraid North Korea vs USA. The world could end? If USA attack North Korea or otherwise; it reply to the fire with the fire. I trust in the man's knowledge. we all have studied many wars and we know what they are doing. Alby
  9. P

    Aso ‘thanks’ North Korea for helping LDP win election

    Does anybody have a weird feeling that Japan and North Korea are helping each other and we don't know it? North Korea, a state capitalist country that got rid of Marxism right at the latter part of the Cold War. Japan, a very ultra-capitalistic country, so to name. The two countries have one...
  10. M

    Why US military effort saved South Korea but failed in Vietnam ?

    Two Southeast Asia countries. Both were threatened by their aggressive northern communist versions. When North Korea crossed 38th parallel US involved in Korean peninsula militarily and restored status quo when armistice was declared three years later. In Vietnam though things turned out...
  11. F

    Doesn't North Korea have cheapest labor? What are profiteers & parasites thinking?

    Doesn't North Korea have cheapest labor? What are profiteers & parasites thinking? Isn't North Korean labor even cheaper than Chinese labor? Why don't globalist corporations move some of their factories from China to North Korea and flood the West with even cheaper goods made in North Korea...
  12. notgivenaway

    Anti-North Korea alliance

    Should the USA, China, and NATO, plus Japan and SOuth Korea, all gang up to take out North Korea? For me, they're like a boil that causes no overall harm, but for months is itchy, and you just want to get it removed. They're a lingering pest, and before they get nukes that can hit Beijing...
  13. Speculatin'

    KOREA WAR: interesting facts

    Here's something I Googled: https://www.factretriever.com/korean-war-facts
  14. B

    Parallels to US Ballistic missile restrictions on S Korea

    Besides the necessity to kowtow to be included in the Sinosphere with trade and technology, I am curious if there were any similar sort of restrictions, economic or military, that were imposed on proto-Korean states by China in the past.
  15. S

    The Korean Language - An Overview

    Figure 1 - Koreanic Family Tree Introduction It seems that family tree diagrams for the Koreanic language do not exist anywhere on the internet (not a single one). So I've created one myself with the help of descriptions from books concerned with the history of the Korean language. Several...
  16. Dreamhunter

    Why are Tibet, Yunnan & Xinjiang in China, not independent like Korea & Vietnam?

    Why are Tibet, Yunnan & Xinjiang in China, not independent like Korea & Vietnam? They were all once independent, but today they are all a part of China. This is just the complete opposite of Korea & Vietnam, who were both once parts of China, but today both independent. Let's hv your thoughts.
  17. B

    The GI: Changes from 1945 to 1950

    I am a huge history buff (surprise surprise), and am most interested in the time period of 1500 - 1945, specifically the 19th and early 20th century. I am especially interested (at least in military history) in the uniforms, equipment, and life of the common soldier. However, I know very little...
  18. C

    Was "Korea" Historically Ever a Part of "China"?

    This topic has come up in the news recently, due mostly to an outcry over US President Donald Trump repeating a statement given to him by Chinese President Xi Jinping: The statement has been met with vehement opposition by South Korea: The roots of this historical controversy likely comes...
  19. T

    Insights into Korea

    With North Korea in the news more recently, I'm curious if anyone knows the history of the region. Specifically, I am curious as to what the North Korean side of the story is, and maybe if we in the USA unfairly demonize them or inaccurately depict them as excessively militaristic. My rough...